10 Mouse Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Shamanism is an ancient culture that surrounds an understanding concerning the depths of the beginning of life that formed following a natural historical path. It tells of a global phenomenon that basically details how all things went through in their formation and development. Shamanism is associated with magic, animism, totemism, etc.

According to archeology and ethnography, shamanic rituals were already practiced in the Neolithic and Bronze age. To this day, shamanism is especially wide-spread among the places of Siberia, the Far East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. National and regional forms of shamanism are distinguished as Altai, Buryat, Tuvan, Yakut and shamanism in Korea and Peru.

Shamanism is a natural polytheistic religion where natural phenomena such as stars, thunder, lightnings, the Moon, the Sun, fire, and others are personified in the form of deities. In the shamanistic worldview, everything in the world has a soul: people, animals, insects, plants, and inanimate objects – and all souls are united as a whole.

The magic of the shaman is aimed at discovering the connections between parts and the unification of consciousness. Understanding individual role in the universe creates the balance for everyone in the world which relieves feelings of injustice. A person who feels connected with the world feels the breadth and power of personal potential under the protection of higher forces.

Mouse Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Symbolism is very important in the teaching of shamanism, and one of the most powerful animals in this aspect is the Mouse. Here are 10 facts on Mouse symbolism that will help you get more in-depth knowledge about the animal and see what you can learn from the humble creature.

Personification of Instinct

Mouse survives on instincts and represents personification of instinct. Being a small animal, a Mouse has lots of enemies and not many natural defenses, so it is imperative for a Mouse to develop those instincts to the ultimate degree. A Mouse relies a lot on its sense of observation, which it needs to survive. It has an excellent sense of hearing and distinguishes enemies from friends. Like a Mouse, learn to trust your instincts. Through its instincts, a Mouse commutes with the divine. We should rely on ours to do the same.


Mouse symbolism includes protection, because a Mouse has to protect itself from numerous animals – owls, snakes, coyotes, foxes. Likewise, people need to learn to protect themselves from emotional predators that suck their energy. Are you surrounded by people that do not bring good to your life? Do you feel exhausted after conversations with colleagues, neighbors, or even friends? Think carefully who you spend your life next to.


A Mouse is a wise animal. It accomplishes its purpose without drawing much attention to itself. It quite understands the details. From a Mouse, we can learn to pay attention to the little details and not overlook the obvious. Allow the little details to influence your life positively: the breath of wind, the ray or sun, children’s laughter. God is in the details, so notice these little messages of happiness and enjoy them.

Perfect Timing

Choosing a perfect timing is one of the instincts of a Mouse. Because of its observation powers, a Mouse finds the right time to get the food without being caught by its enemies. It can sit quietly for hours and grab that seed just in the perfect moment. Likewise, we should be careful in using time to our advantage in everything we do in life. Keep your eyes open and you will see the perfect timing for everything in your life prompted by the Universe itself.

Methodical and Quiet

A Mouse is methodical and quiet. This is in fact its wisdom. People can learn this from a Mouse. Be organized, be methodical, and do what you need to do without being distracted. However, beware of being fixated on methodology, don’t be too overconcerned with trivia. Being over-dramatic and over emotional will not help you in your life endeavors.


A Mouse in the house for many people is associated with filth. However, don’t try to get rid of this creature as quick as possible, because the message it brings to your life is very powerful. Let go of the details, stop being obsessed with organizing your life, and look deeper into your soul. Appreciate the life that you have and think about what you are thankful for.

Expansion, Abundance and Fertility

A Mouse is very prolific, which symbolizes expansion, abundance, and fertility. Or course, don’t take this symbolism literally but rather think how it can help you generate new ideas, be more creative and grow your social connections. A Mouse reminds us about these opportunities to bear good fruits in our lives.

Timid, Shy and Nervous

Mouse can be timid, shy, and even appear nervous. They are small creatures that hide from anything and anyone. If a Mouse appears in your life, take a look at your behavior. Are you being too arrogant or aggressive in your manners? Do you need to change something in your relations with others and become softer and more contemplative?

Conserve Things

A Mouse likes to conserve things. It is one of the most industrious creatures among the animals. It saves food and anything else that it thinks may be useful. This Mouse symbolism reminds us to have a look at the resources that we have (emotional, financial, physical) and be more aware about how we distribute or spend these resources.

Protection, Amulets and Comfort

Mouse symbolism brings the magic of protection, amulets, and comfort. Its gifts and blessings are anything shiny – stones or trinkets.

So, if a Mouse has come into your life – either symbolically, in a dream, or literally, into your house- what should you think about? First of all, ask yourself whether you have neglected the simple things in your life. Are you trying to do many things at the same time and are not coping well with any one of them? Do you pay attention to the opportunities that the universe brings to your attention? Learn from the Mouse to focus and concentrate in achieving big things by working slowly on small things.

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