10 Raccoon Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

In some places of the world, the Raccoon is considered to be a pest. It is known for infiltrating and raiding homes, ransacking kitchens, and stealing food. It is no ordinary burglar, either. It can get really creative in how it reaches its target. You may have seen the social media video of a Raccoon doing a highwire act on electric cables just to reach the second storey of a home!

Raccoon Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Despite the damage they are prone to causing, Raccoons have been accorded much respect in some circles due to the stroke of genius apparent in many of their escapades. Due to this, they present a pretty good example we can learn from.

Raccoon Symbolism & Meaning

The Raccoon is a lasting symbol of thoroughness and adaptability, two traits that are essential to its survival. Despite being a wild animal, it can thrive in highly-urbanized locations using its talents. It is capable of making plans that incorporate ever-changing variables. It does this by stepping back to look at the big picture, then drawing its ideas from there. This is a great lesson for us humans, for whom tunnel vision is a persistent problem leading us to be blindsided by “unforeseen” problems.

The Raccoon is also known for being very thorough, not turning back until it has completely reached its objective. In its raids, this is apparent in how Raccoons check each nook and cranny for food. It is not a pretty sight what it leaves behind, but it does not care. The goal is its top priority.

Raccoon Spirit Animal

When the Raccoon scuttles in as your spirit animal, it is encouraging you to go on an adventure. There are many times when we are held back by thoughts of “propriety”, causing us to skimp on things that would have otherwise given us happiness or some sort of advantage in life. But propriety is an artificial construct, and at times, it can be constricting.

So long as you play a fair game, and you do not overstep any moral or ethical boundaries, then it is okay if you toe the social line every now and then. If this is your expression of who you are, the Raccoon beckons to help you realize it.

Raccoon Power Animal

When you are looking to do something sneaky, the Raccoon can be a great friend. Take note that despite its trickster portrayal, it is not something to call on when doing something bad. It can be mischievous, but it is not evil. It just knows that there are some things that are best done in secret.

The Raccoon can also be a good friend if you need help donning a mask. The mask is one of the Raccoon’s most recognizable physical trait. Whether you are an actor trying to get into a role, or you need to put on a brave face for the world, the Raccoon can help.

Raccoon Totem Animal

Raccoon people can take on a multitude of personalities, thanks to the innate talent of their totem animal. However, at their very core, Raccoon people can be very shy. They may sometimes feel like fish out of the water, thrown into different circumstances, sometimes without warning. But this rarely poses a problem, since Raccoons are well-equipped for these times.

Raccoon people are also very charismatic, able to charm people with their wits. They are great friends for the curious mind and for the adventurous soul. They are also great companions when you are out for an adventure, just so long as you do not let them drag you into too much crazy ideas.

Raccoon Native American Symbolism

The Raccoon is native to North America, and though it has since been imported to different continents only did the Native Americans had the time and exposure to incorporate the Raccoon into its pantheon.

Despite their mischief, the Raccoon is often portrayed as a friendly and sometimes comic creature. They are leading characters in some children’s tales, and they are also accorded respect through dances and some rituals. Raccoons are also clan symbols for various tribes, such as the Chippewa and the Shawnee.

Raccoon Celtic Symbolism

The ancient Celts did not have any exposure to the Raccoon, and hence are unable to place them in their list of animal symbols.

Raccoon Far Eastern Symbolism

In the Far East, the Raccoon’s traits were given to other animals. Its keen instincts, for example, were given to the rat. Its mischief and inherent intelligence makes it more akin to the monkey.

Raccoon in Dreams

When you see Raccoons in your dream, it is important to check the people around you. Are any of them wearing masks? Don’t be quick to judge, as some of them may wear masks to hide their pain or suffering. What is important is that you find out what is beneath, and act accordingly.

Raccoon Encounters / Raccoon Omens

When you see Raccoons, it is time to turn your gaze inwards. Is there anything that you are hiding from yourself or from others? Leave no stone unturned, and look through your emotions with the thoroughness of a Raccoon.

However, this thoroughness is not just meant for you. When Raccoons go on raiding parties, they accord each other respect and give their leader the best spoils. You owe it to others, especially to the people you look up to, to show your true side to them and give them your best.

Raccoon Mythology and Folklore

To the Native Americans, the Raccoon appears as an adventurer. It has a few documented escapades, such as the time it challenged a waterfall to a shouting match (and lost). There are some not-so-benevolent adventures too, such as when the Raccoon played tricks on blind men. Native Americans are keen on following the Raccoon’s life, and can get meaning from every aspect of it.

Just because it can cause a bit of trouble, does not mean we need to turn a blind eye on the traits of the Raccoon. More often than not (as with all animal symbols), it is just showing us another side of ourselves that we need to see so we can be aware of the strengths and talents we need to cultivate.

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