10 Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Legends

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Facts and History

The Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone is a rare variety of jasper primarily found in Iran but also occurs in dry desert climates like the Himalayas, Pakistan, and Utah, USA.

This stunning stone is most distinct by its striking pattern that resembles scripts having it earned association with religious messages and spiritual significance.

Besides its distinctive script-like pattern, the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone has a glass-like or vitreous luster and is slightly transparent to opaque. The stone typically displays a brownish pink to dark red in color, beautifully contrasting its yellow ochre swirls and patterns.

Like the many varieties of jasper, the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone is a mineral made up of microcrystals of quartz and chalcedony. It particularly has a high silica and iron oxide content, giving it its dark base color.

The script-like patterns on the gemstone are composed of fossilized vegetation, shells, and other organic materials from millions of years ago.

The Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone has been mined for centuries by ancient cultures, particularly for its spiritual significance, but because of its rarity, there is barely any written record of the stone throughout history.

The name Sang-E-Maryam is Urdu for “Stone of Mary,” perhaps, as a hint to its strong religious association.

The Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone is known by different names around the globe including script stone, elephant skin jasper, calligraphy stone, and coquina jasper. Coquina is Spanish for cockleshells or shellfish, referencing the patterns in the gemstone created by fossils.

Like other jasper gemstone varieties, the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone scores a 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a durable and versatile gem for artisans and jewelers to work with.

Despite the lack of records of the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone throughout history, its importance throughout the centuries for its metaphysical use and properties is still felt today, especially amongst the spiritual community.

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Uses

Throughout the centuries, the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones were used as talismans to ward off negative energy and bad luck. Even today, they are used as protection stones as well as to increase spiritual strength.

The Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone is most commonly fashioned into jewelry. Its durability and striking patterns make for beautiful beadwork in bracelets and necklaces.

The striking stone also makes for beautiful carving works such as bowls, bases, plates, and sculptures. Intricate designs are made out of Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones like intaglios and cameos.

Although very rare, the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone can be fashioned into interior building materials like other jasper varieties.

Lastly, the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone is a highly sought-after stone for its rarity and striking patterns by collectors around the world.

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

The Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone is a grounding stone with a strong connection to the earth that helps owners of the stone find stability and calmness within themselves.

It is also believed to enhance courage, spiritual growth, and creativity, especially in times of spiritual weakness, challenges in life, or self-doubt. The stone will help nurture positivity during times of negative life experiences.

The Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone symbolizes protection, especially during nighttime. It is believed to protect those who are most vulnerable during dark times and that it can ward off evil spirits, bad luck, and negative energy.

The striking stone is said to enhance manifestation by clearing the mind, body, and soul of any negativity that may hinder people from achieving their dreams and goals in life.

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Symbolism of Different Shapes and Forms

Yellow Jasper gemstone is a variety of Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones that displays predominantly yellow shades. It represents protection, especially during travel and spiritual work, and good communication.

Gray Jasper gemstone is a variety of Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones with various shades of gray and darker patterns. This gemstone symbolizes calmness, balance, and protection, ideal for spiritual works like meditation.

Pink Jasper gemstone is a variety of Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones displaying a dusty pink color with patterns of gray and other neutral colors. This gemstone symbolizes self-love, relationships, calmness, and strength.

Purple Jasper gemstone is a variety of Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones that can be pastel, bright, or dark shades of purple with white to grey patterns that resemble lightning. It represents inner strength and mental clarity.

Chrysanthemum Jasper gemstone, also known as starburst jasper, is a variety of Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones with light chrysanthemum patterns over a golden, brown, or gray base. This gemstone represents the reawakening of passions, abilities, and talents.

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Symbolism in Different Cultures

The Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone is seen as a spiritual object that heightens the power of prayer for Christians, particularly those believing in the power of Mary, mother of Jesus.

A variety of Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones, the red and green jasper were ingrained in the everyday lives of the ancient people of Mesopotamia. They were used to sharpen other stones for weapons and believed that the stones could provide protection.

Red jaspers were also sought after in Ancient Egypt with the belief that they increased fertility with their affiliation to the goddess Isis.

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone in Combination with other Gems

Amethyst gemstone is a soothing stone that can increase spiritual capabilities. When paired with Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones, there will be a significant increase in spiritual powers, calmness, and peace of mind.

Citrine gemstone represents confidence, positivity, and joy. When paired with Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones, they will enhance prosperity, self-confidence, abundance, and willpower.

Obsidian gemstone is a stone that blocks out negativity and helps clear out stresses of the mind and soul. Combining this gem with Sang-E-Maryam Gemstones enhances emotional balance and the ability to ground oneself during stressful situations.

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Although not a traditional birthstone, the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. The gem brings good luck and fortune to those born under this sign.

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone in Dreams

The Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone helps protect its owners during sleep and dreams at night.

Dreaming of the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone could indicate the need for stability, protection, good health, or spiritual connection in the waking life.

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Omens and Superstitions

According to superstition, Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone talismans will protect those experiencing nightmares caused by traumatic events.

Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone Mythology and Folklore

A Norse legend detailing the accounts of Siegfried the dragon slayer described his sword to be inlaid with red jasper, a warrior stone, and a variety of the Sang-E-Maryam Gemstone.

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