10 Antelope Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

While Antelopes are mainly prey to a large number of predators, they still carry lessons worthy to be looked into. Let us learn from their behavior and from how they live their lives. It is a good thing that they aren’t as elusive as they are in real life being a spirit animal.

Antelope Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Antelope Symbolism & Meaning

Intelligence and speed are the two things that the Antelope uses to survive its predators, hence these traits are attributed to them in general. They are also considered symbols of elegance and gracefulness.

They are regarded highly in Africa as they are seen as symbols of good harvest and a plentiful bounty. Their speed, agility, and wisdom are deemed great qualities that some African masks were drawn with Antelope-like appearance. The Congolese also believed that the Antelope’s horns encompass spirits.

Antelope Spirit Animal

When an Antelope visits you, it is mostly because it wants you to be watchful and to be vigilant of trouble. It wants you to be on the lookout for opportunities.

As a spirit animal, they are mostly asking you to take action. They want you to grab the opportunity in front of you right now as well as for you to stop procrastinating. However, this would also entail being careful and looking at things as a whole to avoid danger, since Antelopes are very cautious. They would want you to be wary of your surroundings and to be very critical of things that might be too good to be true.

The Antelope is a great spirit animal when you are in the office trying to come up with effective strategies and creative solutions, or when you are having difficulty expressing yourself. As they are charming creatures, they are great communicators and can help you learn how to be one. They want you to keep an open mind when solving issues.

It could also be wanting you to focus on achieving abundance and growing in your relationships. They are great communicators that can teach you on how to express yourself better, resulting in better relationships.

Antelope Power Animal

Because Antelopes are known for their quick-mindedness and adaptability, they are willing to help you with negotiations or simply when you need to focus. This is great if you are a student or if you are faced with a difficult decision at work. While the Antelope cannot tell you exactly what to do, it can help you detect weaknesses and narrow down your options.

If you need some guidance in understanding other people’s behavior, the Antelope is very much willing. They are confident animals that they expect you to imitate them in managing your self-esteem.

Antelope Totem Animal

As totem animals, they have high energy and are symbols of communication and wisdom. Hence, Antelope people are quick learners. They are able to adapt quickly and learn new things easily.

People under the Antelope totem are very curious. In addition to that, they rarely give up and try too hard. They are mostly yes-men, so people often take advantage of them, preying on their weakness. While they may be weak about saying no, they are not gullible. They can discern if you are telling the truth or not.

Just like the Antelope, people with this birth totem are fast-paced. Most people find it hard to keep up with them. If this behavior is giving you a problem, you have to try and be aware of yourself. There is nothing wrong with taking your time.

Antelope people are elegant and graceful, so most of them are obsessed with movement.

Antelope Native American Symbolism

For the American Indians, these creatures are the messengers of their ancestors. They also believe that Antelopes are bridges to the spiritual world. There are clans that assume the name of the Antelope, doing dances so that Antelope will bring them rain and bountiful crops.

Antelope Celtic Symbolism

The Egyptian goddess Satis is believed to have an Antelope as her symbol. Discovered images of her, shows a crown that resemble Antelope horns. She is also said to be able to shapeshift into an Antelope. Marduk and Ea are deities of Ancient Babylon who are depicted to have some semblance to Antelopes. They were shown to have either the animal’s head or its horns.

Hindu god Varuna is sometimes pictured riding an Antelope, named Makara, who is a guardian of gateways and thresholds. 

Antelope Far Eastern Symbolism

In India, several deities are connected to the Antelope. The Vedas mentions Soma, the moon god, as well as Vayu, lord of the winds in relation to Antelopes. The Antelope was said to be one of the manifestations of the lord of animals, Shiva.

An Antelope-like goat called the Japanese Serow is considered an enemy because of the damage they do to the Japanese forests.

Antelope in Dreams

Dreaming of an Antelope points to opportunities, and using your talents in a better way. They could be telling you that you are misinterpreting something. It could also be that it just wants you to pay attention to your current endeavor.

Usually, dreaming of one means success. However, it is important to note that you can only achieve it if you put all your effort into it. This might be okay with people under the Antelope totem, as they are highly energetic anyway.

If you are dreaming of a running Antelope, it is your unconscious telling you that you want to do something fun and different. Try other activities and find a new hobby.

You are probably missing an important opportunity if you dreamt of an Antelope lying down. You should grab it while you can.

Antelope Encounters / Antelope Omens

Should you meet an Antelope running away from you it means that you need a break. If you encounter one that is lying down it means that you have missed an opportunity.

Antelope Mythology and Folklore

There is a story that mentions a proud Antelope who loses to a frog in a race. The Antelope is also mentioned in an African story. The Bassari tribe of West Africa mentions it in an origin story.

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