10 Llama / Alpaca Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

It is tough being able to toe the line between what should be said and what should be left unsaid. There are times when we are forced to play the diplomat, trying to be as tactful as possible so as to deescalate a situation that might go out of hand.

However, there is one diplomatic skill that is very important, and yet is often ignored during our overly-proper, sugarcoated times. It is the skill of saying what you mean, and meaning what you say. After all, there is not much sense in diplomacy if in the end you cannot get your words across.

And in the world of spirit animals, there is one that could help you in this realm like no other: the Llama, or in some places, the Alpaca.

Llama / Alpaca Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Llama / Alpaca Symbolism & Meaning

Here is a little known fact of history — Llamas are among the first ever domesticated animals. They are cute, fluffy, and adorable (certainly the kids enjoy them), but they are also great for carrying loads.

Both Llamas and Alpacas are cousins to camels, which on their own are famous for carrying people through deadly deserts. Llamas, however, lived in the cold. In fact, they originated from North America and were around since the tail end of the last Ice Age.

One of the first symbolisms of the Llama and Alpaca is their perseverance, being put to work in very rough weather. They are hardy creatures. There may also be a number of animals that show such traits, so what sets the Llama apart? It is their adeptness at communication.

When they feel that there is trouble, or at the very least see something unfamiliar in their surroundings, they immediately alert the whole herd. In more peaceful times, they constantly hum in order to convey their thoughts and ideas.

Llamas are also pretty transparent, showing their aggravation readily through the most unmistakable way possible — they spit! Spitting may not sound appropriate for us humans, but it expresses if only we could be as transparent with our feelings (and if only other humans can readily understand us) as these Llamas!

Llama / Alpaca Spirit Animal

Owing to the Llama or Alpaca’s transparency, one can readily gauge if it is already carrying more load than it can bear. Thankfully, the Llama as a spirit animal could help you find out when you have reached this limit yourself. When the Llama spirit saunters towards you, it is time to go deep and ask yourself if you are also in need of reprieve from your daily tasks.

Llamas and Alpacas may be considered as pack animals, but don’t think for a moment that they are mere accessories or tools for success! This is the same for you. You may take on hard tasks and jobs, but do not let others think that this is all you are good for. You have your own dignity to uphold, and the Llama spirit lets you speak up and gain confidence.

Llama / Alpaca Power Animal

Speaking of confidence, the Llama is the perfect power animal to call on when you need to find your voice and speak out.

One thing with confidence that not many people see is that it takes a lot of endurance. For a person having difficulty with confidence, every moment spent trying to step up (and actually stepping up) is a continuous assault on the senses and on the spirit. And what better animal to help you than one that has a history of enduring through the harshest conditions known to early man?

Confidence is also something that can be taken to creative new directions, such as learning new skills or branching out into new directions in your life or profession. You may also demonstrate confidence by going back and picking up something you have abandoned long ago.

Llama / Alpaca Totem Animal

People born with the Llama as their totem animal are known as hardworking and persevering. But they are not the type to deal with work of drudgery — instead, you’d see they are often cheery and good-natured, enjoying every moment, knowing they are working up for something big.

However, the tide changes when they feel that those around them are trying to take advantage of them. The Llama person values his own integrity (as well as those of his friends and family) above all. They do not tolerate people who do not value the same — people who waste their time and talents, and those who commit personal offenses.

Llama / Alpaca Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the Llama is a symbol of protection. Llamas are also bestowed the status of royalty. In fact, the Incas have a Llama god named Urcuchillay, a colorful Llama that is worshipped by herders.

Llama / Alpaca Celtic Symbolism

Because the Llama was not endemic to the locale of the ancient Celts, the animal did not appear in their pantheon of animal symbols.

Llama / Alpaca Far Eastern Symbolism

The Llama is likewise excluded from the pantheon of the Far East, since they were only endemic to the Americas.

Llama / Alpaca in Dreams

Seeing Llamas in your dream means you need to look squarely down the road you are traveling on, trusting every step you take. There are many times when our lack of self-confidence is the biggest wall we encounter when we try to move forward to progress. The Llama teaches us to trust in ourselves, and to go bravely down the path we have chosen — because in our hearts, we know there is a concrete reason why we are here.

Llama / Alpaca Encounters / Llama / Alpaca Omens

When we see Llamas in real life, it is time to look around and see if there may be someone displeased at us. Have we unintentionally stepped on someone’s toes (and sense of self-value) in the course of our lives? It is high time to apologize!

Llama / Alpaca Mythology and Folklore

To the Native Americans, there is a reason why Llamas live on mountains. It is said that it was Llamas who, staring at the sky and reading their omens, warned the people of the great flood that was about to come to punish man for his sins. To date, Llamas still live on mountains to guard man in case such an event happens again.

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