10 Rooster Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Rooster is usually seen as the world’s first alarm clock, but its purpose is much more than that. From the fanning out of their feathers to their personality, the Rooster can teach us a lot of life lessons. They are very much willing to share their wisdom, and to offer us enlightenment if we just look a little closer.

Rooster Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Rooster Symbolism & Meaning

While Roosters are commonly associated to time and punctuality because of its relevance to sunrise, they are also being associated with the concept of constancy, with how we can always expect that the sun will rise from the east.

Beside their association to mornings, they also have a long list of symbolism and meaning, both good and bad. While they are considered confident, they are also being labeled as excessive when it comes to flamboyance. This connection to mornings and standing out might be why the phrase “rise and shine” are being linked to them, too.

Rooster Spirit Animal

If you have the Rooster as your spirit animal, it can guide you with self-empowerment. This unique animal will help you stand out and show your true personality. While being aggressive is usually a bad quality for a person, the Rooster’s aggression can teach you to fight for your rights.

Rooster Power Animal

As power animals, they are great in guiding people at finding humor in any situation. When you are feeling timid, you can ask for the Rooster for help and it will gladly teach you to embrace candor in your life. When you are feeling hopeless and your life feels like it has no purpose, the Rooster will have you looking for unexpected opportunities. Having it as your power animal, will also help you learn when to use your voice for the greater good, just like how it uses its own voice to serve the world daily.

If you need help with discipline, the Rooster can guide you with becoming earnest and keeping yourself from distractions. They are known to be very strict with themselves so getting their help is a good first step.

Rooster Totem Animal

People with the Rooster totem are optimistic people, maybe even a bit too optimistic sometimes. If this resonates with you, watch yourself and reel in your adventurous soul a little. While looking for the good in others is a very lovely quality, this might get you in trouble. Learn to take notice of people’s motives and consider all sides so you can protect yourself.

Along with their overflowing positivity, people with Roosters as their totem animals are hopeful, and are often dreamers. They are enthusiastic people, whether it is with work, school, or life in general. As they are also witty, their friends and acquaintances love being around them.

Rooster Native American Symbolism

The Native American people have associated the Roosters to sexuality and awareness. Incidentally, they view Roosters as emblems of the sun deity, so they link it to fertility and new life as well.

Rooster Celtic Symbolism

For the Celts, Roosters banish ghosts by their crowing. This belief is also present in Zoroastrianism, where they view its crow as a screech of victory over the previous night’s darkness and evil.

Ancient Greeks believe that this screech is partnered with a salute to the sun each morning. They have also associated the Rooster to the goddess Persephone. It is said that they are being linked the concept of underworld because of this connection with Persephone. Meanwhile, the Gaelic depiction of the god Mercury has a Rooster companion.

Roosters are considered messengers of the dead. Hence are linked to the underworld by Nordics. They are believed to have the ability to unite the past to the future with its knowledge.

Rooster Far Eastern Symbolism

The Chinese have associated the Rooster to benevolence, faithfulness, honesty, knowledge, and morality. As you may have known, the Chinese zodiac myth includes the Rooster. It sees those with this particular zodiac as straight-forward people.

The Japanese revered the Rooster and have allowed them to run free in sacred temples. There is also a myth where a Rooster showed bravery by enticing Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess out of her cave, thereby bringing back the sun. The Roosters were attributed the solar symbol, which emulates sexuality and observance.

Rooster in Dreams

Dreaming of Roosters are usually wake up calls for you to come to your senses. It is a friendly reminder that you should take a break and regenerate. On the other hand, it might also be trying to tell you that you are missing an important opportunity, and it might even be too late to take action now.

If you dream of chasing a Rooster, it could be telling you that you are chasing someone that doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. It might be reminding you that you are being too prideful to give up and is gently nudging you to.

If your dream involves a crowing Rooster, take it as a warning. Someone close is being very territorial of you and is being a hindrance to you in reaching your full potential. It could be that someone is taking advantage of you as well. Moreover, if you dream of a Rooster showing off its full glory, it is asking you to stop trying to blend in, and to show more of your true self.

Should you dream of Roosters fighting, take note and be cautious of angry opponents, who might be out to get you.

Rooster Encounters / Rooster Omens

When you encounter a Rooster in your daily life, which is less than common in urban areas, it is actually just helping cleanse negativity in your life. You may also consider it lucky to have met a Rooster as they are symbols of good fortune.

Rooster Mythology and Folklore

Christianity mentioned the Rooster in its holy book, as well. There was a story where their crowing was used to signal the betrayal of Peter, one of Christ’s apostles. From then, Christians have been attributing the Rooster as a symbol of repentance, and as a symbol of their never-ending vigil against evil.

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