10 Jaguar Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The black panther is simply a jaguar with no spots. With that said, their characteristics and behavior are the same, apart from some minor ones. This similarity also applies to their symbolisms and meaning.

Jaguar Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Jaguar Symbolism & Meaning

The jaguar is the embodiment of aggressiveness as it is of cruelty. On the other hand, it also holds the symbolism for power to face your deepest darkest fears or the power to face your enemies — simply put — valor.

Because cats have binocular vision (which means each eye can work independently), they symbolize foresight and perception. Jaguars, in particular, warns of disaster and since they can see in the dark, they are believed to able to see through the darkness of people’s hearts. They can discern people’s true intentions and reveal their motivations in life.

Jaguar Spirit Animal

The jaguar as a spirit animal will bring out your creativity as it helps you see the bigger picture. Moreover, since they are intuitive, they can guide you through anything and assist you in eliminating all of your hesitations.

Generally, people with jaguars as their spirit animal possess good communication skills. However, their choice of words sometimes have a tendency to be misinterpreted by other people. This misunderstanding usually results to hurt feelings and broken relationships.

Jaguar Power Animal

People with the jaguar as their power animal are passionate about life and has a great understanding of their purpose in life. They are confident in their ways because they know where they are supposed to be. They embrace change like an old friend, with open arms and with a smile.

Call upon the jaguar to gain confidence. Manifest its powers into your life when seeking a new job or if you’re on the lookout for a mate.

Jaguar Totem Animal

As a totem animal, the jaguar will awaken your inner core energy thus reclaiming your spiritual power. When this mystical totem enters your life, it is reminding you that it is time to resolve your issues from the past and to ready yourself for a spiritual rebirth.

You may call on the jaguar as totem animal, when about to go on a solitary journey. It’s night vision will help you see your goal through the darkness. Just like its incredible bite, your words will have impact and is likely to crush your enemies. Its camouflage will help you avoid danger and tricky situations.

Jaguar Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans knew the jaguar as a symbol of wisdom and leadership. This is conveyed in their mythology and folklore as some of which exhibits the the jaguar to frequently intermarry with humans. They have fierce warriors and deadly monsters that are attributed with the shapeshifting powers of the jaguar.

The jaguar finds its origin from the Native American words, “yaguar” (he who kills with one leap). Shamans view them as guardians that protect them from evil. In Aztec mythology, Tepēyōllōtl is the god of jaguars as well as of earthquakes and echoes. Also the god of the eighth-hour of the night, he’s represented by the leaping of the jaguar towards the sun.

Jaguar Celtic Symbolism

While there is little to no mention of jaguars (or panthers) in Celtic mythology, the symbolism of speed and fertility were attributed to the horse. Meanwhile, the snake was given the symbol of rebirth and healing.

Jaguar Far Eastern Symbolism

Jaguars are rarely seen in the Far East so its characteristics are distributed to various animals. For instance, in Japan, the lion got attributed as the symbol of power, protection and strength. It is also believed to ward off evil spirits, just like the jaguar as well as the tiger. Suitably, the dragon got attributed strength, courage and wisdom.

Jaguar in Dreams

When a jaguar appears to you in a dream, you have to stay calm to be able to interpret your dream properly. If you are running from one, it could mean that you are worrying too much about what lies ahead. It is telling you to embrace the death of your past. It is urging you to move on to better habits and a better life.

As jaguars represent speed, it wants you to do put your past behind you as quick as you possibly can. It also represent agility and power, and this means it is giving you the power to overtake and the ability to side step all your troubles.

If it is attacking you in your dream, it is simply warning you of impending betrayal. If it is sleeping, it is demonstrating your vulnerability. However, if it is dead in your dream, beware. It is a warning that you are on the wrong path and that danger is lurking in the corner.

Jaguar Encounters / Jaguar Omens

When you encounter a jaguar, it is asking you to stand up either for yourself or for other people. It is telling you to defeat those who abuses their power. This particular jungle cat has much to do with magic, healing and spirituality.

An encounter marks the end of your current journey and the beginning of a new one. A heroic quest is in your path and is waiting to be explored.

Jaguar Mythology and Folklore

Tribes from the Altiplano Cundiboyacense considered the jaguar a sacred animal and even had rituals where they dressed in jaguar skins.

Tezcatlipoca is the Aztec god of the nocturnal sky and is associated with rulership, war, strife and enmity, among other things. As a result to having the jaguar as its animal disguise, the jaguar motif is used by the Aztecs during war as it is believed to bestow the user of the animal’s strength. They even created an elite class for warriors where they are known as Jaguar Knights.

According to Mayan mythology, the jaguar god rules over the underworld. He is said to be prowling in the sky, from the east to the west. This shows that the cosmic forces of day and night are believed to be under the jaguar’s control. The jaguar is a symbol of life and fertility to the Mayans.

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