10 Dolphin Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Dolphin is a wonder to watch. This peaceful sea creature seems to make friends with whoever (and whatever) it encounters. It isn’t even fazed by the sight and interaction of the otherworldly humans. There have been documented cases of Dolphins forming strong bonds with us landlubbers. It is an animal that represents harmony, avoiding all conflict, and preferring to live its life in complete peace. We can learn a great deal from these wonderful creatures.

Dolphin Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Dolphin Symbolism & Meaning

Dolphins are the diplomats of the animal kingdom. The way that it interacts with other creatures, and the way that it breaks the boundaries between land and water to shake hands with humans represents the attributes of the perfect ambassador.

But the task of being an ambassador is a difficult and complex one, and even if the Dolphin appears playful and carefree, it is wrestling with some great responsibilities. Throughout history, there have been well-known cases of Dolphins going out of their way to save humans from the dangers of the sea. From here alone, we can infer that the Dolphin’s easygoing disposition is not born out of some misplaced inclination to frivolity.

The Dolphin shows a sense of morality, an innate goodwill that shines through. This is when we realize that the Dolphin’s sense of harmony extends not just to other creatures, but shines most of all within itself. It knows it is doing good, and with this knowledge, it lives at peace with itself. This is how it is able to carry out its duties in such a cheerful manner.

Dolphin Spirit Animal

When the Dolphin appears as your spirit animal, it is not just exhorting you liken yourself to its role as a diplomat in your community. It is also challenging you to do so with pride and affirmation. Dolphins are also known for their loud and clear means of communication. This is the best way to go about when you have a good message — loudly, honestly, and effectively. This will allow you to reach those who are out of touch with reality, recruiting them into your worthwhile cause. With this, you will also be able to help others find their wholeness in mind and body.

Dolphin Power Animal

When you feel that you are in need of saving from internal turmoil, then you need to call on the Dolphin. Its light heart will help relieve you from your drowning sorrow, and will show you how to leap out of the waters of despair.

Remember that the Dolphin is a mammal, making it is also important to surface every now and then for air. This is also a reminder that we have to take a break every now and then.

Even if we live deep in the waves of work, deadlines, and responsibilities like forever, it will be unhealthy to stay in such condition without having to breath some cool, fresh air at regular intervals. This vital break is something the Dolphin could help you with. It would also be impossible to survive in this kind of lifestyle without having a calm and bright mind to see you through. In this regard, the Dolphin is also the perfect power animal.

Dolphin Totem Animal

People with the Dolphin as their totem animal are those who seem to have fun without much effort. They are also contagious, and other people tend to be happier around them. Generally, Dolphin people are the type who are filled with love, and do not harbor any hate for their fellow men. They are the first to understand the concept of community, and are very selfless when it comes to making decisions. They often put the welfare of others above themselves.

Dolphin people are also those who feel most at ease with their environment, able to navigate those depths that intimidate many people. By environment, we mean not only the physical structures but also the social and emotional tides. They have a high level of empathy, and they have a global vision that transcends boundaries.

Dolphin Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans who lived near the shores, the Dolphins are hailed as guardians who took this form in favor of their old human ones. They are incredibly selfless, even willing to die for the people they protect.

Dolphin Celtic Symbolism

Likewise, in the Celtic tradition, Dolphins are guardians whose charge include all of the world’s waters. Because of this association, they are also called upon wherever there is a need for healing and renewal.

Dolphin Far Eastern Symbolism

There used to be species of river Dolphins endemic to the fresh waters of China, but they have since become extinct. Hence, the Dolphins did not make their way into the symbolism of this or any Far Eastern countries, aside from distant mentions of being harbingers of good luck.

Dolphin in Dreams

When the Dolphin appears in your dream, then you may need to tap into your reserves of happy and positive energy. You may be facing a slump in your life, which is totally understandable considering the problems you are facing. But the Dolphin is there to remind you that in every person is a fountainhead of happy thoughts and goodwill — we only need to search for that to find it.

Dolphin Encounters / Dolphin Omens

When you encounter a Dolphin in life, there is just one thing you would do, no matter who you are or how you feel — smile! And this is something the Dolphin wants to teach us. When we encounter something that is pleasing or relaxing, the Dolphin encourages us to just smile and leave the worries of the world behind.

To sailors of old, the Dolphin is always a positive omen. Aside from helping people in distress, these creatures are also known for helping other sea creatures who have been trapped in various obstacles.

Dolphin Mythology and Folklore

According to Greek mythology, Dolphins are among those creatures whose spirits are tasked to bring the souls of people into the next life. This also gives the Dolphin the added symbolism of smooth transition into the next life.

2 thoughts on “10 Dolphin Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal”

  1. Dana says:

    I love this article & it was no accident that i came upon it today. The lessons of the dolphin can teach everyone who is open to learning them. What a wonderful, smart, peaceful & indeed an amazing mammal

  2. Giridhari Das says:

    I just wanted to mention something about Asiatic river dolphins. I am American who spends all of time in West Bengal, India, on the banks of the river Ganges. I have had countless encounters with the gangetic river dolphin that most people also believe are on the brink of extinction, though the may be in short numbers, the truth is they don’t show themselves to everyone.
    The reason why I came to read this is because time and again I have seen them (either up close or across the river at a distance) but most people here, even locals never seem to notice them. I feel blessed that they show themselves to me. That’s why I need to understand my connection with them.

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