10 Bluebird Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

No matter the culture or belief, we all know that children are special. Their faith and innocence are like lanterns in the darkness, pinpoints of light in this harried life that we can only look on with envy. It’s hard to believe that we once had these treasures ourselves, and that we allowed them to be lost as we grew up.

Thankfully, we have friends from the realm of spirit animals that help us to regain at least a measure of these lost gems. One such animal is the bluebird.

Bluebird Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Bluebird Symbolism & Meaning

The bluebird’s childlike disposition is a breath of fresh air. It speaks not just of an uncomplicated way of viewing the world. It also speaks volumes about imagination and creativity, and the disregard for the stifling conventions we have so given ourselves to. Just watch the bluebird as it playfully flits through nature. Its movements and song meld fun and passion. You know it’s really enjoying what it’s doing, not because it sees any potential reward in the task but because it genuinely enjoys it.

It is also said that the bluebird is one of the many forms that angels and other spirit guides may take when they descend to the earth. They have a penchant for flitting around their wards, trying to draw their attention to something that will make them smile! They are always good omens. In fact, it is said that when sailors sight bluebirds their voyage will bring them good luck.

Bluebird Spirit Animal

When the bluebird arrives as your spirit animal, it is reminding you that joy itself is a treasure that isn’t to be lost. You don’t need treasure to find joy. Rather, it’s the other way around. You need to have a joyful heart in order to find the true treasures in life!

The bluebird is also a reminder that while the bigger blessings in life are easy to see, it’s much harder to appreciate the little ones. Oftentimes we overlook the little moments that can make us truly happy. The bluebird is a reminder that sometimes it’s the little things that matter. Take time to stop and look at nature, and zoom in at the little things. Look at a flower, the form of the clouds, a falling leaf as it weaves its way down to the moist earth — and feel happy to be alive!

Bluebird Power Animal

When you desperately need an emotional lift, the bluebird is perfect as a power animal. Sometimes we’re not exactly sad… but our souls are hovering in that emotional limbo, when we feel completely apathetic and in need of some cheering up. Sometimes life just tires us out, and we need a reason to step forward again. This is when the bluebird does its job best.

The bluebird also comes as a power animal to those who have lost their inner child. This child may have been defeated by the storms of life, or may have been lost on the grueling path to success. But the bluebird knows that without this child, we cannot really enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The bluebird is also the perfect power animal for those who usually act rashly, without thinking. These are the people who tend to regret their actions later. The bluebird knows that physical or verbal aggression is never the way to go. There are better ways of expressing one’s emotions and passion rather than an outburst.

Finally, the bluebird is a good power animal for those who fear commitment. Like other birds of this kind, the bluebird absolutely loves its nest! So when you are having second thoughts when it comes to settling down, the bluebird leads you to your home in the nest. It’s a good thing to imbibe this love, especially as one sees the bluebird endlessly tending to their nests, even as the years go by.

Bluebird Totem Animal

People born with the bluebird totem are cheerful homebodies. They are great at making spaces that will make everyone feel comfortable. Hence, they also attract a lot of good company!

Bluebird people are also very keen on taking things step by step. They dislike rushing, and prefer to build things from the ground up. Even if it’s slow, the bluebird sometimes gets away with this since they are good at explaining the value of what they’re doing.

Bluebird people are also heavily on the romantic side, embodying the “stick to one” philosophy. They can get really defensive about the people they love, too, and it’s interesting because they always find novel ways to express their aggression!

Bluebird Native American Symbolism

Various Native American tribes call upon the bluebird as a mentor and an omen. To the Navajo, for example, the bluebird is a symbol of fertility. To the Pima, they are a symbol of spring, bringing with them growth and a new tomorrow. This is the same belief that the Iroquois holds, saying that the bluebird’s spirit drives away the god of winter. To the Cherokee, this is stepped up to the point that the bluebird gains the ability to control weather.

To the Hopi and many other tribes, the bluebird is an ancient spirit and a protector of a quadrant of creation.

Bluebird Celtic Symbolism

The Celts did not attribute any special meaning to the bluebird, as they were not as exposed to it as the ancients of the Americas.

Bluebird Far Eastern Symbolism

To the Far East, the bluebird was the messenger of the Goddess of the West, Xi Wangmu. This bird is said to symbolize modesty, diligence, and knowledge.

Bluebirds in Dreams

When in dreams, bluebirds come to warn you of an upcoming struggle. You don’t need to be bothered though, since these challenges tend to resolve themselves on their own.

Bluebird Encounters / Bluebird Omens

When you see a bluebird in person, think back to a person close to you. It may be a family member or a friend who wants to send you a message, or simply one who is thinking fondly of you at that moment.

Bluebird Mythology and Folklore

The bluebird is so conspicuous it appears in the legends of many cultures! In Russia and France, the bluebird appears in fairytales as a symbol of good tidings. In Lorraine, the bluebird personifies happiness itself. In Korea, the bluebird is a messenger of God, and also a messenger between distant lovers. You see, everything about the bluebird is so positive it’s impossible not to smile when around one!

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