10 Anteater Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

There is more to Anteaters than having ants as their favorite food. These amazing creatures should be given more credit and their symbolism and meaning should be looked into.

Anteater Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Anteater Symbolism & Meaning

Since Anteaters are solitary animals rarely interacting with other animals, they are the perfect embodiment of independence, isolation, and introversion. And even though they might have a weak sight to the point they are near blind, they usually depend on their amazing sense of smell. This shows the importance of resourcefulness.

Life isn’t always great, but that doesn’t mean you will never find greatness in it. Anteaters show us that problems shouldn’t stop us from moving forward and going through with our lives. The way they eat bugs using their long noses to snuff them out and their long tongue to catch their prey tells us that we should chase opportunities and dreams by clearing out obstacles in our path.

Anteater Spirit Animal

When an Anteater spirit animal approaches you, it means you are in need of some alone time, perhaps to find your core or to simply rest.

It is also possible that they are encouraging you to go out and be free. They could be nudging you towards independence. Since the Anteater is an intuitive animal, it could be telling you to start listening to your instincts. They could be warning you of a possible enemy so you need to start being aware of who you surround yourself with.

Anteater Power Animal

Call upon the Anteater if you need help seeking opportunities. Should you be put in a defensive position, this creature can help you for they are territorial despite not having permanent nests. You can take this as a lesson of ownership. You have the right to fight for what is yours, whether it is literal material things, your feelings, or the right to express your emotions.

The Anteater are also great power animals in the sense that they can help you focus on the important things. You may not be good at multitasking and that is perfectly fine. Focusing on one thing at a time gets things done faster anyway.

If you need to do some deep researching whether it is an actual research for school or work, or simply going deep in exploring your thought process, the Anteater can help you follow the right path to enlightenment. This also goes for when you are ever feeling lost, and you need someone to guide you back to the surface. You can invoke the Anteater to get help when you feel overwhelmed with the world’s chaos.

Anteater Totem Animal

People with the Anteater totem are usually seen to be often only by themselves, not sulking but is enjoying their own company. They are contented with their own thoughts and like to go on solo adventures.

Often loners, Anteater people should be self-aware when dating. They tend to be too picky that they end up losing people that care about them. While it is reasonable to want to find the right person, it is still best to try being the right person so that you attract the right people instead.

Anteater Native American Symbolism

The Kayapo people of Brazil believes that Anteater masks can cause death to anyone who touches them. They also believe that, should the men wearing these masks stumble, they would develop disorders.

The Bribri of Costa Rica sees the Anteater as an omen of death as they believe it carries the souls to their final resting place.

The Indian Americans see the Anteater as a symbol for curiosity as well as nosiness. They believe it helps find the lost, and knows when trouble is near.

The Izoceño people of the Bolivian Gran Chaco believes that if an Anteater crosses your path, you are in for some bad luck.

Anteater Celtic Symbolism

There is no known Celtic symbolism or meaning attributed to Anteaters.

Anteater Far Eastern Symbolism

In China, it is said that the Anteater is worshipped and respected as they are associated with the spiritual realm.

Anteater in Dreams

Dreams of an Anteater could mean several things but are mostly about taking caution of future endeavors.

If in your dream they are looking for food, it means that you have unsettled feelings and that you should express them soon. Additionally, if they are digging tirelessly on the ground, it means that your ancestors are trying to teach you a lesson. Find out what it is and take heed. Should the Anteater not find food, it means that something bad is approaching. Be careful in your next decisions.

If the Anteater in your dream is resting, it is suggesting that you take a break. It could also be telling that you have been resting too much to the point of being stagnant. Additionally, if it is napping, it is simply informing that you are in harmony with your environment. Should you dream of a couple of Anteaters, it could be a sign that romance is in the horizon.

If you find the Anteater in an unlikely place, say a park in the city, the Anteater is telling you to get out of your comfort zone and to explore the world. However, if you find the Anteater in a zoo, it is warning you that something is holding you back. You need to find a way to release yourself from these emotions or situations that are keeping you prisoner.

Anteater Encounters / Anteater Omens

If an Anteater crosses your path, it is a warning that danger is near. You should be wary of your next actions as it could determine if you will be able to dodge the impending bad fortune.

Anteater Mythology and Folklore

In one folktale of the Shipib of South America, the Anteater is presented as a trickster as it challenged a jaguar into a breath-holding contest. Once under water, the Anteater stole and wore the pelt of the jaguar leaving his own.

The Egyptian god of chaos, Set is said to closely resemble an Anteater.

The Anteater was also mentioned in a Chinese myth where a green dragon with the tusks of a boar and the Anteater’s snout, whose name is Lei Jen Zu, came out of its egg after being struck by lightning.

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