10 Dog Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Dogs are recognized as man’s best friend, for a good reason. They are the very definition of unconditional love and loyalty, remaining by their master’s side through thick and thin. Come to think of it, it is remarkable how such treatment can come more frequently from these animals than from fellow humans!

Dog Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Being a constant companion in homes across the world, we know quite a lot about Dogs. While different breeds can have varying traits, Dogs have a universal intelligence which can be turned to different things. Some Dogs are best fit to help in human labor, while others are best fit for guarding lives and properties. Still, some Dogs are best suited as household pets and nothing more. We can learn a lot from these furry friends if only we take time to learn more about them.

Dog Symbolism & Meaning

The Dog has been often referred to since ancient times with a kind of wonder reserved only for mythological creatures. Their sharp senses have imbued them with the symbolism of keenness, of being able to sense things outside the physical realm. Their protective instincts are believed to have allowed them to guard their masters across different planes of existence. Their hunting prowess was also called upon in myths, giving Dogs prominence in various cultures. They can also be messengers, weaving across time and space to bring us news of import.

These may be wide and varied symbolisms, but they are all tied by the golden ribbon of adaptability. Simply put, Dogs can be what their masters ask them to be. While this adaptability is primarily a testament to their intellect, it is also largely the result of their will. Dogs may be predisposed to certain activities or temperaments, but when raised a certain way they almost never deviate from the path they were shown. Their discipline is something useful for us to learn.

Dog Spirit Animal

The Dog does its spirit animal tasks in a “Dogged” manner. They are very tenacious, especially in the finding of their spirit master.

And when it does come to you, it is most likely because you called it! Your soul might have cried out for companionship, for aid in the path you are about to embark upon. The Dog may nudge you from time to time to warn you of a misstep or a roadblock up ahead — these instances are often manifested in gut feelings. So be aware, and don’t ignore it when something feels off!

Dog Power Animal

If you find it difficult to stay on the path, or if you know you need to be devoted to a cause but feel like you are faltering, then call upon the power of the Dog! When you know that what you are doing is for the good of others, the Dog will be more than willing to give you a boost.

You can also call upon the Dog spirit if you need to manage your social life. This includes anything from separating your true friends from the “seasonal” ones, all the way to sorting out your social obligations.

The Dog, finally, is the perfect power animal if you are aiming for altruistic goals. There are many times when we want to keep giving, but can’t find any motivation or incentive to do so. The Dog teaches us to be more generous, to give till it hurts, to leave just enough for ourselves ensuring survival. This may be a rare circumstance, but when it comes down to it, it is nice to know there is one you could call on.

Dog Totem Animal

People born under the Dog totem are intelligent, devoted, talented, and often extroverted. They are very good at tasks that require logic, and they have good work ethics. They also get along with other people as if by instinct, and they have a high regard for familial and social ties.

Beneath all this, however, is a layer of cautiousness that they have honed throughout the years. Dog people are outward, but they are not stupid. They know when danger’s afoot, and they actively evade it. Dogs are, after all, bred from wolves — a wild streak still runs, even if it is hidden deep within.

Dog Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, Dogs are companions and guides. Mythologically, they were among the animals who first brought fire to mankind as a manifestation of friendliness and loyalty. To the tribes, Dogs only reciprocate what they see in humans — treated well, they are harbingers of dressings and good fortune. However, when treated badly, they can call down catastrophes upon the offender.

Dog Celtic Symbolism

The Dog is an important symbol to the ancient Celts, as they are great hunters. Because of this, they often figure with gods and goddesses. They are guardians of roads and keepers of spirits. They can also help guide a spirit towards the underworld.

Dog Far Eastern Symbolism

In Asia, the Dog’s traits collectively turn it into a symbol of good luck. In Japan, they are divine creatures that stand in front of temples in order to deter the impure from defiling them.

Dog in Dreams

Dogs in dreams mean that something or someone is looking to harm you. This may be directly or indirectly. Whatever the case, look around you and pinpoint the source of trouble before it is too late! Even Dogs would have a hard time protecting humans from their own inaction.

Dog Encounters / Dog Omens

When Dogs appear to you, they are reminders of the sunshine that you should remember to let into your life. These jolly creatures represent the cheerful things in life, which deserve your attention!

Dog Mythology and Folklore

Dogs feature prominently in the Greek mythology. There is Cerberus, the three-headed guardian of the underworld. There is also Sirius, the companion of the giant hunter Orion. Even Artemis has her own divine Dogs for the hunt. The Norse mythology has Garmr, a parallel to Cerberus. Egypt and other ancient cultures also have Dogs that both protect and forewarn of things to come. In what way can you let in the Dog’s lessons in your life?

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