10 Blue Color Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Omens, Dreams, and Myths

Blue Color Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Omens, Dreams, and Myths

Blue Color Meaning

The blue color depicts water and sky, a representation of the perceived color as you look at the ocean and the sky above. With regards to a sense of interpretation, the blue color primarily means calmness, intelligence, and trust. These qualities make it a popular color of choice among many corporations and business logos to express the corporate culture they want to display.

The blue color is often known to mean calmness in such a way that it brings and upholds an impression of serenity that feels constant and unchanging. The relaxation and peace the blue color exhibits is difficult to ignore. Intelligence, one of the primary attribute, indicates wisdom and depth of understanding. The color has been used in offices to promote concentration and achieve a more productive environment among the employees. The blue color also expresses trust that embodies dependability and commitment making it a color often seen in advertisements.

The different shades of blue can also be used for diverse purposes. It is a color complex with meanings unlike most colors. Dark blue is used to convey lack of emotion but more objective and personal. It is also a display of power and authority. In writing, it depicts suspicion and pretense. The bright blue color has been used in the past to display royalty. It can also be seen as a display of holiness in churches as well as indicate cleanliness in hospitals and restaurants. The sky blue color is often seen in religion such as Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism to proclaim protection. It is also a color of self-love to make a person feel secure and protected. Navy blue is used in history by Romans as a show of respect to their divinities. Lastly, the light blue color is a good choice of use for public speaking to exhibit expression, honesty, and truth.

Blue Color History

There have been indications in history that there were people about 5000 years ago who made use of blue colorants. In fact, a highly prized deep-blue metamorphic rock called the Lapis Lazuli has been found in Egyptian tomb paintings. Combined with other ingredients, it became especially popular in Renaissance Europe. Eventually, blue dyes from various sources spread worldwide. In the 19th century, synthetic blue pigments replaced organic dyes.

Lapis Lazuli

Blue Color Symbolism

Blue Color Positive Symbolism

There are positive symbolic interpretations that has been associated with the color blue.

Peace. The blue color is spiritually associated to symbolize the feeling of calmness and tranquility. For you to achieve a more relaxed mood and benefit from the calming effect, meditate on the freedom you experience with open space and clean air.

Purity. The representation of cleanliness is often used to symbolize cleanliness. The color can give you a sense of freshness and cool feeling that is typically associated with water purity.

Divinity. It is said that the blue color symbolizes greater power. In relation to the blue appearance of the sky, it made many people throughout history to believe that the color represents the heavens and eternity.

Imaginary. There are several associations with the blue color but another significant symbolism is a representation of charm and fantasy that can create an appeal of interest to a person.

Blue Color Negative Symbolism

Behind the positive symbolisms, there are also symbolic attributes of the color blue that you may not find favorable. These can be negative characteristics attached to the color which can be considered to be saddening and overwhelming.

Conservatism. The blue color has been used to symbolize a conservative advocacy as often portrayed in governments. It is an effort not everyone would like to support. Some find it as a form of slavery that limits free expression as well as personal creativity. When taken seriously, it is believed to result in closed-mindedness and prejudice.

Apathetic. The blue color has also been associated with lack of enthusiasm for being traditionally a color of logical and rational thinking. It can be used to portray self-righteousness and self-centeredness. This can be seen as a sign of selfishness and coldness that people find distressing.

Blue Color Physical and Psychological Effects

There are physical and psychological effects associated with the color blue. In fact, people find the color calming. It is believed to have a positive effect on sleeping patterns as well as a comforting effect on the body by means of lowering temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. It influences body rest that allows for the production of body chemicals that exude feelings of tranquility. It is also said to slow down metabolism and appetite. Some weight loss programs even consider a recommendation of having your meals on a blue plate.

Blue Favorite Color: Traits and Personality

Blue is one of the most personally favored color in the world. In a worldwide survey, it is the most popular color in four continents where it tends to be the more preferred color by men than women. The color has been a favorite because it is easy to work with. With the calming effect, it is a decent choice to attract a person’s attention and favor. It is also a color of preference that indicate a lot on the personality traits of a person, particularly who is traditional and conservative. Positive personality traits include honesty, confidence, loyalty, introverted, good listener, and great partner. On the other hand, negative personality traits include stubbornness, anxiousness, sensitivity, stiffness, and self-pitiful.

Blue Color Cultural Symbolism

The color blue in some culture is believed to drive evil spirits away. In Greek, it wards of the evil eye making people seek the use of blue necklaces or bracelets for protection. Aztec cultures find the color a symbol for sacrifice. In Iran, Mexico, and Korea, it can be observed as a color of mourning. It is also a sacred color for paradise in Iran. India sees blue as the color of a deity called Krishna. Chinese culture associates the blue color to the five primary natural elements as well as the four seasons. In some western cultures, it is a color of love in bridal traditions while Russia likely see it as a color of homosexuality. In contrast to the common practice, Belgium uses blue as a color for baby girls while pink is for baby boys.

Blue Color Zodiac Sign

The blue color is the zodiac color for Libra and Aquarius. It is a power color soothing for attracting reliability, peace, and quiet optimism. It is associated with the air element and masculine energy.

People born under Aquarius tends to be more energetic as it refers to the bioelectric centers of the body. The blue color encourages an Aquarius to display vastness and smooth flow of ideas just like the water. While people born under Libra tends to display more of a soft and open heart presence. The blue color encourages a Libra to be likeable and calming.

Blue Color Omens and Superstitions

Blue gemstones are thought to resolve chaotic situations by drawing an energy of calmness and relaxation. It opens the flow of communication between individuals to feel a genuine expression of the heart with positive inspiration.

Blue is such a wonderful color it has been associated to a handful of superstitions. The use of a blue umbrella is believe as protection from emotional concerns. Dressing a baby in blue is also thought to protect the baby from evil spirits that surrounds the newborn. There are some people who believe that blue eyes indicate delicate souls. One omen says of the blue balloon to be representing your deepest desires and aspirations that when you have it naturally float into the sky, it will rise up to reality.

Blue Color in Dreams

The color blue may appear in your dream in many ways. The dream may reflect your deepest desires or spiritual needs. It can also be an image of the current situation you are experiencing or a development in your intellect and spirituality. The blue color in your dream may mean the symbolic representations of the color like honesty, wisdom, tranquility, among others. Spiritual interpreters usually relate the blue color for your need of spiritual cleansing because you may have already accumulated a substantial amount of negative energy that needs to be dispersed. It is associated with the negative aspect of the blue color in dreams that is focused on personal discontent, self-pity, and depression. You will be advised to determine the sources of such negative emotions and work on correcting the situation.

Seeing blue clothing in dreams. The dream shows about your proactive and creative nature. Complaining is not your thing and you often find ways in managing bad situations.

Seeing blue sky in dreams. The dream shows clarity in your life. It is a sign that you are up to life improvements and any present problems are close to finally being resolved. The blue sky also suggests that there are people willing to help you.

Seeing blue water in dreams. The dream reminds you to start paying attention to yourself than others. It is an indication that your energy is being exhausted in helping others where you now have been long taken for granted and less appreciated.

Blue Color Mythology and Folklore

There is a Greek mythology that tells of a story behind the blue color of the sky. One day Zeus, a Greek god, had an exchange with her daughter, Athena. The daughter came to express to her father her heart’s desire of inspiring the whole world with the beauty of her blue-colored eyes. The Greek god loves her daughter very much that he did not hesitate to turn the color of the sky by way of the beautiful blue-colored eyes.

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