10 Cat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

A shaman is regarded as somebody having influence in and access to the world of malevolent and benevolent spirits and one who performs healing activities during rituals, by going into a dazed state. Shamanism is the practice of perceived interaction with a world of spirits.

The Cat is considered to be a ‘Power Animal’ in Shamanism. According to popular beliefs, Cats are associated with many symbols in different parts of the world – as omen, spiritual guardian, god, possessed, a hunter, and many more. Cats were considered royalty and were treated with privileges. They were kept to guard the gates of temples as they were believed to ward evil spirits off.

Cats represented fertility in Scandinavia. In Norse and Hindu mythologies, Cats were associated with deities of child birth. Witches were also believed to have powers of turning into any shape such as Cats.

Cat symbolism: A Cat strongly symbolizes different meanings based on the balance of seemingly opposite traits in individuals. Examples of these are – rest and action, outer and inner, dark and light, and many more.

Cat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

A Cat is also symbolic of anything that usually hides behind darkness or the unknown. Below are ten interesting elements about Cat symbolism:

Exploring the unknown

Cats are hyper-active during nights owing to the number of rods in their retinas. Hence, they are associated with dark magic and witchcraft. This is more so if their color is black. Darkness is considered as the worst fear of mankind. If your power animal is a Cat, as per Shamanism, you will have no problems, whatsoever, in handling your fears as much as a Cat is adept to handle darkness effortlessly.

Cats and a proper sense of timing

Cat is considered to be a sharp hunter who uses force with proper or refined sense in the timing of an attack. It seems to wait patiently and position itself for the final attack at the most appropriate time. Those having Cat as their power animal, seem to tackle issues with confidence, patience, and a proper sense of time. They seem to possess the ability of a Cat to observe things while remaining quiet and act only when they think the timing is just perfect to act upon. They are always better prepared and better positioned in order to achieve their set objectives. They preserve their energy and strength in moments of pressure and tension.

Cats and love for independence

A Cat is symbolic of a life that combines fierce independence and intimate social moments. It is very tough to fully owned Cats. You may love and take care of them – but on chosen terms only. If you are inspired by the Cat-spirit, you may be able to balance perfectly between personal freedom and social activities. You will find the perfect way to explore your inner side, without having to sacrifice your ties with your social environment. You will remain connected with someone or something till you get bored – and you are then off to search for more interesting things or people.

Cats and flexibility

Cats are synonyms of flexibility and agility. Regardless of the situation, it will always get back upon its feet. If Cat is your power animal, you will be encouraged to increase your flexibility to different levels- involving your mind, body, spirit, or emotions. You will be inspired to look at your perspective with new vigor and will be empowered to integrate the same to your life. You will always be at ease to welcome new things and new possibilities into your life.

Dreaming and cats

Our subconscious minds communicate with us in dreams using different symbolic languages. According to some beliefs, dreaming about a Cat is a sign of bad omen such as losing favor from someone important. Having a Cat in our dreams also symbolize our sensuality and feminine essence. It is seen as a message or a knock at the mysterious and mischievous part of your nature. As Cats were considered to travel effortlessly between dimensions, there may be an impending message for you from some other dimensions.

Color, character and cats

Cats are of varied colors. If Cat is your animal spirit, you will be presented with diversified character, color and behavior of life, and you will be perfectly at ease with all of them. You will flip through new ideas and new places with utmost ease. Strong organizational skills will be your forte.

Relaxed and deep relationship with self

A Cat is considered to have a relaxed and deep tie with itself. It is always at peace with itself and if a Cat is your power animal, a blending of mystery and magic is just around the corner of your life. A Cat is a trustworthy teacher that guides you along the path of transformation and towards discovering your true self. It also symbolizes meditation and gives you clear idea that the spiritual and the physical sides of life are inseparable.

Healing medicine and cats

It is believed that a Cat’s energy field rotates in anti-clockwise direction whereas that of a man rotates in clockwise direction. Therefore, a Cat has the power to neutralize and absorb all the negative energy that troubles a human mind. This is associated with the perceived healing medicine that a Cat possesses. If you are troubled with a negative thought, just have a Cat by your side. You will soon discover that your energy will be redirected and your balance will be immediately restored to normal. The positivity of the Cat will be reflected into your own life, flooding you with a surge of positive energy.

Want to be at the helm of things

A Cat is perturbed when something is taken away from it. Likewise, if you have a Cat in you, you would not like anyone taking all the attention away from you. You always like to be in the scheme of things and at the centre of everything. You would always want that everybody in the vicinity should keep full attention on you.

Not easy to excite

A Cat is not something someone can easily make ecstatic about things in general. It may just offer you a yawn, in turn, to show signs of boredom. If people tell you, in offended tone that you do not react to seemingly wonderful things, the way they want you to react – get the message that it is the Cat within you. You just do not jump out of joy at the drop of a hat.

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