10 Parrot Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

While not everyone loves Parrots as pets, some do and they have great reasons why. Parrots are very true to themselves. Whatever they do, they do it because they want to. They usually don’t have ulterior motives and can’t be forced to do what they don’t want to, not even to please you. Even as pets, they follow their instinct. This behavior has helped them thrive even in captivity.

It is said that Columbus was the one who brought the Amazon Parrots to Europe when he gifted a pair to Queen Isabella of Spain. Meanwhile, it was reported that King Henry VIII of England had kept an African Grey Parrot at the Hampton Court Palace.

Parrot Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

While Parrots are more commonly portrayed by the media as the go-to pirate pet, there is actually a historical basis where the shoulder-perching portrayal came from. Apparently, Portuguese sailors used to keep Parrots as seafaring companions as they provide distraction being someone (or something) to banter with.

Apart from having a confident attitude, Parrots have a lot to teach us about life. If we only stop to observe their behavior, we will understand that they are trying to tell us about the best ways to live life.

Parrot Symbolism & Meaning

Having a Parrot as a pet is fun, which in itself is a message of celebration. People in general like to compare talkative and lively people to Parrots. But this is only because Parrots represent love and friendship, and the enjoyment of goodness that is happening in your life. They are a methaphor of seeing the beauty in everything as well as the good in all the things you haven’t even experienced yet.

Parrot Spirit Animal

If the Parrot is your spirit animal, it will help you step out of your comfort zone and face your problems head on. If you are in a dark place and you need help in getting back to your feet, or you just need someone to push you to face your problems head on, the Parrot is there for you.

When you need new ideas to bring about self-growth, you can ask the Parrot for guidance. They will help you be open to taking risks so that you could experience new and better things, all the while achieving your goals. As Parrots don’t tolerate what harms them, they want you to do the same. If you are being harmed or being taken advantage of, they will help you get the courage to protect yourself.

Parrot Power Animal

You never know when the good things will get taken away from you. So when you are in need of a reminder to never take things for granted, you can call on the Parrot for help. They will make sure to keep you in check.

If you need a cheerleader, or just some encouragement, your Parrot power animal can help you out. You don’t have to be afraid of people who intimidate you, as you have talents of your own, which the Parrot will surely remind you of.

The Parrot is known for repeating things, and this behavior is exactly why the Parrot can help you manifest good things onto your own life. Just repeat your mantra and say it with intent, and the Parrot will help you achieve your goals with confidence.

Parrot Totem Animal

Parrot people are naturally good at mediation and helping other people come into a compromise, which makes them great diplomats. If the Parrot is your totem animal, you are perceptive and insightful, so while you do not hesitate to share your thoughts, you also know how to listen and emphatize.

These type of people are very active and actually crave being busy. They are usually the life of the party and they certainly love a good one. They like to experience new things and meet new people. They like solving problems as they are forever curious, yet they rarely participate in gossip. With the Parrot as their totem animal, they usually know when to speak or when to stay silent.

Parrot Native American Symbolism

Parrots are considered luxury pets by the Anasazi people. The Hopi which descended from them, made kachina dolls and used the Parrot’s feathers for the doll’s beard. Their colorful feathers are also used to create the doll’s mask and regalia. Possibly because of this art, their beautiful plumage were being traded all across Central America.

For Pueblo tribes, fertility is associated with Parrots. As they mate for life, they also get linked with the concept of love and fidelity. When macaw Parrot petroglyphs from this tribe were discovered, it was said that they are used to represent the rainbow. Prayer sticks that includes their plumage are also found at the time.

The Parrot was considered a messenger to the gods for the Bororo Tribe of South America. They also believe that the Parrot can help them communicate with their ancestors.

Parrot Celtic Symbolism

Despite being kept as pets, the Celts didn’t associate them any symbolism. While Celtic Druids wore bird feathers to call upon their sky gods and to ask for understanding of the celestial realm, it wasn’t specifically linked with Parrots.

Parrot Far Eastern Symbolism

Indian folktales depict the parakeet as a symbol of fertility. Various Goddess images in the southern indian regions include a parakeet as its hand-held messenger spirit. Kāma, the god of love and desire, apparently deems the parakeets sacred enough to ride as steed. Meanwhile, Buddhism shares a story of a Parrot, who doesn’t give up on helping others and so it was blessed by a Deva.

While Parrots represent long life and freedom in China, the Tang Dynasty emperor favored them to the point that they were associated with divinity. It was considered protective and favorable to put images of Parrots on your roof to encourage positive Chi.

Parrot in Dreams

Parrot dreams usually represent mockery, betrayal, gossip, and backstabbing. You have to pay attention to the signs the Parrot is showing you as a single detail could distinguish a presentiment from a premonition.

If you dream of a Parrot mimicking you, it is a warning that you have been mirroring the habits, characteristics or the actions of another, and that these does not reflect your true self. You have to stop and think back what is influencing your actions and whether it is a positive one.

If your dream has the Parrot talking, then it is warning you that you should expect a betrayal in the near future and it is from someone close to you. Be wary of the intentions of other people, at least for the time being. If the Parrot is in a cage, it is reminding you to reflect on the lessons you’ve learned.

Parrot Encounters / Parrot Omens

If you encounter a Parrot, it is asking you to be vigilant of your surroundings. It may also be a reminder to update your language skills and become aware of the power of your own words.

In China, encountering Parrots in flight are seen as an indicator of rain. It means that the time to plant crops has come. Two Parrots are an emblem of devotion and enduring love.

Parrot Mythology and Folklore

Alexander the Great was recognized as the bringer of Parakeets to Greece. The Greeks, along with the Ancient Egyptians, are said to have kept Parrots as pets, but this is mostly only true for noble families. Their cages are even said to have been fashions of precious stones and metals.

The Yorùbá people has an African Grey Parrot legend, where the bird’s plumage was said to be originally plain and not colored. The gray coat and the red tail are said to be a gift from the gods for knowing that beauty can only be seen on the inside.

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