10 Dove / Pigeon Symbolism, Myths & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

For the religious Christians among us, the Dove is a very symbolic animal. It has been mentioned several times in the Scriptures, showing it as a form the Spirit takes as it descends on the earth. Observing the Dove, this is no wonder. Doves are very meek and humble creatures, and even though they are birds, they choose to fly low to the ground choosing to be close to the more earthbound creatures.

Pigeons aren’t much different. They too are land-loving birds, and it is pretty common to see them flocking to public places where they are fed by passers-by. Like Doves, Pigeons are smart and have been used as message couriers since ancient times.

Dove / Pigeon Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Aside from their looks, Doves and Pigeons share the same warm and friendly qualities that their symbolisms have intermingled throughout time. Here, let us find out more about these birds’ traits that we can imbibe in our daily life.

Dove / Pigeon Symbolism & Meaning

The most common symbolism of Doves and Pigeons are often associated with divinity. White birds are known symbols of hope. However, there are many other colors of both species that are worth looking into. For example, speckled Doves and Pigeons (one of the most common kinds) place emphasis on unity through diversity.

But one of the most important aspects of Doves and Pigeons is their ability to return home no matter where they end up. It is as if they have a built-in GPS system. This ability may have been seen in other birds, but they are especially manifested in Doves and Pigeons.

Hence, these birds primarily signify going on a journey to find one’s home. This home might be symbolic or literal. We all go on quests to find ourselves and achieve our dreams, but we often lose sight of the need to go back to our roots — something that is just as important.

Top 30 Dove / Pigeon Spiritual Meanings

Purity Spiritual Meaning

Doves represent purity and innocence because of their white feathers. Their pure feather color tends to correlate with an absence of impurity or imperfection. They act as an example of what can be found in natural, untainted states, inspiring people to seek and develop purity in their ideas, deeds, and goals.

Peace Spiritual Meaning

Doves, known as peace symbols, signify unity and tranquility. They act as inspiration to look for inner tranquility and aspire for harmonious integration with others. Doves’ delicate personalities and sophisticated flight encourage people to look for peace in how they speak, think, and act. Doves are frequently connected with a desire for peace throughout the world, acting as strong emblems of healing and balance.

Faith Spiritual Meaning

Doves represent faith, inspiring people to believe in their spiritual path and have steadfast trust in the almighty. The sight of Doves acts as a reminder to trust in the unknown, to place confidence in one’s greater plan, and to maintain faith in the efficacy of divine direction. They inspire people to take on ambiguity with confidence and to depend on their own inner power as they face life’s obstacles. Doves emphasize the importance of developing an in-depth and steadfast trust in the religious road ahead.

Connection to Spirit Spiritual Meaning

Doves represent the link between humanity and the higher realm. They reminded us of the unseen connections that link us to the almighty as well as our own essence of spirituality. Doves inspire individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspect and to pursue closer interaction with the sublime. They remind us that we don’t exist alone and that certainly there is a holy dynamic between the physical and spiritual, prompting us to explore and accept our spiritual relationship with compassion and humility.

Grace Spiritual Meaning

Doves tend to be associated with grace and beauty. Their supple movements and smooth flight urge individuals to show beauty in their acts, interactions, and demeanor. Doves help people build a sense of elegance, refinement, and generosity toward themselves and others. They act as inspirations to negotiate everyday challenges with grace, taking a harmonious and elegant response to circumstances.

Hope Spiritual Meaning

Doves promote hope, encouraging us to be optimistic and confident regardless of hardship. Being around them inspires other people to have faith in the prospect of the future and maintain a positive attitude in life. Doves symbolize the human spirit’s determination and capacity for optimism to see us through difficult times. They motivate people to keep hope alive like a ray of light, expressing to us that greater days are ahead.

Devotion Spiritual Meaning

Doves reflect devotion and loyalty, encouraging individuals to stick to their religious beliefs and endeavors. Their unshakable loyalty to their partner and nest acts like an example of the importance of strong devotion. Doves motivate people to stay committed to their spiritual journey, strive for a profound relationship with the divine, as well as remain loyal to their core beliefs and convictions.

