10 Panda Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Aside from being adorably cute and cuddly, Pandas are known to be tame and playful. Looking into their positive and carefree behavior can teach us some things about letting go of worries and shifting our minds into more positive things.

Panda Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Let us learn more about these fluffy creatures and how their symbolism can help us change our destinies.

Panda Symbolism & Meaning

Pandas overflow with positive energy. They look like they are having  the time of their lives all the time. They are living life a moment at a time, as we should. They aren’t afraid to climb trees (or anything for  that matter) and they aren’t afraid of falling. Some of them even find enjoyment in climbing and falling, so they try to replicate the experience.

While it can be not good to try staying in a bad situation, what we should be learning here is to not give up because of a bad experience. Always be open to try things again to see if the results change.

Panda Spirit Animal

If a Panda comes to you as your spirit animal, it is time to dig deep into your psyche and figure out what is holding you back from spiritual and mental growth.

Panda Power Animal

The Panda’s colors of black and white are often compared to that of the yin and yang. As yin yang represents balance, Pandas were attributed the balance symbolism as a result. If you need balance and stability in your life, you can ask the Panda for its wisdom.

The next message can be found in the pattern of its colors. Its limbs and ears are black but its belly is white. It is said that this symbolizes personal boundaries. If you need some guidance with that, the Panda is the perfect power animal for you.

Call upon the Panda if you need help in hearing out both sides of a situation. Doing so will help you make better and informed decisions.

Panda Totem Animal

People under the Panda totem thrives on their own as well as with other people. Most of them identify as ambiverts. They don’t necessarily feel overwhelmed when dealing with other people but they don’t like attention and prefer to watch on the sidelines. They almost always just go with the flow as they are passive. You will never find them picking a fight, when they have the option to just turn the other cheek or let go. Other people may say this is apathy, but Panda people only sees this as solving problems with peace.

Because they don’t have pressure from their social lives, Panda people mostly gets stressed because of tasks. They are so passionate that they tend to take on too much, which usually ends up with them failing on everything. Try not to spread yourself too thin. One thing more, individuals with the Panda totem are procrastinators. They value rest so much that the multitude of tasks they just took on is placed on the back burner.

Panda Native American Symbolism

Since Panda bears are native to China, the Native Americans have not attributed any symbolism to it. They have only ever encountered black and grizzly bears.

Panda Celtic Symbolism

Furthermore, the Celts didn’t encounter Pandas so there wasn’t any recorded symbolism given to them.

Panda Far Eastern Symbolism

The Panda was revered by the Chinese and was seen as a symbol of peace. They were referred to as “sacred creatures of the forest” as they are said to have been around since the Pleistocene period and have long since survived. Additionally, Chinese emperors have made them symbols of strength and bravery, that warriors were often compared to them. They were also kept as pets to ward off evil and misfortune.

Panda in Dreams

Dreaming of a Panda is said to be a message of spiritual strength, positivity, and peace of mind. Since this animal represents a deep-seated emotion, possibly negative, that needs to be expressed, it means you will soon be able to let go of your worries. Just hang on. Good times will come soon enough.

Panda dreams could also represent stamina and power. Getting chased by a Panda in your dream just means that you are courageous and strong. It could be that the Panda wants to warn you of a challenge you will encounter in the near future that will test your mental and spiritual strength.

However, should you dream of killing a Panda, it could be that an enemy or rival will experience a loss. Try not to revel in another person’s misery. Karma will get you back for thinking of such things. Another possibility is that you will finally be able to get rid of toxic “friends” who talk about you behind your back.

If the Panda in your dream is a stuffed toy, it generally means that you are longing for more playful childlike enjoyment. You are subconsciously seeking fun.

Panda Encounters / Panda Omens

Encountering a Panda in real life could be a forewarning that you might have an argument with a close friend or a confrontation with a rival. Beware of your next steps as any bad behavior can destroy your friendships or tarnish your reputation.

Meeting one that happens to be eating bamboo shoots means that you will soon encounter a life-changing event that could affect how you live and think.

Panda Mythology and Folklore

There was a Chinese legend of how the Panda got its black marks. The tale happened in Wolong Valley, where a shepherdess named Dolma lived. Pandas were believed to have all white fur in the beginning.

One day, while Dolma was herding her sheep, the Panda was playing with the sheep. However, it was attacked by a leopard. Dolma was able to save the Panda but was killed in the process.

Her funeral was full of sorrow and grief that the Panda can be seen wiping tears from its eyes and covering its ears as the crying was so loud. Having done that, it accidentally spread her ashes across its eyes and ears.

The tale ends with Dolma’s sisters plunging themselves into her grave. The earth shook and a mountain rose up from her grave. The said mountain is said to be what Mount Siguniang is now.

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