10 Bat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

A Bat is a unique mammal because it is the only mammal that can fly. Bats inhabit many places across the world. Their unique character and frightening appearance make them mysterious which has attracted a lot of questions about the animal.

Bat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Bats do not like light and hence they are only active during the night, a character that makes a lot of people associate the animal with dark spirits. On another note, the Mayans worshiped a Bat god called Camazote.

Below, we discuss ten elements about the symbolism of the Bat.

Joy and happiness

In China, a Bat symbolizes happiness and joy. Among this community, a Bat is synonymous with blessing. This has made the animal popular and highly respected. In this community, if ten Bats come on sight, it symbolizes ten folds of blessing, health, long-life, wealth, peaceful death, and love. Moreover, in order to have a happy family and attract support from people, Bats with a golden coin in their mouth is placed in the West or Northwest parts of a home. A Bat hanged on the door is believed to protect people living in that house from sickness.


If you see a Bat in a dream, then it symbolizes rebirth and potential that is unrealized or untapped. Therefore, there is a need for you to leave your old ways of doing things. This also symbolizes that the path you are in is not conforming to your current objectives. The Bat, therefore, comes to remind you that you should focus on your good objectives and avoid the sideshows.


Inherently, Bats are extremely sensitive. They sense the condition of their surrounding using their skin and ears. Because Bats are blind, they have to be extra sensitive in order to make up for this deficit. Due to their lack of sight, they protect themselves from their enemies through this sensitivity that is very efficient for them. Among the shaman communities, Bats represent a situation where one needs to be sensitive. The sight of the Bat either in a dream or in the natural environment could mean that the current activity you are involved in is very sensitive and therefore extreme attention is required. Similarly, the Bat could be encouraging you to be alert so that you benefit from all the signs and omens that the universe is showing to you.


Bats could symbolize death. As a spirit animal, it could have much symbolic meaning: either death of a situation like the loss of job, relationship, or a natural death where a person dies. Dreaming of black Bat symbolizes forthcoming disaster and therefore the Bat is alerting you to be diligent. It allows you to make a search of your ways and to discern if you are supposed to perform a cleansing ritual.

Boldness and breakthrough

Most people fear the dark. Walking or staying in the dark obviously requires you to be bold. Staying in the dark could oblige you to seek the light. The Bat is often seen to be active during the night and at the same time, they are able to navigate efficiently through the darkness. Among the Native North Americans, the Bat symbolizes a guide to go through darkness. They believe that when faced with trouble, the Bat will give them the spiritual power to boldly walk through problems and emerge the winner.

Communication and social relationship

A Bat symbolizes a good social relationship through good communication. Natives of North America noticed that Bats are extremely social animals who have very strong family ties. Bats are caring and portray a high level of communication through touching, and sensitive to the needs of their family members. Bats are also extremely sensitive to the surrounding and have been noted to be intuitive. Hence, they are able to see through discernment of the truth and illusion. Believers of this animal feel that the Bat will give them a good spirit that will keep them having strong family ties and also help them discern the truth to live happily.

Power of the inner guidance system

Bats locomotes through the perception of sounds and unseen vibrations. This animal completely trusts its extrasensory system. Therefore, the Bat symbolizes the ability to go beyond your physical sight and trust in your inner spirit, trusting your sixth sense, and also perceiving things through a third eye. As the Bat completely relies upon its internal system for navigation through echolocation vibrations, shaman communities also believe that this animal introduces them to the realms that are not physically visible. The Bat, therefore, guides its believers through the journey of unseen circumstances and gives them confidence that they will reign over any unseen circumstance.

Entering the sacred cave through the guide of bat spirit

The sight of the Bat among the shaman communities conveys a sacred message of going into deep caves and caverns of the farthest part of your subconscious mind. It is in this caves that freedom of an individual is found. It is believed that the Bat invites you to a deep meditation that will transform you through going to the realm where images arise. It is believed that these images will connect you to your personal power that will help you navigate through your life, having trust and faith that you are getting guidance from a supreme dimension. While in the dark caverns of your meditation, the Bat visits you to encourage you to open the third eye. When you open the third eye, it is just like opening the doorway of your mind that you never knew existed. The third eye gives way for energy to flow into the mind where your psychic views, intuitions, supernatural communication, and supreme thoughts takes you to a realm of information that cannot be easily accessed in the normal way.


If a Bat is your totem then it is high time you start committing yourself to your great objectives in order to get benefits that the Bat will offer to you. The Bat will give you a test since it requires full commitment to spiritual maturity. The Bat does not accept a double-minded and lukewarm exercise for self-improvement. In your spiritual training, if the Bat realizes that you are slacking, it will leave you and move to the other person who is more willing to learn. Like any other test, committing yourself to the Bat lesson will lead you to reap great rewards that you could only dream of.


Among the shaman communities, the Bat teaches when there is a need for hasty retreat. It is helpful to retreat to safety caves in certain periods. In these caves, you can rest, re-energize, and rejuvenate without being visible to everybody. This gives you the power to efficiently handle your life issues.

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