Harmony Spiritual Meaning

Doves imply peace and balance. They are useful reminders of trying to find balance in all parts of life. Their lovely motions and harmonious living encourage others to establish successful partnerships and ecological systems. Finding a balance between work and play, giving and receiving, and many other facets of life is something that Doves encourage people to do. They educate us that genuine peace comes from a perception of balance and calm in our thoughts, actions, and goals.

Protection Spiritual Meaning

Doves are icons of safety, leading people to trust in heavenly care and protection. Their existence serves as an encouragement to have confidence in the universe’s protecting powers. Doves motivate people to seek shelter in the divine, believing that their lives are being consistently cared for and protected. They represent the trustworthiness of security and the authority of heavenly protection as one navigates life’s challenges.

Unity Spiritual Meaning

Doves indicate unity and the durability of group collaboration. The capacity of their flocks to work together in perfect unison acts as an example of the power of oneness. Doves develop happy connections and communities by teaching individuals to show teamwork, comprehension, and compassion. They express the value of collaborating together for shared objectives, overcoming variations, and embracing diversity.

Joy Spiritual Meaning

Doves have a connection with happiness and joy. Their vivacious presence urges people to recognize joy in daily occurrences and instances. Doves teach people to appreciate the innocence and beauty of life, urging a happy and joyous mindset. They motivate us to enjoy the little things, to celebrate our achievements, and to search for happiness in the present.

Blessings Spiritual Meaning

Doves bring prosperity and blessings into the lives of others. Being around them reminds us to cherish and acknowledge the bounty that surrounds us. Doves inspire people to recognize their blessings and build a grateful attitude. They represent the constant flow of goodness and encourage us to be open to the blessings coming our way.

Soulmates Spiritual Meaning

Doves are often used as signs of soul mates and the close relationship between those with similar beliefs. It symbolizes the concept of meeting your soulmate—a partner throughout life who deeply and passionately connects with you. Doves urge individuals to seek out and appreciate connections built on sincere compassion, admiration, and integrity. Doves inspire people to be open to the likelihood of seeing their soulmate and to enjoy and cherish such rare relationships when they come along.

Trust Spiritual Meaning

Doves, the delicate messengers of the sky, speak a soft truth: trust. They encourage us to believe in ourselves since we possess a boundless reservoir of knowledge and fortitude. They encourage us to put our confidence in others and to open our hearts to the wonder of human connection. In their graceful flight, they encourage us to put our confidence in the plan of God, yielding to the celestial currents that lead us. We take peace in their presence, knowing that trust is the key to change and the key to unlocking life’s limitless potential.

Gratitude Spiritual Meaning

As gentle as a Dove’s touch, gratitude softly whispers its message. Doves flutter among our thoughts, urging us to cherish life’s blessings. They teach us to be grateful for the simplest joys, like the warmth of the sun or the kindness of a friend. With their gentle coo, they remind us to pause, to reflect on the beauty that surrounds us, and to embrace the abundance of the present moment.

Forgiveness Spiritual Meaning

Doves are angelic messengers of forgiveness, soaring over the skies with a message of liberty. Their sweet coos remind us of the transforming power of letting go and giving up the weight of bitterness and hurt. In their very presence, they encourage us to accept the curative balm of forgiveness, enabling our hearts to come to rest and our morale to soar.

Serenity Spiritual Meaning

Doves, renowned as guardians of peace, decorate the skies, giving comfort to weary souls. They express a subtle invitation to find peace among life’s turbulent currents. They bring a sense of inner serenity through each delicate wingbeat, asking us to let go of our issues and enjoy the quiet inside. They teach us the art of surrendering through their soft presence, teaching us to discover peacefulness in spite of the chaos and to accept the infinite stillness that resides inside.

Transcendence Spiritual Meaning

Doves fly above us each day, challenging us to set ourselves free from the chains that hold us. They signify the boldness to rise beyond boundaries and extend our awareness outside the limits of each day in their flight. They ignite the flame of our inherent capability with every flutter of their wings, motivating us to explore greater truths and accept the endless possibilities that lie within.

Compassion Spiritual Meaning

Doves bear the load of countless stories, prompting us to look beyond ourselves. They spark the fires of our hearts in their presence, pushing us to lend a helping hand to those in need. They remind us with each coo of how we are all susceptible souls seeking refuge on this earth. They hold the soul of compassion within their delicate feathers, leading us to accept the difficulties others are facing as our own.

