10 Grasshopper Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

We may meet the grasshopper everyday, and we take it for granted. But that’s okay for the grasshopper, since it doesn’t care about pretty much anything. What matters is the fulfillment of its free spirit, and the adventures that await it. The grasshopper is among those few animals who are completely confident at jumping into the unknown, something that we humans could learn from.

Grasshopper Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Grasshopper Symbolism & Meaning

The grasshopper may be inherently an earth creature, it is also heavily attuned to the wind. Hence, it is both grounded and free, striking a balance between humility and daydreaming, between having its feet on the ground and having its head in the clouds.

In this sense, the grasshopper exhorts us to dream, and to not be afraid to consider flights of fancy. What we may consider impossible and out of reach may be right before our eyes in a moment. And just as the grasshopper leaps and hops into each opportunity, it encourages us to stretch our bones and search for the truth in our dreams.

Grasshopper Spirit Animal

When the grasshopper appears as your spirit animal, it is pushing us to start considering the “great unknown” that is facing our lives. There may be a question that we are evading, or an opening in our lives that we are not even looking at because we don’t know what lies beyond.

Hidden beneath the grasshopper’s carefree attitude is an incredible persistence. He knows that without this, he would not be able to find the opportunities he needs to move forward with his lofty plans. This is a lesson for us, because dreamers are not the ones who come upon the greatest adventures — it’s the ones who wake up to make those dreams come true.

Grasshopper Power Animal

Call upon the grasshopper when you need to make a leap of faith. It is the one that will lead you to new experiences, and will help you to manifest your creative powers so you can ride on the winds of circumstances flowing around you. This way you can understand how the greater powers of the universe are conspiring to get you what you need.

Call on the grasshopper, too, if you need to take a pause from your daily life. Remember the tale of the ant and the grasshopper? Through this, the grasshopper has become a symbol of rest and relaxation. However, it’s not all idle pursuit. This rest period is the grasshopper’s way to freshen up and gather strength before it embarks on its next journey. This, too, is a lesson for everyone. Burnout is a real problem even for those who perceive themselves with the energy of ants, and from time to time a pause and vacation is necessary for proper functioning.

Grasshopper Totem Animal

People with the grasshopper as their totem animal are gifted with incredible forward thinking. They are people who can not only dream, but can also plan each step through to making their dream a reality. They may fail sometimes, but there are even more times when they are successful because of their inherent qualities.

Grasshopper people are also very carefree in their attitude, always ready to give and ready to help others. Another quality, which may be considered good or bad depending on your perspective, is the grasshopper’s propensity to move to different places. They are natural rolling stones, and they rarely settle for long in one place.

Grasshopper Native American Symbolism

The Iroquois nation has made the grasshopper a symbol of good news and glad tidings. The grasshopper’s carefree lifestyle has made it the ideal messenger for all things hearty. When the grasshopper is seen, the seer will receive a windfall that will benefit not just him but the whole community.

There are also several legends about the grasshopper, from their creation to a war started because of children fighting over a simple grasshopper.

Grasshopper Celtic Symbolism

The ancient Celts did not ascribe any special significance to the grasshopper. However, we do have the Irish superstition that a whistling cricket bodes bad luck. When the cricket, a creature that is greatly attuned to the tides of dreams, opportunities, and fortune shouts out a warning, it’s worthwhile to listen.

Grasshopper Far Eastern Symbolism

In China, the grasshopper is given the lofty associations of nobility and wisdom. Just like the nobles, the grasshopper can do what it wants. But beneath this lies a certain wisdom that prevents its efforts from being merely frivolous. The grasshopper is also a symbol of longevity.

Its other incarnation, the cricket, is said to symbolize fighting spirit. This means that this little creature knows never to give up on its aims, no matter what others think.

Grasshopper in Dreams

When you see a grasshopper in your dreams, it’s usually a sign that you need to commit yourself more to a certain plan or decision. Great journeys in life start not when you conceive of them, but when you finally decide that you really want to take them. After this, the grasshopper also helps you to charge up and plan everything before jumping headfirst.

If the grasshopper is moving away from you, then this might mean that in your current state, your dreams and aspirations are out of reach. This only means that you need to change something from within yourself in order to lock your sights on your plans again.

Grasshopper Encounters / Grasshopper Omens

When you see a grasshopper flitting around you, it is signaling you to go through whatever plans you have for the day. If you don’t have one, then, it is telling you to just go with the flow and take whatever opportunities the day presents. It’s telling you not to bore or stress yourself with the nitty-gritty of things.

Grasshopper Mythology and Folklore

Just like in China, the ancient Greeks considered grasshoppers the symbol of nobility. The legend of Tithonus, who was granted immortality by Zeus in the form of a grasshopper, is also a prominent indication of the Greek’s reverence of this little creature.

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