10 Bear Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Bear definitely owns the spot for being one of the strongest, most courageous, and most ferocious animals in its side of the globe. But that happens mostly when you find it in the wrong mood. In other circumstances, the Bear is a very grounded creature, and one who plows through any form of diversity with sharp instincts and a clear mind.

Because of this, cultures who lived with Bears stood in awe of their presence. They have been turned into a figure of authority, giving good advice and teaching that one should never compromise vision just to avoid “unnecessary” conflict. The Bear demands respect from all, and is willing to reciprocate. But when this respect isn’t given, then the claws come out!

Bear Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Bear Symbolism & Meaning

The Bear is an animal that has conquered itself, one that knows where it is going. Now, it has evolved into a guide for others. You will find this trait manifesting in the Bear’s maternal instincts, when the mother Bear works tirelessly to raise her children into her image. When they are threatened, the mother will fight tooth-and-nail for them, and time will come when the cubs will also do the same for their children. As the saying goes, leadership isn’t just raising people who admire you, but raising people who can take your stead.

Because of this, the Bear is also a symbol of sharing one’s blessings and inspiring others. After all, who wouldn’t be inspired by the Bear’s sheer power? Engage with others and follow the Bear’s lead.

Bear Spirit Animal

When the Bear comes to your side as your spirit animal, then it is like leaning on a fortress of strength! But this strength doesn’t just appear magically. This is a strength that you will have to bring out through introspection. You have to cut out all the negativities, the perceived threats, the insecurities, and trust in the power that your spirit animal provides. Only then will the Bear’s strength flow unhindered through you.

This awareness is also useful in knowing where you have been hurt or injured by past altercations. The Bear’s power helps you to numb the pain, and to heal from these slights.

Bear Power Animal

The Bear is a great power animal to call on when you need to trust in your instincts. There are times when we distrust our gut feeling, but we decide to follow it anyway. The Bear will appear when you need to know which is which.

Once you figure that out, the Bear is there to help you carry out your decisions fearlessly! Most of life’s greatest decisions are best carried out without trepidation, and the Bear is just the right one to help you out.

Finally, the Bear is a good power animal when you need to stay grounded and walk the paths that you know. Familiarity may sometimes be your only refuge in a changing world, and the Bear helps you own that.

Bear Totem Animal

People born under the Bear totem are naturally strong and can be pretty intimidating. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a very humorous side to their personality. These are the people who could make for good leaders, so long as they embrace their traits — and so long as they can take regular breaks to replenish their energies.

People under the Bear totem are also natural helpers, often coming quickly to those in need. This is why you will notice a lot of Bear-people in the medical profession (think of this the next time your doctor admonishes you with such conviction that you can only say “yes”!).

Bear Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the Bear is a symbol of strength and wisdom. Bear medicine is one of the most powerful available, and you will find many a warrior carrying a Bear charm. The Bear takes somewhat of a father figure, standing guard with morality and actively seeking out transgressors to mete out justice.

Aside from its use in war, Bear medicine is often called upon to ensure a successful hunt.

Bear Celtic Symbolism

The Bear is integrally woven into the Celtic culture. They have associated it with the same ideas as the Native Americans. They have also figured the Bear into their godly pantheon, associated with various deities such as Artio (goddess of the hunt) and Cernunnos.

Bear Far Eastern Symbolism

Bears were a sacred creature for the ancient Chinese, especially during the Han dynasty. Around this time, the majesty of the Bear stood for the traits of the whole country. Bear figures were often found in doorways to ward off those with ill-intent. The Chinese preference for having a male child was also satisfied by having a Bear statue in the room of the expecting mother.

Bear in Dreams

Bear dreams have varying meanings depending on culture. For example, Arabs believe that Bear dreams mean the dreamer will go up against a powerful enemy. This is more generalized in Europe, where it means danger is afoot.

For other cultures, though, the Bear is a symbol of your territory, one that you need to assert control of again. Think of anything that you may have recently lost, such as a project that got sidetracked or a goal that got pushed back. Wouldn’t it be nice to own it again?

Bear Encounters / Bear Omens

When the Bear comes to you, it is time to look at the people around you and check if the people you are close to are straying away, whether figuratively or literally. What are the things you can do to bring them back closer?

Bear Mythology and Folklore

In the Aztec tradition, the Bear appears as the god Tezcatlipoca. He is a warrior god, and watches over the braves. He may also appear bearing a challenge, to prove one’s worth.

In the Viking culture, the Bear is worn as a skin to frighten oncoming warriors and to evoke their strength. The Bear is a powerful ally, but only if we can learn to immerse ourselves in its qualities. How can you be more Bear-like everyday?

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