10 Manatee Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Manatees are vegetarians that they pose no harm when around humans. While they are calm and gentle animals, they are also as intelligent as dolphins.

Manatees can live in both fresh and saltwater because their bodies have the ability to process salt. This is something we should look into and learn from such that we will also be able to live around toxic people and environs without letting them get to you.

However, Manatees are susceptible to dying from cold. As we are too, if we keep on surrounding ourselves with bad people, instead of those with warm feelings for us.

Manatee Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Manatee Symbolism & Meaning

In general, the Manatee symbolizes acceptance of one’s feelings. They remind us to slow down and ponder on our thoughts about life and love. Our emotions need to be digested and felt so we know what we really feel about something.

These gentle creatures also advocate the expression of ourselves. Doing so will help us let go of unnecessary emotional baggage as we deal with them almost immediately. You will be able to move forward much easier and faster when you’ve dealt with feelings that could hinder your progress.

Manatee Spirit Animal

When a Manatee approaches you, it is a message of trust. It could be that it wants you to trust yourself and your own decisions, or it could be that you have to trust the process. You should welcome their guidance as they are also invested in your growth. They want you to remember to use all your senses and to trust your instincts.

Manatee Power Animal

If you need help in seeing the true intentions of people, and unveiling their true nature, call on the Manatee. They can see through people’s facades and will make sure you don’t get exploited. They can also help if you are struggling with seeing the world in a better light, as they are not as jaded as most people are.

If you need guidance in keeping your schedule steady and your plans in place, the Manatee is ready to swoop in and help. They might be slow in the process but they will make sure that your work-life balance is on point.

Manatee Totem Animal

Those with the Manatee as their totem are uncomfortable in groups, but are dependent on having some companions to hang out and bounce ideas with. They are usually in a vulnerable position as they are very trusting and a little gullible. However, this vulnerability is what makes them carefree and generous. People love to be around them as they are almost always pleasant and good-humored. They are kind and caring people so people just gravitate towards them.

They always see the good in other people, but they maintain humility and are still good listeners and supportive friends. They admit their mistakes and are always ready to better themselves. They have a positive outlook in life and are a joy to be around.

While they strive for success, Manatee people likes to take their time when accomplishing tasks as they want to make sure they covered every corner and angle. They prefer the slow and steady course to the finish line. Plus, it helps them avoid stress and feeling pressured.

In this regard, if your birth totem is a Manatee, it means that you have little to no tolerance for violence. You’d rather talk things out than attack other people. You might be seen as arrogant but give no thought about it as you will be happier with staying a gentle person.

Manatee Native American Symbolism

Native American people encountered the Manatees and once thought they were mermaids. They are used to symbolize kindness and intelligence and are believed to have healing powers. The Native Americans believed that this animal’s bones can cure diseases and discomforts that healers collect them and turn them into medicinal concoctions.

Manatee Celtic Symbolism

It said that Christopher Columbus saw three Manatees and thought them to be mermaids with masculine features. Misidentifying these creatures could have led to attributing them with shapeshifting powers.

Manatee Far Eastern Symbolism

People from Okinawa regards the Manatee as messengers of the sea. In China, they are considered miraculous and catching one would bring a bad fortune. Meanwhile, Papua New Guineans believed them to be symbols of strength.

Manatee in Dreams

There is a duality in meaning for Manatee dreams, but one thing is for sure — dreaming of one links to letting opportunities pass you by. If you’ve recently done that, and it is not too late to reverse your decision, the Manatee might be asking you to reconsider. If you are feeling guilty about something you gave up on, the Manatee is telling you that it is not too late to turn things around and create a better opportunity for yourself.

Should you be swimming next to one in your dream, it means that you need to get over your lack of ambition or drive. Alternatively, it could be telling you that someone in your life is being lazy and is lacking the drive to improve.

If there are a number of Manatees in your dream, it is telling you that you need to recharge and take a breather. You may have been too stressed lately and things may have been too busy that you have forgotten to relax.  Moreover, if there is a baby Manatee in your dream, the Manatee is reminding you of self-care. It wants you to start being gentler to yourself especially with your words. It could also mean that someone needs your love and care right now.

Manatee Encounters / Manatee Omens

When you encounter a Manatee in real life, it usually is a reminder to slow down. You may be going through life too fast and are missing some important life events.

Manatee Mythology and Folklore

It is said that Manatees are considered a sacred animal by some African tribes and protected as they are believed to be humans once. Killing or hurting a Manatee will constitute to a bad fortune along with a grave punishment. The Palauans also believed that Manatees were previously humans. Another folktale also cites a deity transforming into a Manatee after a stranger steals its clothes while she was bathing in a river.

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