10 Condor Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Condor is very impressive. Among the birds of prey — including the equally impressive eagles and falcons — the Condor has the longest wingspan reaching up to 9 feet! This makes them powerful flyers. In fact, their wings make them resistant to strong winds. They are natural watchers, too.

While people often harp about the powerful eyesight of the eagle, the Condor also has its own ace. Condors are naturally born with their eyes open, allowing them to see immediately from birth.

Condor Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Another cool fact about the Condor is being an ancient animal. Scientific evidence points to the fact that Condors have been around for as long as saber tooth tigers (which are now extinct). This is why ancient civilizations have a wealth of information on the Condor.

Condor Symbolism & Meaning

With the wealth of awesome facts about the Condor, it isn’t hard to imagine why our ancestors have ascribed great magic to it. In fact, to the Incas, the Condor is considered the Thunderbird due to its majesty. Living on the rocky mountaintops, the Condor is surrounded by a harsh environment. And yet, it manages to thrive.

The Condor’s prowess in flight and observation, along with the courage it exudes due to its innate strengths, turn it into the perfect symbol for freedom. It is not the kind of freedom you get when you have no ties whatsoever, or when you have nothing to do. It is the freedom of knowing that despite the harshness of life around you, you have what it takes to break free and do what you think is best.

The height at which the Condor lives has also made it the perfect symbol of communion with the gods of old. It has been said that the Condor is among the most powerful of spirit communicators, taking the prayers of mankind upon its sizable wings and taking it to the higher plane.

Condor Spirit Animal

When the Condor appears as your spirit animal, it is important to consider your role in the society you are inhabiting. The Condor is a king of the skies, but its feeding patterns (scavenging, like vultures) makes it an important part of the ecosystem when it comes to cleaning up. Hence, they are performing two opposing roles, one in the heavens and the other on the ground. This sends an important message to us all — that we may be kings or paupers, but there is nothing above or below us. We are creatures of the heavens and the earth, and our duties apply to both.

Another message from the Condor is the value of silence. Despite its power, it prefers to live in isolation and far from other creatures. The mountainside is its home, with all the elements beating down on it. The message here is two-fold — first, that we should not be ashamed to live in isolation if that will make us stronger. Second, that we should learn to depend on our own power so that when the rough winds come, we already know how to soar with them.

Condor Power Animal

As a power animal, the Condor grants the ability to isolate yourself from the blistering winds of drama in daily life. The Condor is secure in the embrace of the ancient rocks of mountains — the distractions of other creatures are not important to it. For the person soaring on the Condor’s wing, this also means being able to separate from the storms of emotion, in order to find what really is important — one’s core values and stand.

Despite this attitude, the Condor has the power of extreme flexibility (owing to its ability to work both up in the sky and on the earth). Its strong and broad wings also grants reassurance against your doubts and fears. This is especially true for things relating to love. It is a little known fact that Condors mate for life! The couple weathers the storms together, allowing their love to blossom and mature in ways that are nowadays rare.

Condor Totem Animal

People born under the Condor totem animal are natural loners, but that does not prevent them from doing whatever they need to, no matter what it takes. These are people who know exactly what role they play in this world, and aren’t afraid to work on it. They can be creative when needed, and assertive if the situation demands it. They can either be leaders or effective followers due to their efficiency.

The greatest point of a Condor person is the propensity to work with own troubles, not against it. This makes for a very well-rounded individual, with the only weakness being that other people may find it difficult to reach them.

Condor Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the Condor is honored as a healer and a wise old spirit. Some tribes hail him as the one who presides over the four elements of the world. He is gentle and wise, fair and brave. A prophecy from the Native American regions say that when the Condor and the Eagle learns to fly in harmony, peace on earth will be renewed.

Condor Celtic Symbolism

The Celts did not have any interactions with the Condor, hence they have not ascribed any special meaning to it.

Condor Far Eastern Symbolism

Likewise, the Far East did not have any Condors. The Middle East, however, have a “sky burial” among their customs, which means to leave the dead for the Condors to feast upon. To them, this is honorable as the Condor is a symbol of renewal.

Condor in Dreams

When the Condor appears in your dreams, be aware of whether it is flying to or away from you. When it is flying to you, this means you will gain its gifts. If it is flying away, you might be suffering from some kind of loss.

Condor Encounters / Condor Omens

When you see Condors circling about, it means an ending — either good or bad. Take care that you find the most favorable way out of your current situation!

Condor Mythology and Folklore

According to the Greco-Roman legends, the Condor is the official steed of Saturn, god of justice and strength and also the harbinger of death. Apollo also took a special liking for Condors. The Condor’s ideals are high and lofty, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be achieved!

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