10 Lemur Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Lemurs are fun little animals. Visually, they look like a cross between a tarsier and a raccoon, but they act closer to monkeys with which they are closer in terms of evolutionary relationship. A native of Madagascar, their development as a species has been so outstanding that at one point in time there were Lemurs as large as gorillas!

Today, they are small primates (among the smallest known) whose behavior teaches us a lot about lightening up and learning to see the fun side of life.

Lemur Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Lemur Symbolism & Meaning

The small Lemur has been such a prominent feature of Madagascar that many indigenous people believe they have souls. They have been framed as benevolent ancestors, as symbols of good luck, and as nature guardians who merit man’s respect and kindness.

This is a high regard for such a small creature, but when we take a look at the Lemurs, it is easy to see why. Scientifically, Lemurs don’t interact much by way of visuals — despite their big eyes, they prefer sounds instead. But that does not stop them from engaging their environment in a playful and lively manner. This is aided by the fact that they can interact through sounds and scents, which enables them to perceive the environment through a different dimension. These combined senses allow them to move around with apparent grace and intuition, making them seem both carefree and wise in their ways.

Lemur Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the Lemur is naturally drawn to those who have an additional layer of awareness around them. They are also drawn to those who have the tendency to play the world “by ear”. Those who aren’t afraid to put in a little whimsical air to make life more fun!

The Lemur knows that having fun isn’t just all about knowing jokes — it is all about knowing the true depth of the things around us, so we can skirt through the superficial and reserve our energies for the really important ones.

The Lemur spirit animal also greatly helps when you need to communicate at a deeper level. Most of communication is done in a non-verbal manner, and Lemurs are masters of this!

Lemur Power Animal

As a power animal, the Lemur helps in more than just having fun. In fact, discovering the wealth of humor in the superficiality of the world is just one of its facets. Its powers are best applied when you need to discover other things around you, such as when you need to gain insight about something new in your environment.

When things seem confusing and you can’t seem to find a guide wise enough to see you through, call on the Lemur for help! If you think you are not seeing through communications, and when things seem to fail in this front, the Lemur will be here to help you ride things out and re-establish communicative ties.

Lemur Totem Animal

People who have the spirit of the Lemur in them are natural over-achievers — or at least, they try with all their might. This isn’t the result of some deep-seated competitiveness. It is largely due to the fact that they are better aware of the grand scheme of things, and knows how many layers of challenges they have to go through to truly excel in their work. They do their best to put a finger on all strings, but they also take care not to lose their sense of humor in the process.

The Lemur’s flowery yet sincere tongue also makes them perfect for leadership positions, which they can assume without much effort. This tongue can also be their weakness, though as they can easily turn it into a scathing weapon to those who slight them.

Lemur Native American Symbolism

Since Lemurs did not live in the land of the Native Americans, they did not ascribe any significance to it.

Lemur Celtic Symbolism

Likewise, the Celts did not have any contact with the Lemurs. The Romans did, since they also colonized Africa. The smooth moves of Lemurs were interpreted in a specter-like manner, but they ascribed a rather unflattering definition. According to them, Lemurs were either the lost souls of criminals or phantoms who wander looking for home. There is even a special ceremony called “Lemuria” where one is supposed to cleanse the house in order to be safe from the haunting Lemurs.

Lemur Far Eastern Symbolism

The Far East also did not have any special significance for the Lemur.

Lemur in Dreams

The Roman interpretation of the Lemur gets very meaningful when the Lemur appears in your dream. Someone might be haunting your waking life, trying to undermine you and any progress you may be having. If it is playing around, the Lemur might instead be a symbol of playfulness, either one that is pent up inside you waiting for a release or one that is taking up much of your time these days.

Lemur Encounters / Lemur Omens

When you meet a Lemur, you should take time to check if your life is turning out in the way you want it to. Are you growing in the way you think is best? If you are in a rut, maybe that is because your attention is narrowed down to what is in front of you. Take a step back, and see what other factors you may be missing. A holistic approach is always best.

Lemur Mythology and Folklore

In Madagascar, there is a god named Zanahary who took pity upon a condemned man named Babakoto. Babakoto was wrongfully convicted for a crime he did not commit, and hence was sentenced to die. As he plotted for escape, Zanahary turned him into the very first Lemur. In his new form, he started another tribe in the island. The captors, realizing their mistake, sought penance by vowing not to harm Lemurs in any way.

While fiction is interesting, the way the Lemur interacts with us in our daily lives is even more so. Give it time to grow upon you, and you too can gain its qualities!

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