10 Ferret Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Ferrets are from the weasel family. Hence, they share a bunch of characteristics — and along with that, symbolisms. Its symbolisms are not only multiple but may also contradict from time to time. This is normal based from the behavior and the appearance of the Ferret.

Ferret Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Ferret Symbolism & Meaning

Being small creatures, Ferrets are symbols of inquisitiveness, playfulness, and cheerfulness. However, their size also makes them look cunning, ruthless, and sneaky. The yin-yang greatly illustrates the balance of their traits. This balance embodies the Ferrets’ behavior as well — they may be cunning but they use this trait to seize opportunities to further their goals. They may be sneaky, but it helps them gather food and find useful treasures.

Ferret Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, a Ferret also shows us the warrior within us. When asked, it will help you free blocked energies within you so you can find the strength you need to overcome obstacles. Ferrets are ferocious hunters. They will dig deep into your psyche and won’t stop until you come to the right decision.

In the same way, they know how to pick the right battles and they know when to retreat. They will awaken your innate ability to be aware of your surroundings and teach you when to sidestep trouble. When they get scared, their bodies emit a musty smell that can deter predators. This lets them escape by diving into uninhabited tunnels. You can follow this technique when dealing with stress. When the opportunity of safety and peace of mind presents itself, grab it and dive into it.

Ferret Power Animal

As a power animal, the Ferret is telling you to find a special place to unwind and rejuvenate, a place to reevaluate your life choices safely and thoroughly. Since they are extremely quick and dexterous, they are trying to teach us that we need to dodge danger in the quickest and safest way, reminding us that a secure life is more important. Having a keen sense of observation, the Ferret as a spirit animal will help you determine the right path to take.

They are great evaders of predators due to their sharp intuition and acute sensitivity to their immediate environment. This ability can help you clearly understand life, your experiences, and yourself. The Ferret teaches you to use all your senses equally. Making sure to consider all details and situations. Only then will you be able to know the hidden meaning behind everything that is happening in your life.

Ferret Totem Animal

Ferrets are fearless as they can clearly see in the dark and has a keen sense of smell. If your totem animal is a Ferret, you can be sure that you will get through your dark times. In times of hopelessness, when you are in great need, it is an absolute inspiration. However, these animals are sometimes too fearless, which may mean that you sometimes tough things out without considering the consequences, so beware.

Ferret Native American Symbolism

Because they are mostly from the same family, Ferrets and weasels are used interchangeably in their stories. The Karuk Tribe has a weasel god called Anixus. The Cree tribe has Sihkooseu, and in one story he played a bad trick to the bitter spirit, Wesakechak.

The Abenaki as well as the Tlingit tribes associate weasels with evil sorcerers. However, the Plains tribes and the Alaskan Athabascan tribes associate them with good medicine and its tail is used to adorn the regalia of chiefs and medicine men, and is likewise considered a good luck charm.

Weasels are considered a sacred animal by the Blackfoot tribe as they associate its yin-yang colors with the cycle of life and death. Their skins are often used as medicine bags.

Ferret Celtic Symbolism

The Ferrets did not have any part in Celtic mythology. Their stubbornness and warrior-like characteristics were given to the bull whereas the survival instincts to the badger. Its cleverness and speed were attributed to the dolphins.

On the other hand, the Irish viewed weasels as toxic animals and believed that the animal’s saliva could poison a grown man. They also believe that it is bad luck if you encounter a weasel. The only way to dodge any bad luck is to greet it. 

Ferret Far Eastern Symbolism

While there was no mention of the Ferret, Zoroastrianism considers the weasel a sacred animal as they view its white fur coat as a symbol of purity.

Other than that, the symbols of the Ferret are given to the bat, the bear, and the panda. As the bat can also see in the dark, it was attributed the Ferret’s innate ability to see through the dark times and find its way through obstacles. The Ferret’s fearlessness is attributed to the bear and its relation to balance is associated with the panda.

Ferret in Dreams

When you are trying to analyze the meaning of the Ferret in your dreams, you have to keep an open mind as its meaning tends to be misinterpreted due to the contradicting nature of the animal.

When you dream of a Ferret, it could be that it wants you to silently observe with the goal of finding the most peaceful way out of a dilemma. If you are being sneaky or is trying to uncover a secret, it could be telling that you are not supposed to be doing so. It is also possible that the Ferret is warning you to beware of untrustworthy people surrounding you.

Moreover, look closely and inspect the color of the Ferret in your dreams. If it is white, it is bringing to light some trust issues in your waking life.

Ferret Encounters / Ferret Omens

Generally, if you ever cross paths with a Ferret, it is warning you to be cautious of those close to you as they do not have your best interests at heart. It wants you to constantly look over your shoulders to check for danger.

It could also be telling you that you need to set aside time to relax and play. The Ferret gives importance to rest and regaining strength, so reflecting and meditating would work as well.

Ferret Mythology and Folklore

Ancient English and Irish tradition maintains that Ferrets are able to cure the whooping cough. All that needs to be done is to make the Ferret drink milk from a bowl and make the patient drink the remainder of the milk.

According to legends, Russian hero Volkh Vseslávevich had apparently turned into a Ferret and defeated Genghis Khan’s army by chewing through their arrows and bow strings.

Carried by a whirlwind, kama-itachi, a weasel-like creature from Japan, attacks humans with its sickle-like claws.

People may not always want to identify with Ferrets, but you can be sure that it couldn’t be that bad as long as you know how to listen to its messages and read into its hidden meanings.

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