10 Cougar Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Cougar symbolism is all about having confidence but not having it get to our heads. It is all about having power but none of the ego that usually comes with it. Since the Cougar has many lessons to share, we should lunge at the chance to learn from it and absorb some of its wisdom.

Cougar Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Cougar Symbolism & Meaning

Cougars are powerful hunters as they are great mothers. They symbolize feminine power. They are territorial, especially when it comes to their young that they are very protective of them. A mother Cougar can be quick to defend her cubs from possible danger.

They are decisive but they know how to wait for the perfect timing to strike. When a Cougar’s cubs are in danger, the Cougar acts fast to take down the offender. However, when it comes to hunting prey, the Cougar is patient and calculated. This represents great leadership, as a leader should know when to hold their ground, waiting for the perfect opportunity and when to just attack prompt and precise.

Cougar Spirit Animal

If a Cougar spirit animal approaches you, it usually means that you need to develop your self-esteem. It wants to help you gain confidence with yourself and it is very willing to show you how to get there.

It is saying of how it wants you to take control of your current situation. You are perhaps trying to run away from your obligations and responsibilities and the Cougar wants to remind you that you shouldn’t. It is also there to encourage you and assure you that you can do it. You just have to believe in yourself.

While being confident about your abilities is good for your self-esteem, the Cougar doesn’t want you to get it over your head. They know how to balance self-confidence and humility, and they will make sure you will too.

Cougar Power Animal

If you need help in becoming more assertive, whether it is at work or within your personal life, call upon the Cougar. Should you need guidance in embracing your power, the Cougar also offers great assistance. They can also help you with patience and perfect timing.

You can ask for the Cougar’s help whenever you feel out of place and you are feeling powerless. They can help you gain the power to own your space and fight for your needs. You can also ask them for help if you feel that something does not feel quite right. Their hunting skills can be used to sniff out the truth and help you attain enlightenment.

Cougar Totem Animal

If you are born under the Cougar totem, you are a natural leader and a grounded person. You inspire people and you know how to charm them. While people are most in awe of you, it could be both a blessing and a curse, as other people don’t see the hard work you have put into your success. They usually only see that people like you are born with a silver platter and assume that it is why you are successful.

As a Cougar person, you are successful because you pounce on opportunities as they come and you are quick to adapt to changes, that they rarely hinder your progress.

People born under this totem are determined. They will push for perfection if possible, which can be hard to attain.

Cougar Native American Symbolism

The Indian Americans of old have tied the Cougar to witchcraft and medicine. Some believed that carrying a Cougar emblem brings safety and attracts a bountiful hunt. She represents wealth and luck.

They view the Cougar with high regard as they are aware of and respect its capabilities. They believe that when the Cougar chooses one to impart her knowledge with, one will receive great magic and wisdom. They believe that this sacred animal will bring them stability and power. Stories of Cougars depict them as creatures of intelligence, with mastery of hunting, and agility.

It is believed that Cougars hold the passage to the spirit realm. Cougars were considered gatekeepers of both the sacred place and of its knowledge. Her powers were also often petitioned whenever humans ask for forgiveness.

Cougar Celtic Symbolism

While the Cougar can also be found in the Celtic regions, the symbolism of leadership, confidence, and passion has been attributed to its close relative, the lion and the lioness.

Cougar Far Eastern Symbolism

Likewise, the Far East has not attributed any symbolism to the Cougar and has accredited power and wisdom symbolism to tigers instead.

Cougar in Dreams

Cougar dreams are usually about passion and sexuality. If you dream of one, it could mean that your are not satisfied in bed, and that you have to be open to your partner on what could satisfy you. It could also mean that you are passionate about something and you should stop putting in on the back burner and get a start on it.

Depending on what seems to be the focus of your dream, an important message might be on the way. If in your dream, you find that you are more focused on the Cougar’s ears, it could mean that you have to start listening to your own instincts when it comes to decision making. It could also be that it wants you to be more observant in your waking life and that you might be missing key information.

If you are more attracted to the Cougar’s balancing skills and how it moves and behaves, it could mean that you have been limiting your own movements and your own sexuality. It is time you start exploring your options, whether physically or with your relationships.

If the focal point of the dream is the existence of the Cougar itself, it is a message of encouragement. The Cougar wants you to be more confident of yourself — your skills, your body and your decisions.

Cougar Encounters / Cougar Omens

If you meet a Cougar animal in your daily life, it means that you have been keeping your secret for too long. The Cougar wants you to be free and live your life without guilt.

An encounter with a Cougar animal could also mean that you are being jealous and that it is out of place. The Cougar wants you to work on your confidence as there is no reason to be jealous at all.

Cougar Mythology and Folklore

The Cougar has been mentioned in one of the Native American folktales of why Shoshone-Bannocks tribes will not hunt any wolf, fox, bobcat, or cougar. It was said that it is because they have promised the spirits (one of which is a Cougar having a head of an Indian and human hands for paws) that they will not hunt them, which was the price they paid when the spirit animals helped them in the past

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