10 American Beech Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

American Beech Tree Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

American Beech Tree Facts

The American Beech Tree with the scientific name Fagus grandiflora is considered as a shade tree as well as an ornamental tree. It has a thin bark that is light gray in color and the leaves are elliptical in shape. During the fall season, its true beauty unveils. Before the color of the leaves fades to tan, its green foliage first becomes golden bronze.

American Beech Tree thrives in wet and acidic soil, attaining a height of not exceeding 100 feet. It is an excellent tree for large, park-like landscapes. On the other hand, it doesn’t grow well in urbanized areas due to the atmosphere’s high carbon monoxide level.

American Beech Tree Uses

Being a powerful medicinal tree, American Beech Tree is used as a treatment for a wide range of ailments and disorders. Its bark and leaves can aid in ulcers and dysentery inflammation.

The wood obtained from this tree has smooth bark and reddish-brown color that is used to create furniture, baskets, bowls, buttons, flooring, veneer, plywood, rough lumber, and railroad ties. Due to its density and burning properties, Beechwood is also commonly used as fuelwood.

Aside from that, it can also be a source of food. The inner bark, young leaves, and sweet seeds are all edible. The oil obtained from Beechnut is used for cooking, as well as a hair tonic.

American Beech Tree History

Before the Ice Age of the Pleistocene epoch, the American Beech Tree covered North America. This kind of tree can survive up to 200 to 400 years. One of the oldest was found on the Old Stage Road in Tennessee with a label inscribed on it – “D. Boone Cilled A Bar On Tree in Year 1760”. In year 1916, the tree fell. According to the forest service, its estimated age is around 365 years.

American Beech Tree Positive Symbolism

Protective and nurturing – that is how the American Beech Tree is described because of the shade and food it can provide. It also symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.

In fact, in order to be successful in their studies, students from the past kept a piece of Beech bark.

Moreover, it symbolizes the connection of today’s people to their ancestors and ancestral wisdom.

American Beech Tree Negative Symbolism

This tree can be associated with death. It might also represent something that is coming to an end.

Although it seems negative, it can be a sign for you to realize that the end of something can reveal new experiences and bring new knowledge.

American Beech Tree Cultural Symbolism

For talismans, the silvers of Beechwood and leaves are believed to be a symbol of luck and creative energy. That is why they carry them most of the time.

In Roman religion, it represents the Goddess of wild animals and the hunt named Diana, who controls the forests and woodlands.

In Greek, the Beech Tree is sacred and symbolizes prosperity.

While in Turkey, it symbolizes the way into the other world. It has been said that praying near a Beech Tree would reach God quickly.

American Beech Tree Zodiac Sign

Based on the Celtic horoscope, only people who were born on December 22 are represented by this tree. Being a good leader is natural to them because of their practicality, organization skills, and ability to identify which risks should be taken and which are unnecessary.

As a friend, they are loyal and definitely knows how to keep their word. They would be an excellent lifetime companion. They are seen as strong and resilient. However, they also have a very sensitive side.

They are compatible with people who are under the sign of Elm, Hornbeam, Jasmie, Maple, and Oak. In contrast, they are incompatible with Birch, Lime, Nutwood, and Poplar.

American Beech Tree in Dreams

Depending on the scenario, dreaming of an American Beech Tree has several meanings. If you are planting a Beech, it means that you are building a strong foundation for your goals in life. However, if somebody else is planting the Beech, be more aware because somebody will take credit for something that you work hard for.

If you are cutting a Beech Tree, it is a sign that your relationship with someone will also be cut. You and your partner might break up. Furthermore, if you are burning a Beech Tree, then you will have unexpected expenses or bills to come.

American Beech Tree Omens and Superstitions

People believe that a person will be safe during a thunderstorm when he stays under the branches of a Beech Tree. There is a superstition that the Beech Tree does not get struck by lightning.

But to scientifically explain, Beech Trees can actually be struck by lightning – though they usually wouldn’t be damaged. Its wood has a fatty content, its bark is smooth, and it has many twigs and buds, which makes it a good electric conductor.

Therefore, when a lightning bolt strikes the tree, it may be taken down to the ground but without strike harming the people near it. There is actually another superstition that exists about the Beech Tree that tells how lost travelers who stay under the tree’s branches will even not encounter any harm.

Also, prayers made under this tree are thought to go straight to heaven faster.

American Beech Tree Mythology and Folklore

Beech Tree is recognized as the “tree of wishes” in Celtic tree mythology. Therefore, when a branch falls, it means that a fairy from the underworld is inviting the person who sees it to make a wish. The wish should be written on the branch and then pushed onto the ground for the Fairy Queen to receive it and decide whether to grant it or not.

In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy carved the initials of her lovers on a Breech Tree trunk.

In Irish and Scottish mythology, Ogham (the God of Speech and Language) wrote the first written alphabet in Ireland and Britain which is called Ogham Alphabet in Beech wood tablets.

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