10 Wolf Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Wolf’s howl works for your advantage when you are looking for other like-minded individuals you want to engage with. You tend to be overprotective of your personal space and won’t shy away from making your opinion heard.

Wolf Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Spirit Animal
As a spirit animal, the Wolf commands presence and position of power. The Wolf is full of personal power, self awareness and control as well as instincts. If your spirit animal is a Wolf, many times, you will be mistaken as aggressive, ruthless, provocative, and even vicious. This is not true at all.

On the contrary, a Wolf will go out of its way to avoid trouble unless an attack is directed straight at it, in which case you will want to stand your ground and defend your course. As a Wolf, you want to be in charge when it comes to working with a group and you want your opinion to be heard and respected. A Wolf will easily put up a spirited fight of death to achieve a course but on the other hand, hardly initiates the fights themselves.

Totem Animal
As a Wolf totem animal, you represent always weary of being threatened. You will be on the lookout for potential danger or threats. You have a special connection to nature and always looking for possible ways to create an even better world around yourself.

A Wolf totem will be looking for every possible opportunity to be free from anything that entangles your life.

The downside of a Wolf totem is that you will not hesitate from overpowering the weaker opponents or competition. As long as they are blocking your way to your target, it won’t matter if they are sick, children, or the elderly. They got to get off your way. You will carry around with you a feeling of vulnerability that is not assuring at all and that is why you avoid getting in trouble with anyone who appears stronger than you and at the same time picking on the weaker individuals.

Power Animal
Wolf power will always drive you to seek freedom. Your appetite to be free and living your life to the fullest is what drives you. As a symbolism to the wild animal Wolf, you cannot be domesticated and anyone who tries to put you in a box might end up on your wrong side. You find it very easy to trust people close to you and won’t hesitate from defending them, normally with brains and words rather than getting physical. They are your pack.

In case of competition, the Wolf will come out as confident and more efficient. Your love for personal space is unmatched.

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