Intuition Spiritual Meaning

Doves move with the breeze, sharing old wisdom secrets. They motivate us to trust the whispers of our personal guide, the voice that understands without words, in their ethereal presence. With every flutter of their wings, they awaken an unconscious force inside us, pushing us to follow our instincts. They show through their flight that the way to enlightenment rests not in the outer world but in the deepest parts of our soul.

Guidance Spiritual Meaning

Doves, like a celestial embrace, remind us that we are never alone. They express ancient truths with every beat of their wings, leading us on our holy journey. They provide peace and confidence in their calming coos, encouraging us to put our faith in the hidden hands that lead our journeys. They represent the tender embrace of divine help in flight, lighting one’s way through life’s maze.

Ascension Spiritual Meaning

These birds travel the kingdoms, connecting the terrestrial and spiritual realms. They symbolize the daring to transcend everyday, ascending to worlds unknown in their daring flight. They indicate the desire of the soul with every beat they make with their wings, imploring us to take up the higher call. Their existence speaks of an ascension, of eliminating our limits and aiming for the sublime heights of enlightenment.

Gentleness Spiritual Meaning

They embody the essence of a world embraced with a velvet touch. In their presence, they remind us to navigate the jagged edges of life with a gentleness that heals. With each graceful movement, they invite us to cradle our experiences with a compassionate heart, to soften the blows that fall upon our souls. In their gentle coos, they whisper the power of kindness, urging us to be a soothing balm in a world that yearns for warmth.

Inner Strength Spiritual Meaning

They signify the inner fire, the unbreakable energy that refuses to perish. They carry the sound of victory over hardship in their flight. They kindle the fire of our unique inner power with every flap of their wings, reminding us of the force that dwells within our core. Their presence speaks of numerous wars fought and won, influencing us to gain the fortitude to face our own hardships.

Eternal Love Spiritual Meaning

They tell stories of a love that defies the span of time. Through their flight, they embody the foundations of an impermeable relationship—an attachment that transcends the limitations of life on earth. Their presence teaches us that love has no boundaries and that it lingers on after the body expires. They represent the timeless essence of the soul’s quest with their fragile embrace, uniting hearts in an ensemble that resonates throughout generations.

Abundance Spiritual Meaning

They encapsulate the spirit of a world full of riches, inviting us to join in its splendor. They motivate us to take hold of the universe’s boundless riches as they fly. With each elegant glide, they instill hope in the endless treasures that surround us. Their sweet coos blend with the prosperity symphony, encouraging us to expand our minds and hearts to the riches that await.

Wisdom Spiritual Meaning

They bear the weight of centuries-old wisdom, sharing ancient secrets with those who listen. They invite us to set out on a journey for comprehension, to delve deep into the source of wisdom that awaits us as they fly by. They stimulate our curiosity with each lovely flutter, prompting us to look for insight, to ponder, and to identify the secrets of existence. Their lovely coos resonate alongside the sounds of awakening, reminding us that understanding is discovered in the profound inquiry of our path toward enlightenment, not in the superficial study of our religious way.

Divine Presence Spiritual Meaning

They adorn the sky with beautiful colors as they fly, telling us of the intangible powers that create the threads of our lives. They indicate profound secrets with each delicate coo, inviting us to accept our divine connection. Their arrival is a subtle nudge, an indication that we aren’t floating in a sea of turmoil but wrapped in the arms of the almighty. They remind us, in their amazing flight, to look past the veil that covers the ordinary and welcome the breathtaking existence of God that moves within our souls.

Renewal Spiritual Meaning

Doves reflect the never-ending process of rebirth in flight, putting off the old to embrace the new. They express the mysteries of inner growth and evolution with each elegant flutter. Their lovely wings feed the spark of possibilities, enticing us to let go of what is hindering our growth. Their delicate coos capture the essence of fresh starts, reminding us that the ability to transform exists at all times.

Healing Spiritual Meaning

Their ethereal presence provides words of healing, which serve as salve for hurting spirits. Their flight symbolizes the transforming force of healing, an alchemy that heals broken bits inside. They remind us of our inherent ability for rebirth, nestled somewhere in the core of our being, with each calming coo. Their kind touch revives the spark of hope, blazing the path to spiritual and mental wellness.

