10 Moose Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Moose are usually seen as big game, but slow and easy targets. These are massive herbivores, growing up to 7 feet tall and more than a thousand pounds. They are also very easily found, with vocalizations that can be heard for several miles away.

Despite this facade, Moose can be very dangerous. They are fearless and tenacious, and once they have a goal they will stop at nothing until that goal is reached. This type of behavior is most evident when a female responds to their mating calls. They will make a beeline for their potential mate, and whatever stands between the two would feel the rushing antlers of this powerful beast!

Moose Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Moose Symbolism & Meaning

The solid stance of the Moose is a symbol of personal authority. It is power, but not one that is wielded wildly. It is a type of power that is not wielded over others, but over oneself. It is a manifestation of the internal locus of control — the Moose believes that only he can make decisions for himself, not any other.

The huge girth of the Moose is also an apt symbol of individuality. It stands strong and proud, and stays true to the things it stands for even when other people tell him otherwise. The Moose thrives in its unique frame of mind, and draws strength from it.

Moose Spirit Animal

When the Moose comes into your life as your spirit animal, it is trying to tell you that it is time to make your presence known in whatever field you are in. There are two ways a person can exert presence — active and passive. Like the Moose, you can use your natural qualities to stand out. This may be your stature, the way you look, or the way you carry yourself.

Of course, like the loud calls of the Moose you can also establish your presence through the way you use your talents. You don’t even have to over-exert yourself to make a splash, you just have to make sure you do the right things at the right time.

Moose Power Animal

If you need to resist the flow, or you need to stay away from peer pressure, then the Moose is the perfect power animal for you. But don’t think it will be easy, as your life will then have quite a lot of push and pull. Not only will the world be heaping its various beliefs upon you (and you will have the uncanny ability to discern each time it does), you will also be forming your own beliefs and sticking to them. After all, nature didn’t give the Moose its muscles for nothing!

There will be other contradictions as well, but it is not the bad kind. Despite its large size, the Moose can also move with stealth and grace. They can be loud, but they can also be very still and quiet when they miss. This means you can use its power to surprise people with unexpected qualities.

Moose Totem Animal

People born under the Moose totem animal have imposing personas, but they make for really good company because of the surprises they keep up their sleeves. They also make for good friends because they know when to listen, when to speak, and when to act. When you have a Moose person in the office, the individual is usually an ace problem solver for remaining level-headed even when things are swirling frantically around.

Moose Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the Moose is a very special animal because of its ability to keep everything balanced. In fact, the Potawatomi believe that the Moose played a role in the creation of mankind. According to their story, the Moose became the mate of the first Potawatomi woman, who was looking for the perfect mate with which to begin the human race. The Moose came with the perfect balance of strength and sensitivity, of bravery and grace. This means that mankind was meant to be balanced, having an element of the Moose in each and every one of us.

Moose Celtic Symbolism

The Moose wasn’t given any special mention in the Celtic pantheon, but they have attached the same meanings to the bull. The bull is one of the most highly respected animals in their culture, and it was considered a symbol of virility, fertility, and vitality. The symbol of the bull is pretty similar to the way the Moose is considered the father of humanity in the Native American belief.

Moose Far Eastern Symbolism

The Chinese pin the same meanings as the Moose to the ox. The latter also occupies a very important part of their mythology, and is part of the Chinese zodiac. The ox, related to agriculture, is also a symbol of fertility and virility. They are also the symbol of hard work, and moving forward, similar to the idea of the Moose.

Moose in Dreams

When the Moose is in your dreams, it is time to look back at the teachings of the elders that have come before you. The inherent wisdom that comes with the personality of the Moose is gained from listening to and understanding the lessons of nature, which has come way before it.

Moose Encounters / Moose Omens

When you find the Moose in your life, this means you have to stand up for what you believe in. You do not need to bow down to doing something you are not comfortable with, and it won’t just stay silent while things are happening around you that need resisting.

Moose Mythology and Folklore

The Moose is very widely covered in Native American myths. Aside from the story told above, the First People also considered the Moose as a strong symbol of endurance and survival. There are also stories of the Moose being once a powerful monster who was domesticated by a local hero.

The Moose shouldn’t just be a target for big game hunters, it should also be a target of our curiosity, learning about its secrets and emulating its virtues.

2 thoughts on “10 Moose Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal”

  1. Pamela Rohring says:

    I’ve always loved the moose and hope to see one in person before I leave this planet. I dreamed about a small moose “o0n a small island” in a small lake” talking to me. It was a very wonderful dream. My mother had made me a shawl with several Alaskan Native Species on it. It’s beautiful. So beautiful I don’t want to use it in fear of damaging it. But I will to show off the Bald Eagle and other birds, moose, elk and bears. I’m a true child of nature. Even if I have to live in the city suburbs now.

  2. Carolyn Frank says:

    my question is I came upon a moose today. it was thee most amazing sight I’ve seen. but I’ve seen one before, but this time it was different, the bull was 20 to 25 yards away from.as im.taking pictures, it was a clear sky but only around the moose was fog. then it turned walked 25 yards behind my friends truck I stood there, watching this beautiful Animal stop and look at me still in the fog. while everything around me was clear as can be, I’m part native and Scottish, so the moose is on my totem. what does this mean. I think I do no what means , I thanked the moose. he turned away from.looking at me for around 5 minutes and went into the trees.
    I get back into the truck. I spoke out loud that I was going to be fine, that everything will be fine. so am I feeling what the spirit of the moose was telling me in the fog. ? for I feel I will be OK in my journey. Thank you Carolyn

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