10 Monkey Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

In science, the Monkey holds a special place as man’s closest relative. Intelligent, active, and playful, it also holds a special place in symbolism! Imbued with its energy, you are well on the road of creativity and self-discovery. Just as the Monkey solves problems in a different way from other animals, so will you be able to innovate to set yourself apart from others. At the same time, you will be able to do it with laughter!

Monkey Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Monkey Symbolism & Meaning

Monkeys are generally depicted as mischievous, and this trait towers over all their other symbolisms. Monkeys are all in for fun and laughter, reveling in entertainment and playfulness. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a symbol you can go to when you need to attract more mirth into your life?

However, there is a wisdom to the Monkey that many overlook. The way they play isn’t at all random, and they very well know when fun is warranted and when it is not. Should they choose to have fun, they have a specific object in mind. This makes for well-intended jokes that celebrate instead of offend.

Their man-like nature also makes the Monkey good symbols of socialization, particularly the traits of bonding and understanding. Observe a group of Monkeys closely and see how well they bond to each other! Caring is in the core of their being, which combined with their penchant for fun is just the symbol you need to move past the more difficult times in life.

Monkey Spirit Animal

When the Monkey manifests itself as your spirit animal, it is time to prepare for a wild ride ahead. Their devil-may-care nature means that something unexpected is coming your way — probably an opportunity, or a way up that you haven’t considered before.

True to its fun-loving persona, the Monkey is also a natural charmer. It has the ability to bend others to its will through humor, without losing awareness of its own goals. The Monkey also imparts the gift of perception. It tricks, but it cannot be tricked. And its funny self offers a great way to survive when you see that things are not turning out the way you want!

Monkey Power Animal

When you need to find solutions, the Monkey is the perfect power animal. This is especially true when the problem involves your family or community. The social and creative aspects of the Monkey are perfect means to get to know yourself and your group better, and to work out the differences, if any.

The Monkey is also perfect for those moments when you just need to let go! There are many times when we try to power through our burdens without considering that maybe we just need to stop and smell the flowers for a few moments. The Monkey is the perfect animal to teach us that lesson.

Monkey Totem Animal

When the Monkey appears as your totem, then you specialize in having fun without harmful consequences. This also means that you are blessed with an unending zeal of life! When life brings you down, the Monkey as the totem animal grants you the boundless energy to get back up there and try again. When you feel stuck in a rut, the more adventurous aspects of the Monkey is right there to show you a new dimension.

Monkey Native American Symbolism

To the American Indians, the Monkey is the personification of cleverness and trickery. There are some others, however, who view the Monkey as a harbinger of misbehavior that often leads to problems.

The different traits of Monkeys are also used as clan animals, particularly the Yagua and Gajiro (howler Monkeys) of South America and the Bribri (spider Monkeys) of Central America.

Monkey Celtic Symbolism

The Celtic culture was established in locations that did not have large Monkey populations, so it is not surprising that the Monkey does not appear in its pantheon of symbols.

Monkey Far Eastern Symbolism

For the Far Eastern civilizations, the Monkey is a symbol of agility and being multi-talented. It is also the symbol of people who are friendly and a natural extrovert. This is a good insight on the nature of Monkeys and how they can influence our lives to improve for the better.

In other Far Eastern traditions, the Monkey is also a symbol of a harmonious family (especially a marriage), fertility, safe childbirth, and protection against disease and supernatural ills.

Monkey in Dreams

As a dream animal, the Monkey appears as a warning. Remember, they are tricksters themselves so they know when people are tricking you! When they appear, be careful of people who are sweet-talking you into being manipulated. If the Monkey appears to be dancing in your dream, then get your dancing shoes on because there will be some fun on the horizon.

Monkey Encounters / Monkey Omens

When you come across a Monkey in your daily life, then it is time to put your thinking cap on and tap into your hidden reserves of creativity. At the same time, it is also a reminder to rediscover the feeling of purposeful playfulness. Let your curiosity wander, test out a few things, and you may be surprised at what you may find!

It also appears as a reminder for those times when you feel you are wearing too many hats and working on too many things. When you are feeling down and disheartened, just remember how the Monkey moves. It swings from tree to tree, cheerfully and in perpetual motion, until it gets to its destination. That is what you should be doing, too!

Monkey Mythology and Folklore

In Hindu mythology, the Monkey appears in the form of Hanuman, the Monkey God. This heroic figure is believed to be the reincarnation of Shiva, part of the Hindu holy trinity. He is in perpetual pursuit of fairness and justice, and is fearless in taking on evil.

In Buddhism, there is the story of the Monkey who accompanied a monk tasked with bringing sacred Buddhist texts from India to China. The Monkey was chosen among all animals because of its intelligence and courage, making it the perfect companion for the monk when he is spiritually vulnerable.

On the other hand, the Mayan pantheon hails the Monkey as a patron of the arts, as well as a messenger that brings prophecies and knowledge. The Aztec tradition gives the Monkey a central focus in associating it with the sun.

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