Dove / Pigeon Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, Doves and Pigeons are potent guides in helping you find the comfort zone in your life. Of course, moving out of it and expanding your horizons is very important, but comfort zones are there for a reason — when things get tough and you need someplace to go back to, your comfort place should be right there waiting.

Doves and Pigeons are also reminders of the child within each and everyone of us. This is the part of us that remains pure and innocent no matter what befalls us in life. We are reminded that we need to nurture this inner child, at the very least to be able to relive the joy that innocence brings.

Dove / Pigeon Power Animal

Sometimes we seek love and peace in life, but circumstances make it hard. We are only human after all — but in our humanity is also the capacity to love endlessly and unconditionally! The Dove and the Pigeon helps us unleash this. Call upon their power when a relationship hits the rocks, when work becomes overwhelming, when times turn awry — pretty much anytime you think more love and understanding is warranted from your side.

The Dove and the Pigeon are also great power animals for those who find themselves in the position of parenthood or guardianship, as love and peace should always be the foundation for a happy family.

Dove / Pigeon Totem Animal

People born under the Dove and Pigeon totems are some of the most caring and understanding individuals you will ever meet. They are altruistic, and they always seek out the most peaceful resolutions in any conflict.

Their primary weakness, though, is when they are surrounded by danger and strife. These could easily put them off-balance, like a Dove or Pigeon in the wild. Their honesty and goodwill may not always fare well in all environments, hence it is important for them to partner with a person of a more forward or cunning totem.

Dove / Pigeon Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the Dove is a merging of the physical and spiritual planes. They symbolize a release of the earthly things, and an embracing of those from beyond. It may be a more prominent theme in other religions of the world, but the Native Americans also understood the idea of letting go in order to feel inner peace.

Dove / Pigeon Celtic Symbolism

To the Celts, the Dove’s and Pigeon’s connection between the earthly and heavenly planes mean that these birds are guides to the afterlife. Their cry means someone has peacefully passed on. To a lesser extent, they are also associated with healing deities and oracles.

Dove / Pigeon Far Eastern Symbolism

To those in China, the Dove is a symbol not just of heavenly devotion but also of longevity. The symbol of the Dove is often invoked to help channel more peace, hence allowing one to grow and prosper.

Dove / Pigeon in Dreams

When you see Doves and Pigeons in the dream world, keep an eye out for a time of peace ahead. Use this wisely to retreat, regroup, and plan your steps. Remember, life is a cycle — this peace may just be the eye of the storm, and you may get thrust into the winds of life again soon after.

Dove Pigeon Encounters / Dove Pigeon Omens

When you see Doves or Pigeons in your waking life, you may need to look around you for someone who needs your care. Somewhere in your circles might be a person needing your help or your guidance in life. Engage your parental instincts and you might just get the chance to influence a person’s direction in life!

Dove / Pigeon Mythology and Folklore

In most community, Doves are among the highly renowned and revered birds. These lovely animals have played a crucial role in human mythology, folklore, and culture for a very long time. Over the years, these birds are associated with a wide range of ideas and meanings, including Native American culture and Greek mythology.

Doves have been important in many civilizations, showing their widespread appeal and everlasting significance. These birds act as a continual reminder of all the different ways humans have found value and meaning in nature.

Here are some myths, folklore, and legendary stories about Doves from different places:

Pure Heart
A Devoted Friend
Kamadeva, the Hindu Deity of Love
The Baptism
The Souls of the Deceased
The Egyptian Deity Isis
The Sign of Peace
Freya of Norse Mythology
Aphrodite and the Doves
The Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu

The Dove has played a significant role in presenting several symbols and concepts in different stories and legends across the globe. It has been displayed as a holy bird related to different deities and beliefs that include purity and innocence, loyalty and faithfulness, love and beauty, peace, and the afterlife. The appealing nature of the Dove as a representation of love, peace, and hope is demonstrated by these tales.

We are constantly reminded of how crucial it is for folklore and stories to help us comprehend the world around us and link us to our fellow humans as we proceed to learn about the numerous ways this bird has been venerated, adored, and honored throughout time as well as in various faiths.

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