10 Rabbit Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Rabbit is a complex animal. It is timid and feral at the same time. It is a symbol of cleverness, and yet it is also a symbol of fear. Ultimately, what the Rabbit means for you will be decided by how you fit into its diverse nature.

But because of its diverse nature, it is all the more imperative that we understand just what the Rabbit brings into our lives. You may be surprised to learn that unlike many animal symbols, the Rabbit is focused more on letting you define your own path than really directing you to take a specific route.

Rabbit Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Rabbit Symbolism & Meaning

The Rabbit is all about looking at the inner self, in order to see what tools you have. This refers not just to your talents and your resources, but also your motivations and your emotions. The Rabbit tells us that instinct isn’t something to be feared, but to be nurtured and nourished.

The timidity of the Rabbit is the main reason why it is considered a symbol of fear in some beliefs. But if we consider carefully, this fear is well-founded. The Rabbit does not have much to go on in terms of defensive means, except for its ability to run (which, in comparison with some of its peers in the animal kingdom, isn’t particularly impressive). Hence, it has relied on its innate timidity and its senses to understand if there is danger in its environment. This has enabled it to survive and thrive. Even its vaunted fertility is part of this survival instinct, enabling its species to proliferate faster.

We too may be faced with an environment that is hostile, and to which at first glance, we may seem mal-adapted. But there is a gift in everyone, and we might have to look hard to find it.

Rabbit Spirit Animal

When the Rabbit comes hopping, it is sending us a message to plan our moves more carefully. Maybe, there is an aspect that we need to consider, a factor we need to take into consideration. If you are not currently planning anything, you may also need to look at the ones you currently have in motion to see if something new has affected it.

The Rabbit also teaches us that sometimes it is wise to keep a low profile, instead of going all out. Measure your surroundings well, and know when to duck. Brute strength may be important, in some respects, but speed and agility can win the day when used right.

Rabbit Power Animal

When you are faced with a roadblock in your decision-making process, then it is time to seek the guidance of the Rabbit. Sometimes, the hardest decisions can be made or broken by a hidden detail, one that people tend to miss.

At the same time, the Rabbit is very helpful if what you seek is balance in life. This could be applied to many fronts, but most obviously for the balance between your strengths and weaknesses. When you have your back to the wall, the wisdom of the Rabbit’s instinct could be enough to even up the scales.

Rabbit Totem Animal

A person born with the Rabbit totem tends to be very instinctive, and may live life spontaneously. They love their own fun, but that is just because they know their limits and they know where to stop. They are people who give life to others, and readily share their wisdom.

Rabbit people are also innately creative, and are good with creative problems. They have good reflexes, and are agile inside and out. These people instinctively know what decisions will help their ultimate goals, and which ones will hinder them.

Rabbit Native American Symbolism

In the Native American tradition, a Rabbit is known as a trickster. This is a tribute to the innate creativity of the animal. They show up in various legends, sometimes even as an unlikely hero. Some legends even state that the Manabozho, the Great Hare, created the world and humanity — the ultimate expression of creativity.

Rabbit Celtic Symbolism

The Easter Bunny may be the most famous Rabbit symbol in the West, but this was actually inspired by legends of the Celtic goddess Ēostre (notice the similarity with Easter). According to stories, Ēostre was a moon goddess who is the patron of fertility. At each full moon, she transforms into a hare to go about her tasks.

The Rabbit is also a divinatory animal, and the wise people of the Celts watched Rabbits and their tracks to search for clues of the unknown.

Rabbit Far Eastern Symbolism

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Rabbit is among the most artistic, and the most delicate. They are kind, and are very hard to ignore. They are also calm, and thinks before acting. Like the Celts, the ancient Chinese believed that Rabbits and the Moon are correlated — they believed that a Rabbit lived on the moon! The Chinese also consider the Rabbit a symbol of good luck.

Rabbit in Dreams

The Rabbit symbolizes a stroke of good luck. This is the instinctive side of the Rabbit showing through and transferring to you, allowing you to move forward by “lucky” planning and innovation.

Rabbit Encounters / Rabbit Omens

When you encounter a Rabbit, it is time to tap your inner self and move spontaneously. Note that this does not mean being careless. It only means moving in a way that is contrary to your common path — who knows, you might discover something new and interesting this way!

Rabbit Mythology and Folklore

Almost all major cultures have a Rabbit mythology. There are also tales that have been carried over to the modern times, such as the fun (if dangerous) adventures of Brer Rabbit. The Africans have a similar legendary Rabbit figure, by the name of Kalulu. The Aztecs, on the other hand, have Rabbit gods associated with drunkenness and fertility — two very related states!

The Rabbit is a very curious creature, and it is important to understand just how we can imbibe its unusual meanings in our daily lives. Just as instinct and creativity can appear differently for each of us, so can the meaning of the Rabbit.

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