10 Elephant Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Revered in different parts of the world as the mightiest land animal, the image of the elephant is unmatched. This behemoth has been channeled both as a source of food, shelter, and riches, the last one through its renowned ivory tusks. It has also been at times channeled as mighty beasts of war. But what does it mean to have an elephant as your spirit animal?

Elephant Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Elephant Symbolism & Meaning

Because of their sheer size, it is no wonder that elephants are known as the symbols of strength and power. However, they’re not merely that. In the wild, they are gentle creatures that are not aggressive unless provoked. Hence, they are also the symbol of focused, temperate strength. The sages of old, especially the shamans of the Eastern traditions, trust elephants to lead them in the daunting practice of meditation through this focused strength.

The elephant has also been a standing symbol of nobility, someone whose social stature towers over others. This comes with the traits of pride, dignity, and honor. Being the unstoppable roamer of the plains, elephants also symbolize tenacity.

Elephant Spirit Animal

Aside from the implications of power, having an elephant as your spirit animal shows you its ways of calm and composure. This is evident in the way the elephant slowly but methodically proceeds in its daily tasks. By nature, elephant herds are highly structured and do not intrude upon others. They also collectively protect their young. Hence, the elephant is also the spirit animal of safety and respect.

Elephant Power Animal

Despite its physical prominence, this creature additionally displays a different type of power. The elephant is also traditionally known for its sagely attitude. That’s why it is also attributed as the spirit animal of anyone who seeks knowledge and wisdom.

With this, the elephant also reminds us of the importance of responsibility. Its herd behavior also elicits bonds of loyalty, which seeks more power in standing up for and with others! With the elephant as your power animal, you are empowered to seek and improve connections that will in turn help you towards your goals.

Elephant Totem Animal

As your totem animal, the elephant encourages us to protect both ourselves and others. They are the creatures that often define leadership, along with other common symbols such as lions and eagles.

This means that a person with the elephant as his totem has a strong sense of duty. This includes a degree of self-sacrifice in order to help someone in your tribe who has come to harm.

Elephant Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans generally lived in a different habitat from these mighty roamers, hence they did not have many run-ins with the creature. The Cherokee, however, invokes the elephant in their medicinal rituals specifically for the purposes of intelligence, memory, and longevity.

Elephant Celtic Symbolism

Like for American Indians, elephants were alien for the most part in the Celtic culture. The only instance it appeared in their writings is when the Seleucid king Antiochus I Soter used it in battle to shock his enemies. This has led to the elephant occupying a position related to military strategy and surprise in the Celtic symbolic pantheon.

Elephant Far Eastern Symbolism

For those in the Far East, the elephant was a symbol of beauty. It is graceful despite its size, and it possessed a level of dignity rarely matched.

Many cultures in this side of the world regard the elephant as a cosmic or divine manifestation. They are symbols of good health and are also invoked in ceremonies that involve entire families and communities. It is also used as a symbol of happiness in life.

Elephant in Dreams

When elephants come to us in dreams, it is important to believe in ourselves as capable of dealing with any problems or issues we are currently facing. This is a manifestation of the steadfast nature of our souls. When we dream of riding an elephant, we must also inspect our positions in our daily lives. Maybe we are called to leadership or a higher purpose, or to a position of power in our family, work, or community.

Elephant Encounters / Elephant Omens

When we encounter elephants, it is important to see them as they are — protectors of their herd, willful masters of the land on which they roam. When they appear they seek to tell us to embody the same values. Simply possessing strength is not enough. Like them, we must learn to temper our strengths (whether of body, mind, or soul) and work with focus towards a clear and well-defined purpose.

In the same vein, the elephant tells us to remain determined to reach those goals. Like the earth, there will always be obstacles that you have to navigate and surmount. Take the power and energy of the elephant to succeed here.

The elephant also appears to remind you that you should listen for messages from the higher spheres of the cosmos. When the solution cannot be found within your means, maybe the road will be cleared when you listen to the words of the divine!

Elephant Mythology and Folklore

The impressive size and strength of Elephants have fascinated people for a long time, leading them to feature prominently in myths, legends, and folklore across diverse cultures. These stories portray Elephants as embodiments of various desirable traits such as knowledge, strength, and grace.

This compilation of tales about Elephants is a collection of narratives from different societies and historical periods. Some stories portray Elephants as supernatural beings, while others depict them as crafty tricksters or fierce warriors. Many of these stories have been passed down through oral traditions, evolving over time to take on new interpretations and meanings.

By exploring these legends and folktales, we can gain insights into the cultures that created them and the enduring fascination people have with Elephants. These majestic animals have made a profound impact on our collective imagination and continue to inspire us today, whether as symbols of wisdom, strength, or intelligence.

Ganesha – The Elephant-Headed God
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The Elephant and the Mouse
The Elephant’s Child
The Battle of the Elephants

This article acknowledges how myths, folktales, and legendary tales about Elephants from earlier civilizations captured people’s imagination and helped shape a variety of cultures and views. These customs vary from the wily African Elephants to the strong Hindu god Ganesha. These tales offer a look into the enduring allure that these incredible creatures continue to hold for people all across the world, aweing and captivating them. They also demonstrate the intriguing characteristics of Elephants as well as their incredible strength and majesty. Although still complimenting the depth and complexity of Elephant folklore, the piece highlights the importance of these tales in shaping our own culture and our love for these wonderful animals.

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