10 Gorilla Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

While Gorillas may look menacing, they also want to learn about us and to share their own wisdom and their valuable lessons, to help us with our daily spiritual lives.

Gorilla Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Gorilla Symbolism & Meaning

Gorillas are symbols of nobility and intelligence. Their characteristics are the closest to us humans and so we are more likely to ignore them. They symbolize loyalty, leadership, and dignity. They aren’t simple monkeys. They are selfless and more sophisticated than they are given credit for.

They exude humility, despite looking fierce and powerful. This shows and represents inner strength, which is important to attain as well. African tribes view them in a positive light as they are considered bearers of good fortune. They also became emblems for harmony and was a symbol of love and community. They also represent safety, parenting, and family, as they are very family-centered as a species.

Gorilla Spirit Animal

If the Gorilla spirit animal approaches you, it means that you have been lacking compassion lately. It is also possible that it is because you are losing faith in yourself and in your own beliefs. They want you to push through and go for what you want in life.

Should you be weary, the Gorilla is there to help you with your emotional burdens, until you are ready to take them up again. If they come to you while you are feeling down, they want you to know that you should hold your head high and understand that you are noble in your own way.

If you need knowledge and wisdom, the Gorilla is more than willing in sharing its wisdom. This spirit animal is also willing to be your companion when you are feeling lonely and afraid, or if you are just needing peace or some quiet moment. 

Gorillas are also symbols of responsibility and decisiveness. This is shown by how the largest silverback leading the band decides when their group wakes up and when to rest for the night, as well as when to eat.

Gorilla Power Animal

When you need help in communicating something important, call upon the Gorilla and it will guide you in making sure your message gets across.

Staying on the Gorilla’s side will help you learn how to be patient, strong, and humble. You will be able to discover your self-worth by following the Gorilla’s footsteps. They are great in manifesting motivation and a greater sense of self-realization. Gorillas are great teachers so turning to them for learning is a great strategy for self-improvement.

Gorilla Totem Animal

People born under the Gorilla totem are natural born leaders. Plus, they don’t do it by being intimidating or by being aggressive. Instead, they do it by being great examples. They actually lead their subordinates, instead of ordering them around, and they lead with care and understanding. 

They are social and friendly, as well as great communicators. Gorilla people knows how to empathize with others, far from their aggressive and intimidating first impression. They are loving and caring partners and friends. The only time they get aggressive is when the people they care about are being taken advantage of or are in danger.

Gorilla Native American Symbolism

Gorillas were considered a symbol of power and nature. The Muscogee Indian tribe mentions the Gorilla as a hairy ogre who eats men. Other than that, the Gorilla wasn’t attributed any other symbolism.

Gorilla Celtic Symbolism

Europeans used to believe that Gorillas and apes are mythical — half human and half beasts. They believe that the Gorillas behavior symbolizes humanity’s compassion.

Gorilla Far Eastern Symbolism

Gorillas and monkeys are considered sacred creatures in China. Temples are even dedicated to them. They are seen as cunning and brave, and are thought to be mischievous.

Gorilla in Dreams

Seeing a Gorilla in your dream means that it wants you to act immediately. It is an omen that something is afoot. It wants you to work on your current situation as soon as you can. You are aiming for a goal, now is the time to hustle.

If the Gorilla in your dreams is being threatening or aggressive, it is telling you that you have been giving in to your aggressive and ruthless impulses. This could also be applied with your sexuality.

On the other hand, if your dream includes you attacking a Gorilla, this is a warning of conflict. It wants you to take care of your issues immediately so that things wouldn’t get worse.

Should you dream of a Gorilla inside your home, it usually means luck is on your path and possibly a romantic interest. This also applies to whether it is being friendly or just curious.

If you are feeding it in your dream, however, it is a warning against people you are surrounded with. Some of them may not have your best interest in mind. Try to keep private information to yourself in the meantime. This also means you should forgo sharing information in social media, at least for the time being.

If you dream of a Gorilla hiding, it means that you are unconsciously seeking protection.

Gorilla Encounters / Gorilla Omens

Encountering a dead Gorilla, whether in real life or in your dreams, is an omen of betrayal. This means that someone is out to get you. Proceed with caution and try not to trust anyone whose motive you don’t really know.

If you encounter a Gorilla in the dark, it is telling you that you have to be strong. While you may feel like doubting your own decisions, it wants you to reclaim your power and stand by it.

Gorilla Mythology and Folklore

The Gorilla, along with a chimpanzee, was mentioned in the “Notes on the Folklore of the Fjort” by author Richard Edward Dennett. In this lore, the Gorilla showed patience despite the chimpanzee’s antics. However, it also knew that he had to teach the chimp a lesson so he struck him dead in the end.

The people of the African Fang tribe used to believe that if a pregnant woman saw a Gorilla, they will give birth to one. Their women also avoided eating Gorilla meat as they believed that it would cause their husbands to become as brutal and ferocious as a Gorilla.

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  1. How strong is a gorilla punch says:

    Gorillas are social animals who live in a group which is called troops or bands. The force can have as many as 50 members; the troop is led by a male gorilla who is called a Silverback. The arms of gorillas are longer than their legs, which allows them to walk on all four limbs. Gorillas usually don’t drink water as they get all the moisture from the food and morning dew. These species are intelligent and can use simple tools and can learn sign language.

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