10 Pig Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

When we hear the word “Pig” used as an adjective, we often think of its negative connotations. This is a shame, because the Pig is an amazing animal. It is among the most intelligent of mammals, and it has also been valued, not just as a source of food, but also as a companion.

Pig Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

So, what does “being a Pig” really mean? Observing Pigs in their natural habitat — which, unlike public perception, isn’t a dirty or muddy patch of land — only two words can be used as adjectives: “happy” and “contented”. They are also incredibly intuitive, which is also attributed to their intellect.

In fact, it has been said that pet Pigs learn to understand their own names as well as spoken commands much earlier than dogs. In the wild, this intuition is largely used to find and unearth whatever it is the Pig needs at the moment.

Pig Symbolism & Meaning

Despite their derogatory impression in today’s society, the people of old saw Pigs in a much nobler light. We don’t know it, but this belief has actually trickled down to modern times. Did you ever ask why coin banks usually come as “Piggy banks”? In the olden days, the Pig represents wealth and abundance. A Pig always has what it needs, and never wants.

But this kind of prosperity did not come from blind luck. It came from working hard, and being strong even in the face of trials. Looking at it from another angle, the Piggy bank is a reminder of this. It cautions that one should not squander savings earned from hard work. Despite its non-predatory nature, Pigs always find their quarry in nature.

Pig Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the Pig means you are about to experience a bloom in your life. Note that this bloom doesn’t only mean monetary gain, as there are many aspects of life and the Pig is aware of them all. Because of the Pig’s earth-bound nature, most of these good fortunes also relate to the earth and its fruits.

The Pig also imparts a wisdom that most people would do well to learn today: generosity. The Pig may experience continuous abundance, but they are no scrooges and neither are they hoarders. They share the wealth and the happiness to those around them. Anyone who has owned a Pig as a pet would know this!

Pig Power Animal

As a power animal, the Pig helps you tap into the well of abundance within yourself. No, this is not some magic that allows you to suddenly attract wealth or fortune. Instead, this “well” is a form of intuition that points you to the right direction of success. This is particularly helpful in this world where there are so many distractions. We can easily lose sight not just of the goal but also of the way there. Together with this intuition is a form of strength that allows you to push past the odds and push past obstacles.

The Pig is also a good companion for learning how to handle success. While most of us dream of success, only few are actually able to handle it in the delicate manner that it should be handled. That means not giving in to its pressure, or to excesses that can undermine it. Success should never be used as a weapon against others, and the Pig helps you to realize this.

Pig Totem Animal

Having the Pig as your totem animal makes you an easily likeable person. People know you not just as a hardworking person (with something to show for it, too) but also as a person who sees to it that everyone has their fair share for their efforts.

Pig people are incredibly grounded, with no illusions about the true nature of success. While many people see success as a cure-all for their pains, the Pig person sees success as nothing more than a goal that has to be achieved, with its own share of repercussions. This grounding also enables them to simply shrug off obstacles, knowing it is just a part of the game that they chose to play. Despite this determination, Pigs always come across as joyful and certainly a fun person to have around.

Pig Native American Symbolism

The Pig appears as a food source for the Native Americans, but it does not stop there. The Pig also takes on the role of a teacher, and a symbol for enjoying the company of your family, friends, and tribe (maybe because Pigs are often eaten in the company of these people). It also serves as a caution against greed and against the ballooning of one’s ego in the face of good fortune.

Pig Celtic Symbolism

To the Celts, the Pig and the boar appears in the same context as a symbol of bravery. They also symbolize wealth and fortune. This includes fortune in terms of fertility, in keeping with their earthbound nature. There are instances in stories where the Pigs took on a royal nature, in contest with Kings (such as in one King Arthur legend).

Pig Far Eastern Symbolism

To the Chinese, the Pig is also a symbol of abundance. Furthermore, they are recognized for their high intelligence and their propensity for finding things that truly make people happy.

Pig in Dreams

A Pig in your dreams is usually a warning that you may be engaging in the social sin of egocentricity. Take a close look at your daily conduct, to see what can be changed.

Pig Encounters / Pig Omens

Seeing a Pig in real life doesn’t always mean anything, since they are very common animals. But seeing them in the wild could mean finding a “clue” as to what would really make you happy. If this comes at a time of need or loss, then the Pig comes as a friend!

Pig Mythology and Folklore

According to the Wheel of Existence (from Buddhist mythology), a black Pig is used to caution us against one of life’s “poisons” — ill will (manifesting in greed and treachery) and the delusion that comes with it. So the next time you consider calling someone a “Pig”, think twice! Aside from the Pig not wanting you to do that, you might actually be paying this person a compliment!

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