10 Spectrolite Gemstone Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Spectrolite Gemstone Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Legends

Spectrolite Gemstone Facts and History

The Spectrolite Gemstone is a rare variety of labradorite feldspar that displays the captivating labradoresence effect known with labradorite gemstones. As a feldspar stone, the Spectrolite Gemstone’s structure is mainly composed of calcium and sodium, with aluminum and silicon completing the stone’s structure.

What sets Spectrolite Gemstones apart from their parent stone, labradorite feldspar, is that they are exclusively found in Finland and they glow with every color of the rainbow. They also have a darker base of mineral, beautifully contrasting their labradoresence that creates a brighter effect.

Labradoresence is an optical display that happens when crystals form into other crystals that create layers of reflective surfaces within a mineral during its formation. Only labradorite feldspar stones display these effects.

When light hits labradorite feldspars, its labradoresence display causes the stone to look like it is glowing multiple colors from within. Spectrolite Gemstones have more layers of crystal growth during their formation, resulting in more display of colors.

The Spectrolite Gemstone was already a known stone amongst locals in Finland for years before it was first officially described by Finnish geologist, Aarne Laitakari who sought to discover its origins.

The source of the gem was finally discovered by no other than Aarne Laitakari’s son, Pekka Laitakari. In 1940, Pekka served as a soldier during WWII in the Finnish municipality of Ylämaa, where he built barricade fortifications and found a deposit of Spectrolites among the stones that he immediately informed his father.

Aarne quickly established a quarry to extract the Spectrolite Gemstones after the war which soon increased production in the 1950s.

The Spectrolite Gemstone quickly gained popularity which increased more so in 1973 when the first jewelry shop established in Ylämaa started creating and selling Spectrolite Gemstone jewelry inside and outside of Finland.

The brightly glowing stone soon held a cultural significance in the region. The mayor of Ylämaa created an annual Gem and Mineral Show in the town along with a gemstone center.

In 1988, the Spectrolite Gemstone was declared the official gem of the South Karelia region and eventually been declared the official gemstone of the country of Finland.

Similar-looking feldspar stones may be found in other locales but cannot be called Spectrolite as the name Spectrolite can only be legally used for the stones sourced from Finland.

Aarne Laitakari named the Spectrolite Gemstone after the Latin word spectrum which translates to “image” or “apparition,” clearly with the iridescent stone’s glowing appearance.

The Spectrolite Gemstone has a Mohs hardness scale of 6 to 6.5, making it a relatively durable stone but can still be vulnerable to blunt impacts.

Spectrolite Gemstone Uses

The Spectrolite Gemstone’s main use and application is for jewelry. Its captivating optical display of colors make for eye-catching jewelry pieces. The gemstone is often built into pendants, or shaped into beads and cabochons for earrings, rings, and necklaces.

The iridescent gemstone is also a high-sought-after gem collector’s item, particularly high-quality specimens. Its exclusive source of location and brightly colored display of colors makes for a rare and unique addition to a collection.

The Spectrolite Gemstone is also used as a decorative or ornamental stone. It can be carved into sculptures or ornamental pieces for a colorful and visually appealing feature to decorative pieces.

Spectrolite Gemstone Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

The Spectrolite Gemstone is dubbed the “stone of mystical wisdom.” Its optical displays bring a mystical quality to the stone, making it a symbol of light, magic, and transformation.

The Spectrolite Gemstone is an ideal stone for those who wish to avoid stress and negativity. It is said that the iridescent stone repels away evil and black magic back to the caster who wishes to do harm.

This rainbow gemstone brings out creativity and originality, especially to those who experience self-doubt, low self-esteem, and anxiety.

The Spectrolite Gemstone has a direct connection with the throat chakra. Through this connection, the gemstone enhances truth-speaking, good communication, and better relationships with others through empathy and compassion.

Spectrolite Gemstone Symbolism of Different Shapes and Forms

Blue Spectrolite Gemstone is a variety of Spectrolite Gemstones with a dominant blue color. This variety of gemstone has an especially strong connection with the throat and third eye chakra, causing increased communication and intuition.

Violet Spectrolite Gemstone is a Spectrolite Gemstone variety with a dominant violet color in the stone. Violet Spectrolite symbolizes spirituality and self-awareness.

Golden Spectrolite Gemstone is a Spectrolite Gemstone variety with a dominant golden color. Because of its color, it symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and success.

Green Spectrolite Gemstone is a variety of Spectrolite Gemstones with a dominant green color. This variety of Spectrolite represents nature, harmony, and emotional balance.

Spectrolite Gemstone Symbolism in Different Cultures

The Spectrolite Gemstone holds a significant place in Finnish culture. It is officially the national gemstone of Finland. The Finnish also believed the stone to be associated with the mystifying northern lights and rainbows.

The Inuits have a similar belief to the Finnish about labradorite feldspar. An Innuit legend tells the story of an Inuit warrior spearing a rock that bursts out rainbow-colored flames. The flames travel to the skies creating the northern lights.

Spectrolite Gemstone in Combination with other Gems

Clear Quartz paired with Spectrolite Gemstone will enhance the properties and abilities of Spectrolite, making for a powerful meditative stone.

Amethyst and Spectrolite Gemstone combination will help with spiritual growth, personal discovery, and emotional healing.

Rose Quartz paired with Spectrolite Gemstone combines the stones’ protective and loving qualities that will enhance self-love, compassion, confidence, and emotional balance.

Spectrolite Gemstone Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

The Spectrolite Gemstones resonate most with those born under the zodiac sign of Saggitaurus. The gemstone helps Saggitaurus with their intuition, self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-awareness.

Spectrolite Gemstone in Dreams

The Spectrolite Gemstone is said to improve dream recall and protection while dreaming.

Spectrolite Gemstone Omens and Superstitions

According to superstition, placing a Spectrolite Gemstone under a pillow or near the bed will bring restful good-quality sleep and consistent sleep cycles.

Spectrolite Gemstone Mythology and Folklore

In Finnish mythology, the mother goddess Rauni and the thunder god Ukko were wedded just after the creation of the earth. Ruani was saddened that the earth was mostly of dark colorless rock so Ukko created a giant storm.

After the brief storm, a rainbow appeared which Ukko cast down onto the earth. The rainbow melted into the earth, creating shards of rainbow-colored rocks, creating the first Spectrolite Gemstones.

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