10 Bobcat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Bobcats are stealthy hunters and they rarely hiss or yowl. Despite being solitary animals, they are now considered an endangered species, at least in certain regions of the United States. They offer their wisdom as special animals and we should learn from them while they are still around.

Bobcat Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Bobcat Symbolism & Meaning

The usual symbolism for bobcats are stealth and introversion. However, there is more to them that those traits. They are also a great representation of grace, secrecy and adaptability. They symbolize patience — the ability to be still and wait — a great trait to have.

As the bobcat is a feline, it possesses the gracefulness of a cat, but also its adaptability and its strategy, especially when hunting. They like the darkness as they are not afraid of it.

Bobcat Spirit Animal

If this spirit animal approaches you, it wants you to do some self-introspection. Analyze your own behavior and see what’s causing you to act a certain way. Doing so will help you know more about yourself and about how you deal with obstacles that come your way.

As a spirit animal, the bobcat reminds you of patience. Yes, patience is a virtue especially when trying to achieve your goals. They have innate hunting abilities and that includes the patience it needs to not give up on its prey. It exhausts all of its resources when hunting,

While it takes its hunting seriously, the bobcat is playful. It can often be climbing higher grounds just like a normal cat. While the bobcat is considered cunning and stealthy, they are experts in putting their abilities to good use. As your spirit animal, it wants you to know yourself enough to utilize your talents and abilities in its full extent.

It is interesting how the bobcat is also cautious around other bobcats. This displays their mistrust on their own family. They want you to know that even your family and friends don’t always want the best for you and therefore cannot be fully trusted. This is also understandable as they are still solitary creatures, despite being fine with co-existing.

Bobcat Power Animal

As power animals, these felines like to make time for play and fun. So if you need some help in that department, don’t hesitate to ask the bobcat. Should you need some encouragement about knowing the perfect timing of when to speak up, they’ll gladly let you learn off of their calculatedness.

If you need to uncover secrets, whether it is your own or some secret knowledge, call upon the bobcat and it’ll guide you on the right path to a great discovery. The bobcat can see in the dark and they’ll use this ability to help you cope as you dig for the truth.

Call the bobcat for help when you are having a hard time finding patience in dealing with your current situation. They are great companions as they know when to have a good time and when to focus on the goal.

If you need guidance in hunting your prey (or in modern terms: achieving your goal), the bobcat will help you attain it by teaching you its tricks, and sharing their wisdom and mastery.

Bobcat Totem Animal

Bobcat people are creatures of the night. Their brains work better during the quiet of the night since there are less distractions. They are also gifted with several hidden talents, of which they do not like to disclose to other people. This is mostly because they don’t want to be taken advantage of. They can smell bad intentions and hidden agendas from miles away.

Those under the bobcat totem are usually strong but introverted. They are those that crave adventures, but prefer to do them alone. This is because they seek solitude as they get energized by it. They like being left alone with their thoughts and being able to organize them into plans.

Bobcat Native American Symbolism

Indian American tribe Zuni looks upon the bobcat spirit animal for luck when hunting. Likewise, the Mohave people believed that bobcat dreams give a hunter magical skills. They also have red bobcat talismans to activate the medicine they crafted from bobcat ingredients.

The Pawnee tribe in North America believe that a baby wrapped with a bobcat fur cloak brings it blessings. It is considered a symbol of a plentiful bounty and of fertility.

There were also evidence found that they were viewed as important by ancient people as archaeologists discovered an old funeral mound where a bobcat was buried in a special way. However, the scientists aren’t sure if this special treatment is because it was a beloved pet or if it was because of its spiritual sacredness.

Bobcat Celtic Symbolism

While bobcats are not native to North America, there hasn’t been a reported attribution for any symbolism in Europe or in it nearby countries. However, wild cats are described in Celtic legends to be mystical creatures able to see into the future.

Bobcat Far Eastern Symbolism

While there are groups of bobcats found in east Asia, they have not attributed symbolisms to them. Instead, they have linked the said hunting traits to wolves and other breeds of felines. The depiction of wild cats in the Chinese culture, nonetheless, indicates how the animal is regarded with respect.

Bobcat in Dreams

Dreams of a bobcat is an indication that you have not been paying attention to your surroundings as you should have been. It is a message to start being observant and to be vigilant aware of your surroundings.

Another possibility is that it wants to remind you to begin paying your relationships more attention. Likewise, it could be a warning that your relationships may be heading south soon, and that it’s time to reconnect if you want to save them.

Bobcat Encounters / Bobcat Omens

If you encounter a bobcat in normal life, it seeks to send you a message. And that message could be that you have to stand your ground. It is telling you that it has got your back in whatever it is you are fighting for.

Bobcat Mythology and Folklore

The bobcat is mentioned in an Indian American folklore along with a coyote, where its fur color origin was recalled. It is also mentioned there that they were once linked to the fog and the wind — a duality. Another tale comes from the Iroquois myth, where the Old Woman Moon has a bobcat companion who unveils her head strap once a month. It is linked to the moon cycle as well as the woman’s monthly menstruation.

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