10 Goat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Goat is one of those animals that are very easily overlooked. Commonly seen domesticated, we rarely take a second-look at them to appreciate their talents and the message they wish to send us.

Goat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

While Goats are now considered mainly as farm animals, they are also very adept in the wild. They are known for their outstanding balance, and their strong legs that can traverse very rough terrain. Seeing a Goat making its way up a precarious slope is pretty amazing, and their sure-footedness is something to be admired. These traits are also something we could learn from in our day-to-day activities, if we open our eyes to them.

Goat Symbolism & Meaning

Goats are very intelligent animals. They have proven time and again that they are not mere farm animals, but they can also make good household pets. These smarts are also very instrumental in their survival in the wild, having a good sense of danger and having the physical ability to get out of dodge before things go down.

Hence, Goats are always represented as being in their prime, making their way into symbolism as agents of virility and abundance. Being one of the first creatures domesticated by humans, they have grown into representations of masculinity in some cultures.

Goat Spirit Animal

When the Goat comes as your spirit animal, it is telling you to stand fast and maintain your balance in life. You may be looking for a foothold that seems elusive, but know that all the skills and talents you need to keep yourself from falling are within you. All you have to do is to keep your balance in life long enough, to collect yourself long enough, so you could effectively utilize these talents.

The Goat is also a message of self-control. A Goat jumping from one ledge to another might seem like an intuitive action, but this is a feat of muscular and mental control perfected through the years.

Goat Power Animal

When you need to be free from your constraints and exercise your rough and rowdy side, it is best that you should call on the power of the Goat. The Goat is a confident animal, adept at surviving in various terrain and situations. They are constantly on the move, and while they can be tamed, their base state is that of a creature in perpetual motion. They are not as fast as many other creatures, but they get to their goals by their steady movement. This is something that we also often need.

Goat Totem Animal

People born under the Goat totem are always reaching for new heights. They may not be flashy about it, but they have the guts to move out of their comfort zones.

Goat people are also often seen by their lonesome. They are not averse to people, but they have an independent (bordering on rebellious) streak. They can be an intensely individual, and they trust their instincts all the time (which often turns out to be right).

Goat Native American Symbolism

Goats are very common in the Native American culture. They are often looked upon as prey, among the animals who have given themselves up as sustenance for the humans. While this may be a fatalistic point of view from human to Goat, it still showcases the independence of the Goats — when they fall, they fall by their own will. Some cultures consider them as sacred, with ceremonial items being made out of their fur and other body parts. Other tribes still view Goats as guardian spirits.

Goat Celtic Symbolism

The Goat is considered a deity in the Celtic pantheon. It is associated with Cernunnos, among the entities associated with a god from another culture (Mercury). The Goat deity is often shown in a meditative stance, once more showcasing its power of the mind. The Goat’s depiction among many animals also reflects closeness to nature that is so valued in the Celtic way of life.

Goat Far Eastern Symbolism

The Goat is among the zodiac animals of the Chinese people. To them, the Goat is a symbol of prosperity. It is also a symbol of kindness and benevolence. They are also considered popular, a quality that is in contrast with their independent attitude. However, the two characteristics are not mutually exclusive.

Goat in Dreams

When you see a Goat in your dream, beware of someone pulling the rug from under your feet (hence causing you to lose your footing) in your waking life. Remember to deal with the issue in a grounded manner, and don’t let your emotions or irrational thoughts rule you. Approach issues surely and deliberately to prevent them from getting out of hand.

Goat Encounters / Goat Omens

When you see a Goat, it is reminding you to look inward and take stock of your capabilities. This way, you will always be confident in whatever you do. This is the secret to the incredible agility of Goats even in the midst of what seems to be impassable terrain. They know what they can do, and in whatever conditions. Hence, they know that when these conditions are met, they can take on whatever challenge they have to face.

In the end, though, your success depends less on your talents and outside conditions than on the effort you exert in making the most of your opportunities. In nature, the Goat is capable of getting a firm foothold with only two inches of earth beneath them. But this would be completely useless if they do not push themselves to use these remarkable talents!

Goat Mythology and Folklore

Aside from the cultures already discussed here, Greek mythology is rife with Goat symbolism. The famous Cornucopia that grants the wishes of its wielder, is a Goat’s horn. Goats are also sacred to Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry. Additionally, the promiscuous, lively, and mischievous (but often well-meaning) satyrs also take the form of Goats.

The Goat may be a common animal, but it would be a mistake to underestimate its gifts and its messages to us. What does the Goat mean for you today?

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