10 Squirrel Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

When was the last time we thought much of the humble squirrel? We often see it scurrying about, and we marvel in its cuteness. Upon close inspection, however, this little creature teaches us some very important lessons in life. All we need to do is observe and listen.

Squirrel Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Squirrel Symbolism & Meaning

One of the squirrel’s most documented traits is its tendency to hide nuts “for future use”. In fact, we can see the squirrel at this activity most of the time, either hiding nuts or attempting to find them later.

This brings us to some of the most important things a squirrel teaches us. First, the squirrel symbolizes energy focused through its goals. From another point of view, the squirrel’s cheerful activities is a reminder for us to play and enjoy life. Their propensity to hide acorns is a lesson in being prepared.

Speaking of acorns, did you know that the squirrel only finds around 1 in 10 of the nuts that it hides? Hence, it is also a symbol and a warning against over-preparation. Some sources even say that most of the oak trees in the wild are the result of the squirrel’s failure to find most of the nuts he buries!

Squirrel Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the squirrel is also a symbol of socialization. Squirrel communities can be very close-knit, and it reminds us to build harmony through respect and mindfulness of words and actions.

The way the squirrel faces the daunting task of burying and later finding nuts teaches us that we have to face our problems instead of sitting on them. Sure, the squirrel can sit down and wait for winter, hoping he can scrounge around for food by then. But instead, he prepares for it carefully!

Squirrel Power Animal

When the squirrel is your power animal, you are gifted with the ability to prepare for the future. Call upon it when you need to plan and organize. But don’t let all that planning suck your life dry — you don’t see the squirrel with its brows furrowed thinking of what happens next! Instead, it goes with the flow and remains cheerful despite its tasks. Hence, the squirrel as your power animal also reminds you about the real reason you are preparing for the future. It is so that you can forget about your worries, knowing you are prepared, therefore allowing you to enjoy the fullness of the present!

Squirrel Totem Animal

The squirrel as a totem animal is a sign of resourcefulness. This means that you may be lacking in the ingredients for success, but you know exactly how and where to find those you need. Your skill at socialization comes in really handy when the things you need can only be obtained in cooperation with other people!

The squirrel is also a symbol of work-life balance. Yes, life can throw you off every now and then, but if you know your balance then you will not swing too wildly on either side. <

Squirrel Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the squirrel is remarkable for its aggression as it works. Though small, you can readily hear the sound it makes during its various activities. Thus, squirrels are not just deemed sociable but rather too sociable — gossipers, instigators, and annoyances. Despite that, they make up for it in their industrious work ethic and their courage. In the tribes of the southeast, as a matter of fact, the squirrel is deemed as the caretaker of the forest! Elsewhere in the northwest, the talkative nature of the squirrel also gives way to it becoming messengers that bring important warnings to the tribes.

Squirrel Celtic Symbolism

While the squirrel does not occupy an important position in Celtic symbolism, it was once an emblem of the Irish queen Medb. It perched atop her shoulder, and acted as her messenger. Much like the squirrel’s role in American Indian symbolism, the animal is considered here a messenger of the gods. It scurries about bearing news (and often also gossips) of the world to the rest of the animal kingdom. A mischievous squirrel, named Ratatosk, was even mentioned to live in the World Tree of Norse mythology.

Squirrel Far Eastern Symbolism

In Chinese symbolism, the squirrel is rendered as the “tree rat” and hence has the same meaning. Here, the rat is seen as a cunning animal that knows how to get ahead of the pack. Their constant activity is associated with business transactions and miserly behavior, and so it is associated with the concept of money.

Squirrel in Dreams

When you come across a squirrel in your dream, then expect some good fortune coming your way! You might also end up with more than enough that you can indulge in the good feeling of sharing.

However, it is also important to be introspective when the squirrel appears as it could also mean some discontent in your relationship, especially that of a loveless or pointless one. Or, you might be too bent on hoarding riches “going through the motions” that you are losing sight of the big picture.

Squirrel Encounters / Squirrel Omens

When you meet a squirrel, you should look at how you are living your current life. Are you finding fun in your work? Are you able to see the good in your efforts? Are you living a harmonious life with other people? The squirrel challenges us to observe, to see the deeper meaning in all things. This small sun-loving animal is a common sight, and yet it has lots to teach us. It is much like the acorn it hides — it may be small now, but left alone it will become a strong, sturdy oak.

Squirrel Mythology and Folklore

The American Indians have lots of myths about squirrels. Some of them tell of tales when squirrels were huge, and how they were shrunk down. Some squirrel stories were related to the solar eclipse. There were also two squirrel spirits in the Native American pantheon. The first is Mikew of the Wabanaki, who was shrunk down by a hero to squirrel size because he was too dangerous at his full size. There is also the Hopi squirrel spirit, named Laqan Kachina.

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  1. Shane says:

    Just saw a red squirrel, which is endangered in Ireland, in the woods by queen medbs grave in Sligo ireland!

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    My cat catches and eats all of the squirrels except their tails. Was wondering if there was a meaning

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    Woke up this morning to see a White Squirrel & a Reeve Golden Pheasant 8 ft from my window !!!!…. both enjoying the peanuts put out for the birds. What a treat. While the squirrel was stretched out eating the nuts a green parrot flew right up screeching crossly, to which the squirrel took no notice. All activities caught on my mobile camera …

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    I found a strawberry today in the shape of a squirrel.

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