10 Meerkat (Suricate) Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Meerkats are portrayed by the media as interesting, silly, and funny creatures. However, they have more to them than taking life easy and not worrying. While they seem foolish and comical in certain movies, the symbolism and lessons we can learn from them are much deeper than the regular burrow.

Meerkat (Suricate) Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Meerkat Symbolism & Meaning

Meerkats symbolize unity and friendship. This is showcased by how they work together in keeping their burrows safe from predators. One can even say that they have a network in which everyone has a responsibility to uphold.

Meerkat Spirit Animal

Meerkats have great vision as their eyes could rival a pair of binoculars. If they approach you, it means that they have seen something interesting in your future that they deemed important for you to know or acknowledge. It could also be that you are missing an important detail that is an integral part of improving your situation.

Another reason the Meerkat spirit animal could approach you is that you are in danger of being a social outcast. You might have done something that is making other people judge you or change their perception of you. If this happens, you should try to explain your side of the story as soon as you can to avoid social persecution or at least apologize if you are actually in the wrong.

Meerkat Power Animal

If you need help with socializing or just interacting with a group, the Meerkat can teach you its social skills. They can guide you in working with others and on how to build with a group. Should you also be in need of some energy to deal with your friends, colleagues or family, the Meerkat will gladly offer you some to get through your event.

When you feel that you might be in the company of people with bad intentions, call upon the Meerkat to help you deal with the situation without aggravating said people, or destroying your image.

Meerkat Totem Animal

People born under the Meerkat totem are fortunate as they are blessed with the ability to work great with people and in groups. They know how to handle the politics of a group and knows how to work around other people’s unpleasant traits to keep the peace.

They are usually respected and regarded as an important part of the group. They are always alert of their surroundings and know when people are being shady or hiding something. They are great friends as they always have their friends’ backs when difficult times arise. They will look out for their loved ones, but also expect the same from them.

The Meerkat’s totem is connected to female intuition and female energy. Women under this totem are more motherly and nurturing than the average person. They are always looking out for other people but this behavior could also be seen in a bad light. They might be referred to as meddlesome if they do this to someone they aren’t too close to. However, their close friends appreciate this as they know they are safe with the Meerkat women’s company.

Meerkat Native American Symbolism

Since Meerkats are native to Africa, the Native American are more exposed to their next related kin, the prairie dogs, often called the American Meerkats. The only common symbolism between the two is family. Meerkats are believed to symbolize community as they prefer to live together in big groups.

Meerkat Celtic Symbolism

South African tribes view the Meerkats as symbols of kinship, brotherhood, and social bonds. The mob have a system in place where one sentry is on duty being responsible for alerting the group if a predator is near. The whole family also pitches in getting food and raising the newborn pups. They represent strength and invincibility as they are stronger together in face of predators.

For most African tribes, they are symbols of hardwork as displayed by their group efforts to build their home, and are even worshipped for this behavior. However, a few tribes viewed them as tricksters as they also tend to trick people in order to steal their food.

Meerkat Far Eastern Symbolism

As Meerkats are native to Africa, the Far East has no recorded symbolism attributed to them. The closest they have to a Meerkat is an Asian Palm civet but its symbolism is the opposite to that of the Meerkat’s — isolation.

Meerkat in Dreams

While dreaming of a Meerkat constitute positive messages, fortune, and wealth, they could also be a forewarning of an approaching bad event.

If the Meerkat in your dreams is in its natural habitat, an opportunity will come knocking on your door. You should keep your eye out, as this opportunity will let you showcase your skills and talents.

Should they be looking for something, you must be cautious. This also applies when they are standing on their hind legs. Trouble is on the horizon and you need to be on the lookout for danger.

A dead Meerkat means that you have missed an opportunity. It could be your subconscious feeling bad about it, or it could be telling you to learn from the experience. While opportunities can be missed and overlooked, you can still use it as a lesson to do better next time.

Meerkat Encounters / Meerkat Omens

Encountering a mob of Meerkats is an indication of a possible social occasion in the near future. If you see an individual Meerkat that eventually disappears into a mob, it could mean that your individuality has been compromised. You might have forgotten your identity as a person and could be losing your self-purpose.

Meerkat Mythology and Folklore

The Bantu tribe shares an African folktale that paints the Meerkat as the mastermind who gave colors to all animals. It also narrates how the hyenas got their patchy colors and how the leopard got its beautiful coat.

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans and Zambians believe that Meerkats are “sun angels” that are godsent to protect their villages and their cattle. They also believe that these sun angels will watch over lone men and lure away the “moon devils”.

A collection of ancient South African folklore edited by J. David Lewis-Williams includes a tale of a Meerkat arguing with a mongoose. In the story, the latter was intent on tricking the Meerkat into fighting so that it could steal the food the Meerkat had hunted.

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