10 White Coral Gemstone Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Myths

White Coral Gemstone Symbolism Facts & Meaning: Zodiac, Superstitions, Dreams, and Legends

White Coral Gemstone Facts and History

The White Coral Gemstone is one of the few organic gemstones in existence. True to its name, it is a white gemstone made out of corals from the sea composed of calcium carbonate.

They are made from the skeletons of small marine organisms such as polyps. They gather into clusters that gather into branch-like arms, creating coral reefs. Three main coral species are typically harvested for gemstones: the Corallium, Pleurocoralliu, and Hemicorallium from the Corallidae family.

Coral harvesters have been farming corals for gems, jewelry, and more for thousands of years wherever coral is available. Usually in warmer waters like the Mideterenean Sea, the African coast, and the Indian Ocean.

White Coral Gemstones are harvested out of the ocean with a matte appearance. Artisans will typically polish these corals to a shine turning them into gemstones. The White Coral Gemstone appears in a range of pinkish to white in color.

Since ancient times, White Coral Gemstones have been highly valued by different cultures and civilizations, especially inland populations because of their rarity and belief that coral jewelry brings protection to the wearer.

The earliest excavated coral gemstone jewelry was from Ancient Egyptian tombs. The Ancient Egyptians also used coral gemstones in their tombs, believing that these gems had the power of protection against evil.

The earliest known written record of White Coral Gemstone was through the writings of the ancient Greek scholar, Theoprastus, describing the gem in his written treaties, On Stone, in 314 BC.

The ancient Roman naturalist, Pliny the Elder, also took note of the prosperous trade between the Mediterranean and India of coral products as early as 1 AD.

The Romans and the Gauls similarly used White Coral and red coral gemstones as ornaments on their weapons or armor as they went into battle with the belief of their protective abilities.

This purveying belief or protection surrounding the White Coral Gemstone continued throughout the Middle Ages and the Victorian Era, making the White Coral a popular gemstone for jewelry and ornaments throughout the centuries.

The White Coral Gemstone has a score of 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it highly vulnerable to scratches and damage but soft enough to make beautiful lapidary artworks and ornaments by artisans.

Today, the harvesting of corals for coral gemstones is highly regulated because of the decreasing number of coral reefs around the world. As a result, the White Coral Gemstone increased in value and rarity.

White Coral Gemstone Uses

The White Coral Gemstone is often used in making jewelry. The organic gemstone is made into beads, pendants, and cabochons. It is commonly used to make traditional and ethnic jewelry across different cultures.

This white gem is also used for ornamentation, especially in decor and sculptures. On its own, the White Coral Gemstone is also used for carvings where artisans create sculptures and decorative objects out of a large piece of White Coral.

White Coral Gemstones are also used as talismans over the centuries. It is especially valued for its protective properties.

White Coral Gemstone Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

The White Coral Gemstone is a desirable gem for those who wish to gain spiritual strength. Its white color makes it a symbol of peace, harmony, innocence, and spiritual growth.

It is also a symbol of luck and strength. Like most coral gemstones, White Coral Gemstones are strongly associated with protection and are used as a talisman for protection across many cultures.

The White Coral Gemstone is also believed to enhance emotional balance, creativity, and intuition.

White Coral Gemstone Symbolism of Different Shapes and Forms

Red coral gemstones are the most valued form of coral gemstones. They are primarily found in the Mediterranean Sea. Red coral gemstones represent protection, passion, prosperity, and abundance.

Black coral gemstones are from harvested black corals that are mainly grown in the waters of Hawaii. This variety of coral gemstones represents protection, especially during travels, and emotional healing.

Gold coral gemstones are also harvested from coral in the waters of Hawaii. They represent creativity and positivity.

White Coral Gemstone Symbolism in Different Cultures

White Coral Gemstones along with red coral gemstones have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. The Ancient Egyptians believed that coral gemstones were symbols of protection and could protect them as they traveled through the afterlife. White Coral Gemstones are also symbols of divinity in Ancient Egypt.

Likewise, Ancient Roman soldiers also believed in the protective prowess of White Coral Gemstones that they often adorned it into their armor and weapons, or wore them as talismans as they headed into battle.

The Ancient Romans also make necklaces of coral branches for their children to wear as protection against evil forces.

The Gauls also adorn their helmets and their weapons with White Coral Gemstones, believing them to have protective properties.

White Coral Gemstone in Combination with other Gems

Citrine gemstone helps with acquiring happiness and abundance. When paired with White Coral Gemstone, it can enhance manifestation of desires and enhance the joy one experiences every day.

Turquoise gemstones deal with communication and truth. When combined with a White Coral Gemstone, the pairing helps with frayed nerves, soothing heavy emotions that contribute to a more peaceful state of mind.

Garnet gemstones help with courage and passion. Combining garnet with White Coral Gemstone will enhance risk-taking behavior and the pursuit of passions in life.

White Coral Gemstone Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

The White Coral Gemstone is not a traditional birthstone. However, the white gem has an affinity to those born with the zodiac sign Libra. The White Coral Gemstones help Libras balance their need for justice with reality, giving them a more harmonious experience with the world.

White Coral Gemstone in Dreams

Dreams of White Coral Gemstones could indicate gaining new friends or increasing the number of a circle of friends. It could also indicate a new addition to the family.

White Coral Gemstone Omens and Superstitions

The White Coral Gemstones have a strong association with protection against evil or negativity. The Italians and seafarers have superstitions that corals have the power to ward off the evil eye and offer protection during a voyage at sea.

White Coral Gemstone Mythology and Folklore

The origins of corals were told in Greek mythology. After Perseus petrified the sea monster using Medusa’s severed head, he laid it on the banks of the sea as he washed his hands. Blood from the severed head washed onto sea reeds in the water and transformed them into corals.

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