10 Scarab Beetle Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Scarabs are well-known because of Egyptian mythology, used in both their religion and their art. They are used to symbolize regeneration so they are popular as charms and as stamps. However, their symbolism and meaning reaches far more than just that. If we learn more about them, we will be able to see that they have accumulated more value than a mere representation of the symbolism for the restoration of life.

Scarab Beetle Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Scarab Beetle Symbolism & Meaning

The Scarab is linked to Khepri which is a sun god associated with resurrection, as well as Ra, who pushes the sun daily towards the horizon.

Aside from using dung balls as their food source, the Beetles also lay their eggs in it and use it to feed their young. This shows and symbolizes the cycle of rebirth, hence they are often used as art in funerals.

These Beetles are also symbols of eternity, so it is understandable that they are also used to symbolize determination and resilience. They are very hard workers, and they are devoted to their task. They are models of resourcefulness, using something as simple and lowly as dung being their food source. And since they are communal creatures, you can expect them of cooperation and teamwork when rolling those balls.

Scarab Beetle Spirit Animal

When a Scarab approaches you as your spirit animal, they are asking you to hold on to your seat as there will be an impending change in your future. You should expect a drastic transformation coming your way and you should prepare for it.

They could also be showing you the crossroads you will be encountering. You cannot avoid them so you have to be focused in order to make good decisions. While both paths are mostly harmless, they can certainly bring you a new perspective in life. Scarabs are advocates of spiritual awakening so they would want to lead you to enlightenment.

Alternatively, the Scarab Beetles are spiritual messengers. They work alongside fate and destiny, to help you in bringing out your creativity and spark some inspiration in you.

Scarab Beetle Power Animal

As a power animal, the Scarab Beetle is one that advocates for nourishment — especially a spiritual one. You can call upon them when you need to be reminded that your life choices are what makes your fate. If you need help tapping into your creativity, the Scarabs offer great assistance especially with conceiving great ideas.

Since the Scarab’s symbolism focuses on strength, you can also ask for their help if you need strength in dealing with life in general, or even with achieving your goals. If you’re feeling small and insignificant, the Scarab Beetles can remind you of how that concept shouldn’t apply. They are literally living reminders of how being small doesn’t equate to your value.

Scarab Beetle Totem Animal

People born under the Scarab are hard workers, so they make great artists. And while they can work independently, they also succeed with a team, working towards a common goal. They are resourceful and creative, and can adapt well with change and survive any kind of environment. These people have excellent reasoning skills, which makes them great diplomats and religious leaders.

If you have the Scarab as your totem animal, it means that you are a very productive person. Scarab people knows how to use their skills — even their strengths and weaknesses — to their advantage. However, the down side to this is that the lines between them sometimes blur. They aren’t always willing to change their ways since they get by just fine anyway. Also, since they overthink ways in which they might fail, they tend to build walls around themselves. Because of this overprotectiveness, they are more likely to miss valuable opportunities.

Scarab Beetle Native American Symbolism

While the Navajos have welcomed the corn Beetle to symbolize fertility, other Native American people used to believe that Beetles bring about diseases. They also believe that it symbolizes evil magic. Hopi warriors used to consider Beetles as battle talismans, as they believed that they had strong spirits. Meanwhile, the Zuni tribe used Beetles to cure people struck by lightning.

Scarab Beetle Celtic Symbolism

The Germans have a superstition that if you encounter a Beetle, it will rain. However, other than that, there are no symbolism assigned to them. In Irish, it portrays the potential of recognizing your own kind.

Scarab Beetle Far Eastern Symbolism

In the far east, Beetles are symbols of protection. However, they did not assign any symbolism specific to Scarab Beetles.

Scarab Beetle in Dreams

If you dream of a Scarab Beetle, it is a message of change, be it about improving yourself or a possible change of environment. It is also a call for you to be aware and pay more attention to your surroundings.

Should you dream of a red Beetle, it has to do with your heart and your passion. Your improvement will come from learning, and whether it is from physical activities and doing new outdoor sports or simply reading a new book, this self-improvement is essential. A green Beetle is a reminder of following through a previously made decision. Mostly the color green is linked to finances and health, so you should be wary at your place of work. They bring a reminder of the need to take action soon, if not now. If it is a black Scarab, the message is about chaotic change. While it is life-changing, you should buckle up as it could turn your life upside down.

If the Scarab Beetles were crawling all over you in your dream, it means that you are overwhelmed with your problems. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in dealing with your problems. If you were able to kill a Beetle in your dream, it means that your problems will be solved.

Scarab Beetle Encounters / Scarab Beetle Omens

Encountering a Scarab Beetle is an omen of wealth. This is especially true if you see them scattered on the floor of your home. It is said that the scattering of Beetles are symbols of material things and acquired wealth.

Scarab Beetle Mythology and Folklore

There is a Hopi legend that mentions of black Beetles who danced for the clouds to attract rain as it was hot in their village and they were thirsty. 

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