10 Blackbird Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Like many other birds with black plumage, the eponymous blackbird isn’t usually greeted with a warm welcome. Maybe we can blame it on the notoriety of the much more ominous crows and ravens (or the general wariness of people to anything tinged with black), but most people overlook the blackbird and its qualities.

For one, the blackbird is something we desperately need in today’s world. This little bird is a harbinger of truth, one who unveils truths that the naked eye has learned to ignore. Many times, these truths may bring about great transformation (though take note that this kind of transformation can go both ways, and not always positive).

Blackbird Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The blackbird, regardless of what kind of news it brings, has been associated with messages from the spiritual plane, and for good reason. In their little bodies they carry secrets and mysteries, along with the keys to unravel them. Pretty heavy stuff for a bird used to being either shunned or ignored!

Blackbird Symbolism & Meaning

In some cultures, it is said that listening to the song of the blackbird helps magicians and shamans reach the higher planes of existence. This is important, since the blackbird becomes not just a messenger for the spirits but also a means to personally get to where they are.

It is important to note that the blackbird’s color isn’t really black. The male is a blackish-brown, with a yellow beak. The female has a speckled brown color. And yet, to our eyes they appear as black — highlighting the blackbird’s shapeshifting abilities.

Another symbolic nature of the blackbird is its tendency to aggressively fight off anyone who tries to intrude into its nest. The male is known for meeting this threat head-on — literally. They headbutt their opponents, often succeeding unless it’s a higher predatory order such as a cat or a fox.

Blackbird Spirit Animal

When blackbirds reveal themselves as spirit animals, they speak volumes about the power of speaking out and speaking true. The blackbird’s song isn’t just an adornment — it is a way to create a territory for themselves. These unbridled melodies are akin to speaking of our own truths, which in turn will be our stepping stones towards gaining our own following.

The blackbird teaches us about the power of words. Words can either build or destroy, inspire or bring down. They teach us that speaking isn’t just a right — it carries a whole slew of responsibilities.

To a greater degree, the blackbird teaches us the responsibility that binds us not just to our words but to each of our actions, for the latter is an amplification of the words we speak.

Blackbird Power Animal

If you feel that the core of your being — whether it is you or someone close to you — is being threatened, then you can call upon the power of the blackbird to help you mount a defense.

Note that such a threat doesn’t only mean one that is overt or external. Sometimes threats come in subtler approaches, such as truths withheld or temptations distracting you from your values. Whichever it is, trust the blackbird to help you use everything in your power to drive off these intruders.

Another way the blackbird helps is by giving you something to hold onto as the world flies endlessly around you. We live in an ever-changing word, and it is impossible to catch up with everything. The blackbird helps you find your bedrock once more. When anchored here, you are then given the opportunity to change and adapt without being swept away by time’s raging currents.

Blackbird Totem Animal

Those born with the blackbird as their totem animal feel the gravity of their every movement. This is why you’ll usually find them looking all serious, and proud that they know what they know. Their personalities can sometimes border on the mysterious (being lovers of mysteries themselves) though they usually find an endeavor with which to express themselves.

No matter what these people end up being or doing, they are bound by a single lofty mission — to find their role in the endless jigsaw puzzle that is life. To this end they have gained a habit of reading into everything, sometimes ending up knowing others better than these people know themselves!

The blackbird, while levelheaded, is eternally positive and optimistic. Because of these qualities, they make good leaders — so long as there is someone in the group who has the endless energy to carry out the blackbird’s stream of ideas.

Blackbird Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the blackbird serves as a sort of judge. To the Plains Indians, it is said that the blackbird eating the corn is a symbol that the tribe has done something really bad. Then, they would perform a ritual that would honor the corn and hence appease the blackbird.

There are also tribes that hail the blackbird as a guide to the spirit plane, where it is also a companion of the Great Spirit.

Blackbird Celtic Symbolism

To the Celts, the blackbird has the same symbolism as other birds with black plumage — the crow, raven, and the like. Here, it is also a guide to a higher plane of existence.

Blackbird Far Eastern Symbolism

The cultures of Asia do not give any special meaning to the blackbird. However, some Chinese cultures consider black birds in general associated with a god of war.

Blackbird in Dreams

When you see a blackbird in your dream, it is usually a warning to look closely about you. There are truths others may be hiding from you. The best recourse here would also be to hold your cards close to your chest until you can be certain the coast is clear.

Blackbird Encounters / Blackbird Omens

Seeing the blackbird in your waking life is a herald of change. This change is meant to be embraced and nurtured, as it is your gateway to something better.

Blackbird Mythology and Folklore

According to Christian belief, the blackbird is a herald of temptation or the Devil himself in disguise. The Jewish tradition treats the blackbird more kindly — it is an entity that has once sinned, but has now changed his ways. The blackbird, despite its humble appearance, is a multifaceted being. Wouldn’t it be nice to imbibe some of the truth it imparts?

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