10 Nightingale Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Nightingales are among the most romantic of birds. They are famous for their night-time songs, which have served as inspiration for countless poets and lovers. Despite their prominent melodies, they are very elusive. When you first see them, in fact, you may mistake them for some ordinary bird — their non-descript looks belie the power of their song.

Nightingale Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Found mostly in Europe and the southern parts of Asia (with some members of the species getting as far as America), these creatures present a very important lesson to us: it is not in how other people see you, but in how they feel the extent of your actions, by which you will ultimately be judged.

Nightingale Symbolism & Meaning

The Nightingale has been an important symbol for generations of poets. No less than William Shakespeare has called upon the imagery of the Nightingale as a symbol of love. The bird’s succession of effortless high notes are evocative of the heights one’s amorous emotions could achieve.

While called “Nightingales” due to their tendency to be heard at night, these birds have been known to be active even during the day. Why then, do we hear the Nightingale mostly at night? This is largely because most birds are diurnal, and their songs can block out that of the Nightingale during the day. But in the dead of night, when the remaining active birds are mostly birds of prey, we can hear the crystalline pitches of the Nightingale better. Hence, some consider the Nightingale to be a symbol of success, toiling in the night when others are asleep, and achieving more than others as a result.

Nightingale Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the Nightingale comes to those who appreciate the poetry of life. It is worthwhile to note that while poetry is mostly seen as an academic and artistic endeavor, it is more than that. It is an expression of man’s potential, the ability to turn anything into a work of art. Poetry comes from all sorts — from love, joy, anger, and sorrow. And yet, man has learned to put it into poetry, in much the same way that the Nightingale has learned to pour out the daily struggles of its existence into its beautiful songs.

This way, the Nightingale teaches us to learn how to turn life’s lemons into lemonade. This anonymous bird may not be the focus of our visual attention, and we would certainly not notice the troubles it runs across — predators, competition, the destruction of its shelter, etc. But when it sings, it is impossible for us to miss. This should also be the same for us. We may not stand out in front of other people, and those around us may be ignorant of our personal struggles. But this does not mean we cannot sing in our own way, in a way that will make others wonder.

Nightingale Power Animal

The above-mentioned qualities point to the Nightingale’s ability to “transmute”, and this is also a quality that we need to learn in our daily lives. There are times when we are given less than what we needed, and we need not just to make the best of it but to make something better. When we need to embody this same life skill, the Nightingale is the one to call on.

Such skill also entails a significant level of practical learning — the ability to look at things in a different light, and the ability to view different angles and find one to your advantage. Sometimes this level of analysis applies to the self, in a form of meditation. The Nightingale has been considered a power animal of meditation due to its mastery of bringing out the good from the self.

Nightingale Totem Animal

People born under the Nightingale totem animal are naturally introspective. They are not the type to be outgoing at all times, and they tend to be better at blending in with the surroundings. When you do notice them and talk to them, you would find that they are good natured, seeming to have an endless supply of mirth and ease.

Don’t mistake this for being carefree, though. Nightingales are good at hiding their efforts, making everything seem easy even if in reality, they were bought with blood and sweat!

Nightingale Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans have not tightly integrated the Nightingale into their mythology, but there are those who do consider the Nightingale as a trickster.

Nightingale Celtic Symbolism

The Celtics have not integrated the Nightingale in their mythology either, at least not as a unique entity with a distinct meaning. Instead, they are lumped with other songbirds whose melodic voices are considered to be vehicles for prayers to reach the celestial planes.

Nightingale Far Eastern Symbolism

The Nightingale is also not specifically mentioned as a specific animal symbol in the Asian regions. Instead, it also appears together with other songbirds, which are collectively used to symbolize love and longing.

Nightingale in Dreams

When you see Nightingales in your dreams, it is telling you to look at your current state. Are you experiencing problems that are causing you to shut yourself off from the world? Instead, you are better advised to do the opposite — to share the lessons you have learned, and to sing your own song so that people may learn from your experiences (and maybe give you the help you need).

Nightingale Encounters / Nightingale Omens

When the Nightingale appears in front of you, it might be asking you to look around you. Do you hear the songs around you? Maybe the inspiration you are looking for is out there, hidden in someone’s heartfelt song — and all you have to do is listen.

Nightingale Mythology and Folklore

In the olden days, it has been believed that eating the Nightingale’s head causes one to gain talent and inspiration in the arts. While this is an outdated belief, it still speaks a lot about how Nightingales have come to personify artistry.

Nightingales are voices in the wind, sending inspiration to the world that is way above them. This is a lesson for us as well, who might believe our limits are defined by our current state in life.

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