10 Zebra Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Shamanism is an ancient traditional method of healing that is based on the idea of animism. According to the practice, everything around us is living and has a spirit. It is a way for human beings to connect with the spirit world. A shaman can contact long dead ancestors, heal, influence weather patterns, among other things. The term shaman has its origins from the Siberian Tribe, Tungus. Most traditional cultural practices around the world are based on similar beliefs. Therefore, shamanism can describe the spiritual practices of these traditional cultures, too.

Zebra Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Over the past few decades or so, shamanism has become a way of life for some Westerners. The practice is especially popular in young counter-cultural circles. This adoption by counter-cultural groups ultimately gave rise to neo-shamanism. Animistic shamanism holds that everything around us has a spirit. It also claims that this spiritual energy can be transferred from one being to another. Most neo-shamans, for instance, believe that they share spiritual energy with certain animals. These animals are called spirit animals. A spirit animal is an animal whose traits best convey to yours. A spirit animal can also be a power animal. A power animal guides and protects one from illness, disease, from anything harmful. Each individual has its own described spirit or power animal. It may be a bear, cat, wolf, or in this case – Zebra.

Here, we take a look at ten Zebra symbolisms and meaning.

Balance of Light and Darkness

The Zebra’s black and white stripes are such that none outnumbers the other. The mystery with the Zebras is whether they are actually a white animal with black stripes or the other way around. The nature of these stripes symbolizes the balance of light and darkness. This balance of the yin and the yang gives us peace and harmony in how we view the world. If the Zebra is your power animal it helps you look at everything with clarity. It also guides you to make fair judgment.

Unique Pattern

All Zebras appear to be the same. This usually confuses any potential predator. This seeming similarity makes it difficult for predators to pick out one Zebra from the whole pack. Each Zebra, however, has its own unique pattern of stripes. No one Zebra looks the same as the other. This symbolizes the ability to remain unique in your own way and still blend in. Even though you interact well with the others, you remain faithful to your principles and beliefs.

Alertness and Preparedness

One of the strongest traits of the Zebra is its alertness. This means that the Zebra is always ready for anything that can happen at any time. If you have the Zebra as your power animal, you are always prepared for anything. This alertness and preparedness mean that you handle everything with a collected mind. The way of the Zebra is one of awareness. Be aware of all that surrounds you.

Finds Value in Living with Others

Zebras usually graze in large herds. This lessens the number of fatalities in the event of an attack. Staying in large herds also makes it easier to find water holes and greener pasture. Zebras have also been known to graze along antelopes hence increasing everyone’s alertness. The Zebra calls you to find value in others and utilize everything well for your happiness and survival.

Number is Power

Zebras use their numbers for security and survival in the harsh savannah. The Zebra inside you calls you to be mindful of others and to unite in problem-solving. Create associations and make collaborations to help you achieve your goals. There is an old saying which says that no man is an island, it is true. If the Zebra is your power animal, you seek and offer help to others with a generous heart.

Illusion of the Reality

The Zebra uses the nature of its stripes to confuse and dazzle predators. It creates an illusion of the reality to ensure its own survival. The Zebra calls you to rise above whatever experience you may be going through. Be the master of your life. Don’t allow darkness or light to drive you in losing focus. You are the master of reality. Use it for your own and other people’s happiness.

Self-Esteem and Self-Belief

When in the wild, a Zebra acts on its instincts for survival whenever in danger. The Zebra calls that you trust your own intuition and instincts when faced with challenges. The Zebra trusts and believes that its instincts will lead it to safety. Trusting and following your instincts requires self-esteem and self-belief. The Zebra calls you to believe in yourself and in your ability to face challenges.

Foresees Potential Threats

Zebras have good eyesight both during the day and the night. This all-around excellent vision is great for foreseeing potential threats. The Zebra calls us to enlarge our vision. It calls us to be observant. If the Zebra is your power animal, you have the ability to see potential opportunity and danger. You don’t just look, you observe. You are a seer.

Highly Values Freedom

Zebras value their freedom more than even horses. They are impossible to domesticate because of their wild nature. They don’t like being tied down to one place. The Zebra calls you to embrace your freedom and to be adventurous. Zebra people do not stick to the norm, for they find their own way.


The Zebra’s likeness to graze in herds does not just show unity. Zebras live in family groups with one stallion and a few mares. A Zebra may wander to different places but it always sticks to its herd. Zebra people always return to their families even after wandering far and wide. This shows people that are family oriented.

People with the Zebra as their power animal are usually artists, musicians, poet, etc. They always embrace their sense of individuality. Zebra people are usually revolutionaries, leaders, and pioneers. They are really good at predicting the future and are at peace with themselves. The way of the Zebra calls for fulfillment, harmony, understanding, and balance. Whatever challenges may face you, the Zebra calls you to follow your heart.

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