10 Polar Bear Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Polar Bear is one of the most formidable mammals on earth. Despite its cute and cuddly appearance, it is a very formidable hunter. It has a very powerful muscle mass, with a hunger to match, and it absolutely dominates its food chain. If it were not for the Polar Bear’s relative isolation in the Arctic, it could even pose a threat to the general population!

But the Polar Bear isn’t some runaway berserker that has to be feared. In fact, it is spiritually significant since it thrives in one of the most ruthless and unsafe places on earth. Despite its awesome power, it knows how to fall in step with the seasons and does not use its energies unwisely. We could learn a lot from the Polar Bear.

Polar Bear Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Polar Bear Symbolism & Meaning

The Polar Bear is a reminder that if one were to survive, one needs intense willpower. This willpower could be manifested in different ways.

To the Polar Bear, it is shown by its ability to hibernate and survive one of the toughest winters in the world, and live to hunt for sustenance at the end. It also manifests in how the Polar Bear uses all his resources efficiently. It knows when to use its strength, when to use its white coat for camouflage, and when to use (and replenish) its layer of fat as a backup energy source.

The Polar Bear is also a symbol of resourcefulness, being able to gather all it needs from such a sparse landscape.

Polar Bear Spirit Animal

When you see the Polar Bear as your spiritual animal, it is reminding you to be patient. Scientifically, Polar Bears can wait for hours just to catch the perfect prey. They can also swim for around 200 miles, and walk for another 15, just to follow its hunt. It knows how to crouch and make itself look like an ice float in order to go by undetected.

There are many of us who, just because we have great talents, feel like we are entitled to great things. But the Polar Bear knows otherwise. It knows that the Arctic is just a microcosm of life as a whole. There will always be challenges and dangers at every turn. There will be competition, and there will be hardships. In this landscape, what matters isn’t who has the greatest skills, but those who have the greatest determination in using these skills.

Polar Bear Power Animal

Are you looking for raw power? Then look no further! After all that waiting, all that patience, when it is time for you to take the stage, you should be able to do so with gusto. Call upon the Polar Bear when you need to make a statement upon emerging from your hibernation.

When you need to effectively convert something you have stored into something usable, you can also call upon the power of the Polar Bear. There are times when we are so intent on saving that we lose sight of what we save for. And this is not just about money, this is about anything, material or not, that we have.

Polar Bear Totem Animal

People born under the Polar Bear totem are known for being thrifty and humble in most situations. But when they wish, they can very easily become the most imposing people in the room.

On the downside, the Polar Bear people’s penchant for waiting until the right moment (despite others allege of their ability to use brute force if they want) can make them appear lazy at times. Care should be taken to ensure this is not the case.

Polar Bear Native American Symbolism

The Inuits, Native Americans who lived in the Arctic Circle, have figured the Polar Bear with prominence in their culture. They believe that the Polar Bear mimics human motion and condition, and for this they consider the Polar Bear to be superior to other creatures. They also believe that the Polar Bear is a spirit guide, helping ferry departed souls into the afterlife. In turn, the deceased could assume the human-like form of the Polar Bear when it visits the living plane.

Polar Bear Celtic Symbolism

The ancient Celts did not have any run-ins with the Polar Bear, so there is no opportunity for it to figure in their mythology. The closest symbol would be the Celtic bull, which is also praised for its strength and its virility.

Polar Bear Far Eastern Symbolism

The Far East likewise does not have the Polar Bear in its pantheon. Its symbolism has hence been fragmented into other animals such as the ox and the tiger/lion, which stand in for the strength and ferocity of the Polar Bear. Its patience can be akin to the snake, and its ability to strike at precisely the right moment.

Polar Bear in Dreams

When appearing in our dreams, the Polar Bear signifies a rebirth or reawakening of sorts. This is symbolic of the bear’s hibernation, and its resurgence into life. It is like getting back on track after receiving the strong blows of life, and coming back defiant and strong.

Polar Bear Encounters / Polar Bear Omens

When you see a Polar Bear, take time to sit and watch. You could definitely learn a thing or two from how it moves. As you do, think of how you can use what you have learned to be a more dependable person, someone who others can look up to when in time of need, someone who can always do the right thing.

Polar Bear Mythology and Folklore

The Inuits are the people most exposed to the Polar Bears because of their living environment. In fact, they even have two gods in the figure of a Polar Bear, named Nanarluq and Nanook.

There is a legend about a woman who lived alone amidst her village, without a family of her own against the Arctic cold. One day, she found a Polar Bear cub as she walked by the sea. The mother wasn’t anywhere, so the woman took the cub home and treated it as her son. The cub, named Kunik, grew up amidst the children of the village and was considered as one of them. Soon, the bear became the greatest fisherman of the village.

The other fishermen became envious, and planned to kill Kunik. The old woman got wind of the plot, and sent Kunik away for his safety. And yet, everyday, the old woman came to find her son and spend the day with him before returning to the village. If a woman and a bear can have an unbroken bond of love, why cannot we normal people? Ah, but if we could only take on more of the Polar Bear’s qualities!

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