10 Buffalo Bison Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Buffalo (Bison) is one of the largest among all mammals, weighing over a ton and travelling in herds. While Buffaloes and Bisons are technically different species, they are both part of the same family and symbolize the same ideas.

Buffalo Bison Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Buffalo Bison Symbolism & Meaning

The animal is a sacred symbol of the American Indians. Their massive bodies were the source of everything in the Indian community, from food and shelter (Bison skin) to weapons and implements (bones, tendons, etc). Hence, it is no wonder that the Bison or Buffalo has been primarily a symbol of provision, abundance, and prosperity. Their huge girth and powerful bodies have also turned them into images of strength, stability, and consistency.

Buffalo Bison Spirit Animal

The Buffalo or Bison is the lord of the land in the areas they inhabit. They survive the harsh winters and the blazing droughts. Hence, as a spirit animal the Bison imparts a strong will to survive against odds.

Along with its survival skills, the Buffalo is also a very determined animal! Nothing could sway a Bison from its full-on course, not even predators or hunters. Hence, it imparts determination that allows you to make clear and resounding decisions. This is important in allowing you to see through the completion of your goals.

Buffalo Bison Power Animal

The power of the Bison is unmistakable, and no man or animal would dare to stand in its path. As your power animal, the Buffalo imparts an incredible strength and courage that allows you to stay firm no matter the situation.

At the same time, the Bison is an animal that personifies the concept of change. The landscape where Buffalos live change all-year round, and the human activity in their habitats can greatly impact their way of life. In fact, the latter is the main reason why Bisons were nearly hunted out of existence. Despite all these misfortunes, the species exists to this day, unyielding to fate and yet mindful of the ever-changing world in which they must adapt.

Buffalo Bison Totem Animal

As a totem animal, the Buffalo or Bison is also a symbol of freedom. The animal roams around freely, choosing its own way and adapting to life on the plains. With the Bison, you are poised to gain an independent spirit that will help you realize your own goals to be free. This means you no longer have to force anything in your life, as you will be truly free to follow whatever options you face in life.

Buffalo Bison Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the Bison is a holy animal. It is a regal creature, exemplified by the White Buffalo. The Indians believed that if the White Buffalo showed itself, then great prosperity is sure to come.

The Bison is also linked with the concept of the pipe, a very important tool in American Indian life. This highlights the respect and veneration that the Indians imparted upon the Buffalo. According to legend, the White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to the Lakota tribe and gave the Sacred Pipe, which upon smoking grants the person knowledge of universal teachings and truths.

Buffalo Bison Celtic Symbolism

In the Celtic belief, the Buffalo or Bison lines up with the idea of the Bull or “Tarbh”. The bull is a common figure in this belief, and like the Buffalo symbolizes strength and potential.

Buffalo Bison Far Eastern Symbolism

To the sages of the Far East, the Bison equates with its more abundant Asian cousin, the Water Buffalo (carabao). To them, the idea of the Buffalo is a reminder that springtime is close at hand. This makes the Bison in this setting a symbol of hope and renewal, after a long period of dark winter. It is a time when things and ideas start blooming again.

Because carabaos are also engaged primarily in the plowing of agricultural land (a primary source of living in the Far East), it is also a symbol of unyielding hard work. When not appearing in the form of domestic water Buffalo, they are classified among the wild animals.

Some rulers in the Asian region have also used the Buffalo or Bison as a symbol of their power. This makes them among the many animals used as symbols of the gods, as well as expressions of strength whereby they are also known in other pantheons.

Buffalo Bison in Dreams

As your animal, the Buffalo or Bison heralds prosperity. Specifically, if it appears in your dreams at a certain moment in time, then it means you are blessed with luck and plenty. Examine your dealings and activities closely as they will benefit from the good luck you are about to receive. It is important to make the most out of this windfall.

Buffalo Bison Encounters / Buffalo Bison Omens

The Buffalo or Bison is also a sign of blessings and promise. All you have to do is to believe in this sign, and to proceed with your tasks keeping an eye to the good things you will receive. At the same time, you also need to inspect yourself and think about how grateful you are for the life you are living. The Bison is also the symbol of gratitude. When it shows up, you should also look within yourself to find whether your aims are contributory to the harmony of the universe, and whether you are thankful for what you have already received.

Buffalo Bison Mythology and Folklore

According to a legend from the American Indians, the White Buffalo Calf Woman manifested herself to the Lakota tribe. She was the one who taught them the science of agriculture. She also taught them her knowledge of the Universe, especially the tenet that all things are connected in one way or the other. White Buffalo Calf Woman was also the one who taught them about the importance of their humanity, and their ability to impact the world through their actions. This highlights their responsibility to live righteously.

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