10 Whale Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

An attribute on Whale’s nature is its communication. Calming yourself into the state where you hear your heartbeat – you will see the resemblance with the Whale’s method of releasing sounds in order to detect what is in front of it or use it to find loved ones. The Whale’s question for you is “What truly does your heart tell you?”

Whale Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Whale as a totem animal

Having Whale as your totem animal means you possess very strong, and unbreakable long-distance communication skills, just as the Whale has up to thousand kilometers of reach in the deep sound channel below the surface. Same as the Whale, your family bonds are pretty strong and you tend to keep them that way.

Family relations and communications mean very much to you so you nurture them as much as you can, the exact same relation the Whale has with its family members in the never-ending ocean. You are very known for your wise and calm temper, and a very reliable, trustworthy person, both to your friends and family. They know you as very honest and truth-telling person that no matter the circumstances of emotional or character crisis they experience, you always guide them to a solid ground and show how to master the waves of life.

Same as the Whale has extraordinary perception and space-time awareness – you also have the tendency to wander off in the other worlds, but the Whale’s nature makes sure to manifest awareness not to let you stroll out further.

Whale as spirit animal

The Whale is a symbol of visibility and perception. It represents a patron of death and connects with the rebuilding of the soul. The arrival of the Whale is very often related to some physical or emotional crisis or duress in which you have lost yourself. Just looking at the nature of the Whales, they live in the dark, cold ocean, withstanding great pressures, until they come bursting out of the water joyfully and very strong. To “blow some steam” and enjoy the relaxing and life-saving air. It can be a very similar situation you would face when the Whale comes to you.

Whale as a power animal

Deciding to choose the Whale as your power animal means finding your personal music, your inner song, and your true voice. When choosing Whale as your power animal, you will be put through a real journey – discovering and exploring your creativity. Hence, trying yourself in many new things that you haven’t done any time in your life.

The Whale also teaches you to follow that inner song, that is only yours truly. Follow the path that is set before you and by doing so you will learn how we are all connected, and you will never be alone on this path. Whale power animal helps you understand the deep, and secret feeling you are having that have been stored for a long time. It helps you accept them and learn how to live with the better understanding of your inner peace, and also, explains you along the way how all of us are all connected with nature and that connection will remain for all eternities.

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