10 Giraffe Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Striving in the grasslands, open forests and savannas, Giraffes are great in adapting to any environment. And even though they are in the brink of extinction, these tall mammals make the best of their lives. It is important that we try to see things the way they do, and that we discover the messages hidden in their spiritual qualities. Giraffes offer multitudes of lessons for those willing to lend their ears and hearts.

Giraffe Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Giraffe Symbolism & Meaning

Giraffes are gentle creatures with gracefully long necks that is said to stretch out onto the heavens. This gives them the ability to reach opportunities that are not available to others. It is also said that they can see the cosmic plans of the gods, and inherently the possible future.

Giraffe Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, it wants you to hold your head up high and rise above trivial earthly desires. It provides you the confidence to get through the toughest situations. Their luck will rub off on you as you come across great opportunities. You have to realize that these opportunities don’t come around often so you have to grab them while you can.

As guides, they have powerful kicks that can debilitate enemies, providing you proper ammunition to finally win the verbal argument. While this will not always happen, it doesn’t hurt that Giraffes have a bit of luck about them so your chances are higher with them as your spirit animal.

Giraffe Power Animal

When you call to the Giraffe, it will help you get through the toughest situations. They are great in avoiding danger using their height as a great leverage in spotting oncoming predators. It would do you good to solicit (if not learn) their ability to discern possible danger.

Invoke this power animal when you need help with confidence and self-esteem. There is nothing wrong with being proud of yourself and celebrating the good things you have done. If you have trouble in doing so, seeking their help is a good idea.

Giraffe Totem Animal

Giraffe people are mostly extroverts. They enjoy company and do not mind sharing their space and things with friends, especially with those in need. Because those born under the Giraffe totem aren’t territorial, they occasionally seek other options and become polyamorous.

Like these peaceful but powerful animals, Giraffe people love to please. However, they also know when they need to defend themselves. They do this by establishing dominance when and where necessary. These folks remain grounded even though they can discern the weakness of their enemies. Their friends and family see them as sure-footed, as they almost always make good judgements.

Giraffe Native American Symbolism

Since the natives of ancient America didn’t come across Giraffes too often, its symbolism and qualities were given to the roadrunner. As noted in some Southwest Indian legends, roadrunners are revered for their speed and bravery, which are known spiritual qualities of the long-necked giant. Roadrunners also took the place of Giraffes as symbols of luck and protection in Mexican Indian tribes. Their meat is used as remedies as well as a stamina and strength booster.

Giraffe Celtic Symbolism

Since Giraffes are usually found in warmer areas, Ancient Celts saw instead the quail and revered it for its mastery of eluding predators, much like the Giraffes do. Quails are good at avoiding danger and being mindful of its surroundings.

Giraffe Far Eastern Symbolism

After diplomat and explorer Zheng He brought back two black Giraffes from his voyage to Africa, the Chinese started associating Giraffes with the mythical Qilin, which is a mythical horned chimera most known in East Asian cultures.

In ancient lore of Taoist mythology, Qilins are harbingers of divine justice, known to only punish the wicked. It is believed that they can discern if a person is guilty or innocent, or whether is good or evil. As Qilins symbolize luck, prosperity, and success, so does Giraffes represent good omens, longevity, and protection.

Giraffe in Dreams

When you dream of Giraffes, it is simply reminding you to consider everything before making a decision. Keeping an open mind will let you see all possible scenarios hence making sure you don’t miss anything important. Of course, this also applies when meeting new people or when dealing with others’ opinion.

Dreaming that you are riding a Giraffe means that you want to stand out. It could be that the attention you crave is not in sight. If you dream of a running Giraffe, it could mean that you are running from the truth and that you must face it to be free.

Giraffe Encounters / Giraffe Omens

Encounters with Giraffe are the best. Aside from seeing its beauty, it is also accompanied with a message. It could be that while being confident is important, it also wants you to walk with gentleness. There is no need to be boastful when you are already on top. It is said that it can be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t need to be so.

The Giraffe reminds us that even though you must do good, you should also take care of yourself. There is nothing to give when you are empty.

Giraffe Mythology and Folklore

One African folktale explains that the Giraffe grew too tall after eating one too many magical herbs. Speaking of magical herbs, the Humr people of Sudan is said to drink Umm Nyolokh which is made from Giraffe liver and marrow. This concoction is said to give a psychedelic effects that are mainly used during rituals.

The Basarwa People from the Erongo mountains of Namibia performs a Giraffe dance before their men goes hunting, most likely for protection and luck. Another tribe from the Kalahari desert practices the Giraffe dance, but as a healing art. The tribe singers and dancers perform in a trance with increasing intensity until their healers achieve an altered state of consciousness. This hypnosis-like act is said to help the healers focus their energies to the sick members of the community.

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