10 Blue Jay Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Blue Jay is a little stern bird that symbolizes intelligence, aggression, flexibility, communication, faithfulness, risk-taking, truthfulness, curiosity, arrogance, and endurance among the aviary communities.

The bird is native to North America featuring blue in color with a white chest. This bird is fierce and always determined to achieve its objectives. When dealing with an enemy, the Blue Jay is extremely relentless which has made it earn respect among the animal kingdom. Herein, we discuss ten symbolisms about the Blue Jay.

Blue Jay Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal


If the Blue Jay flies over you, it could mean that it has come to teach you about how important it is to use your intelligence. It gives good luck and ability to learn quickly for it can adapt very fast in new environment. This bird is known to have the ability to wait. It has been claimed that the bird often uses strips of materials like newspaper strips as tools to get food.

The Blue Jay is often seen to be in pairs and when they fly, they keep a great distance from each other. It is a strategy of decreasing the probability of being targeted by the enemy. In addition, this bird is intelligent in the sense that it has the ability to wait. They wait and watch human beings eat food and then swoop down to check for remains after the humans have left. Spiritually, the bird is thought to give knowledge and memories of long forgotten things, and provides intelligence on how to use them in seizing opportunities.


The Blue Jay could represent an aggressive person. This bird is very aggressive as it makes different varieties of loud sound that travels over a long distance. Different sounds have different purposes. First, they may be calling for reinforcement in chasing an enemy. Second, the sound may serve as a warning of a prevailing enemy and third, the sound may be a communication to fellow birds that they are unhappy. If this bird is your totem, then it is considered of you to also display somewhat of being aggressive. Therefore, there is nothing that can thwart you from defending what you perceive to be good as the bird gives good luck of victory.


The Blue Jay usually build its nests on the oak tree. However, this bird can also build its nest in any other place. The bird has the capacity to use any environment in any place for its benefit. If this bird is your totem, then you ought to start becoming flexible and start adjusting to any situation. This has a spiritual meaning of being able to use any environment or any situation for your benefit.


Inherently, the Blue Jay loves to sing a lot. Again, this bird communicates well with its bright color and feathers on the crest. When this bird is excited, the crest goes upright. While when it is offended, the crest will lose out in all directions. When the bird is relaxed, the crest will be laid smooth and flat on its head. Therefore, Bluejay people are very good in law, politics, and public speaking. These people fearlessly defend their position and ultimately win. Of course, due to the luck of the Blue Jay. Even if these people are easy going and friendly, when faced with opposition they ferociously defend themselves. If this bird is your totem, then you have got good communication skills and therefore you will easily appeal to your audience.


The Blue Jay is believed to give a spirit of faithfulness. This bird has only one partner in its entire life and it is known to fearlessly protect its young one, partner, as well as the territory they inhabit. Again, this bird is known to quickly perceive its enemies and viciously acts to protect its dependents and nest. The bird values companionship and it is trustworthy as it honors the bond it creates with others. The Blue Jay is known to be very resourceful as it creates a conducive environment for itself and its family using the available resources. This bird is believed to give a person an extraordinary ability to be faithful.


This bird is a symbol of people who don’t fear to take risks. This bird seizes any opportunity that presents itself and also discovers new avenues for its benefit. This bird takes the risk of waiting wherein it patiently watches humans eat and then pick the remaining food without considering that the humans may decide to go with the remaining food.

Blue Jay also takes the high risk of building its nest in any environment without fearing the bad conditions present around. People who believe in the bird thinks that it is able to give them spiritual abilities on taking risks. These people are adventurous that they do not hesitate to take risks.


Among the avian communities, the Blue Jay is a symbol of truthfulness. It is believed that if this spiritual bird appears in your life or even in your dream, then you must be yearning for nothing but the truth. This implies that you are able to recognize that the only way to be successful is through the truth. It is believed that when the bird is in your sight, then it encourages you to be honest with your thoughts. The appearance of this bird helps its believers to live honorable life just like the bird. Therefore, they have to hold high standards of honesty and truthfulness.


The Blue Jay also symbolizes a high degree of curiosity. Believers of the bird think that if it appears on your sight, then you are a very curious person. On this premise, it means that you like knowing things that are happening around including the current news. With the spiritual help from this bird, you get powers to comprehend new events and also become more creative.

Overconfidence and arrogance

The bird is believed to present itself when you become arrogant and overconfident. In life, balance is very important. When you forget and become arrogant, the bird comes to remind you that you need to be humble. This bird may also come to remind you to take note of the small important things in your life that you have been ignoring.


The bird builds its nest in the top of an oak tree whereas it is known that this tree is a symbol of strength and longevity. Therefore, if the bird is your totem, then it implies that you are able to endure difficult conditions in life and later you will become successful.

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