10 Tiger Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

As a Tiger, you tend to come out as very strong-willed and fierce individual with a yearning for adventure. Your strength basically runs through you and it is going to determine the direction your entire life is going to take.

Tiger Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Tiger as a Totem Animal

You will always have that extra energy in you that keeps pushing you to do a little more than everyone else around you is doing. You will have a strong feeling of being independent and will want to spend some time in solitude, this is how Tigers recharge. Healers and spiritual leaders are known to possess the Tiger totem as their spirit guide.

Tigers tend to be bold in the face of adversities or dangers of any kind. They also have a unique way of dealing with the uncertainties of life. These people with the Tiger totem animal have very high moral and ethical standings and will always push others to uphold the same. The Tiger totem carries both ends of a threat and courage to face it head-on.

Tiger as a Spirit Animal

The Tiger is a very patient animal and this will reflect on you as well. You have strong instincts that guide you when to make the move or when to lie low and wait, which in the end allows you to achieve success. Procrastination is not their thing. If something has to be done, it is done there and then. A person with the Tiger spirit animal will stop at nothing when they set their mind on the target. They will not back down from a fight neither will they give up at all.

On the flip-side, Tigers tend to be self-centered and egocentric. Most of what they do is basically for their own benefits disregarding what others may feel. However, some people with the Tiger spirit animal have managed to overcome this selfish nature by virtue of their great self control.

Tigers are very emotional when it comes to matters of the heart and sexual intensity. When a Tiger spirit animal falls in love, there is no backing down for they love wholeheartedly.

Tiger as a Power Animal

Tiger as a power animal comes along with a great mystery and magical connection with the night sky. Tigers are known for their ability to perform much better at night compared to the daytime. Tiger animals have excellent amounts of confidence, something that will usually reflect on people with the Tiger spirit animal. As a power animal, Tigers show great energy, self control, and discipline in whatever they put their mind into, which is why they are most likely to succeed.

Tiger also comes with great healing power and a strong immune system. They are very friendly to the ecosystem, always trying to make the world a better place.

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