10 Dove / Pigeon Symbolism, Myths & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

For the religious among us, the dove is a very symbolic animal. It has been mentioned several times in the Scriptures, making it into the form the Spirit takes as it descends on the earth. Observing the dove, this is no wonder. Doves are very meek and humble creatures, and even though they are birds they choose to fly low to the ground choosing to be close to the more earthbound creatures.

Pigeons aren’t much different. They too are land-loving birds, and it’s pretty common to see them flocking to public places where they are fed by passers-by. Like doves, pigeons are smart and have been used as message couriers since ancient times.

Dove / Pigeon Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Aside from their looks, doves and pigeons share the same warm and friendly qualities that their symbolisms have intermingled throughout time. Here, let’s find out more about these birds’ traits that we can imbibe in our daily life.

Dove / Pigeon Symbolism & Meaning

The most common symbolism of doves and pigeons arise when they are associated with divinity. White birds become the symbol of hope. However, there are many other colors of both species that are worth looking into. For example, speckled doves and pigeons (one of the most common kinds) place emphasis on unity through diversity.

But one of the most important aspects of doves and pigeons is their ability to return home no matter where they end up in. It’s as if they have a built-in GPS system. This ability has been seen in other birds, but they are especially manifested in doves and pigeons.

Thus, these birds primarily signify going on a journey to find one’s home. This home might be symbolic or literal. We all go on quests to find ourselves and achieve our dreams, but we often lose sight of the need to go back to our roots — something that is just as important.

Dove / Pigeon Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, doves and pigeons are potent guides in helping you find that comfort zone in your life. Of course, moving out of it and expanding your horizons is very important, but comfort zones are there for a reason — when things get tough and you need someplace to go back to, your comfort place should be right there waiting.

Doves and pigeons are also reminders of the child within each and everyone of us. This is the part of us that remains pure and innocent no matter what befalls us in life. We are reminded that we need to nurture this inner child, at the very least to be able to relive that joy that innocence brings.

Dove / Pigeon Power Animal

Sometimes we seek love and peace in life, but circumstances make it hard. We’re only human after all — but in our humanity is also the capacity to love endlessly and unconditionally! The dove and the pigeon helps us unleash this. Call upon their power when a relationship hits the rocks, when work becomes overwhelming, when times turn awry — pretty much anytime you think more love and understanding is warranted from your side.

The dove and the pigeon are also great power animals for those who find themselves in the position of parenthood or guardianship, as love and peace should always be the foundation for a happy family.

Dove / Pigeon Totem Animal

People born under the dove and pigeon totems are some of the most caring and understanding individuals you will ever meet. They are altruistic, and they always seek out the most peaceful resolutions in any conflict.

Their primary weakness, though, is when they are surrounded by danger and strife. These could easily put them off-balance, like a dove or pigeon in the wild. Their honesty and goodwill may not always fare well in all environments, thus it is important for them to partner with a person of a more forward or cunning totem.

Dove / Pigeon Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the dove is a merging of the physical and spiritual planes. They symbolize a release of the earthly things, and an embracing of those from beyond. It may be a more prominent theme in other religions of the world, but the Native Americans also understood the idea of letting go in order to feel inner peace.

Dove / Pigeon Celtic Symbolism

To the Celts, the dove’s and pigeon’s connection between the earthly and heavenly planes mean that these birds are guides to the afterlife. Their cry means someone has peacefully passed on. To a lesser extent, they are also associated with healing deities and oracles.

Dove / Pigeon Far Eastern Symbolism

To those in China, the dove is a symbol not just of heavenly devotion but also of longevity. The symbol of the dove is often invoked to help channel more peace, thus allowing one to grow and prosper.

Dove / Pigeon in Dreams

When you see doves and pigeons in the dream world, keep an eye out for a time of peace ahead. Use this wisely to retreat, regroup, and plan your steps. Remember, life is a cycle — this peace may just be the eye of the storm, and you may get thrust into the winds of life again soon after.

Dove Pigeon Encounters / Dove Pigeon Omens

When you see doves or pigeons in your waking life, you may need to look around you for someone who needs your care. Somewhere in your circles might be a person needing your help or your guidance in life. Engage your parental instincts and you might just get the chance to influence a person’s direction in life!

Dove / Pigeon Mythology and Folklore

In every community, doves are among the most renowned and revered birds. These lovely animals played a crucial role in human mythology, folklore, and culture for a very long time. Over the years, these birds have been associated with a wide range of ideas and meanings, including Native American culture and Greek mythology.

Doves have been important in many civilizations, showing their widespread appeal and everlasting significance. These birds act as a continual reminder of all the different ways humans have found value and meaning in nature.

Here are some myths, folklore, and legendary stories about doves from different places:

Pure Heart
A Devoted Friend
Kamadeva, the Hindu Deity of Love
The Baptism
The Souls of the Deceased
The Egyptian Deity Isis
The Sign of Peace
Freya of Norse Mythology
Aphrodite and the Doves
The Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu

The dove has played a significant role in presenting several symbols and concepts in different stories and legends across the globe. The dove has been displayed as a holy bird related to different deities and beliefs that include purity and innocence, loyalty and faithfulness, love and beauty, peace, and the afterlife. The appealing nature of the dove as a representation of love, peace, and hope is demonstrated by these tales. We are constantly reminded of how crucial it is for folklore and stories to help us comprehend the world around us and link us to our fellow humans as we proceed to learn about the numerous ways this bird has been venerated, adored, and honored throughout time as well as in various faiths.

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