10 Falcon Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

The Peregrine Falcon’s speed is relatively faster than that of the cheetah. While they mostly feed on birds, they also eat mice and bats. They can fly long distances and are known for being intelligent creatures. These characteristics make them amazing creatures that can be looked into for guidance.

Falcon Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Falcon Symbolism & Meaning

Aside from intelligence and wisdom, the Falcon symbolizes prophecy as they are thought to have visionary powers that extend beyond the physical. In addition, they are also symbols of superiority, perhaps based on their vigor and vitality.

Because of incessant deforestation, Peregrine Falcons have adapted to making their nests on top of tall buildings. They are resilient, despite obstacles. If we look into their behavior, we can learn so much from these mysterious but powerful birds.

Falcon Spirit Animal

The Peregrine Falcon can see from over a kilometer away, which makes them great spirit animals, as they can help you see things better. And because they are high above, they are able to see the whole picture too. Learn from them and consider the big picture when making decisions and choices.

A Falcon spirit animal is great at planning and decision making as they are considered calculating. They are willing and ready to wait for their prey, but they know when to grab the opportunity. You should follow their example to avoid charging into gun fight with only a knife in your hand.

Falcon Power Animal

If you are in a situation of struggling with your self-awareness and understanding your own choices, you can call on the Falcon and it will help you get to know yourself better. The Falcon can help you in becoming fast but efficient, most especially when at work. They will help you think ahead and develop better foresight.

Falcons are a symbol of victory so if you ask help from your Falcon power animal, they can lead you to success, provided you are ready to push through any hindrance that comes your way. Don’t worry though, as they will also help you find the power to do these things within yourself. Moreover, since they also symbolize aspiration, they will definitely guide you in achieving your life goals.

If you are in need of a little nudge, call upon the Falcon for help in releasing your inhibitions and liberating your soul.

Falcon Totem Animal

If the Falcon is your totem animal, then you are an independent person. You are self-sufficient and you can take on responsibilities that are usually too hard for the average person. If you are a Falcon person, you are most likely to be patient. You are willing to play the long game because you know you will get better results when you take your time.

Falcon people are also usually introverted. They need their time alone to recharge and restore their inner peace. They like having their time to themselves.

Falcon Native American Symbolism

The Native Americans, specifically the Mississippians, believe that Falcons are supernatural deities who resides in the Upperworld, hence they are thought to represent order, light and the Upperworld in general. Some also believed that Falcons are able to fly between realms, and that they are messengers of the gods. They consider the Falcon a powerful, intimidating predator that they have associated it with warfare. Warriors show their prowess by showing off a severed Falcon head.

Falcon Celtic Symbolism

Early European tradition shows the Falcon as the symbol of the huntsman. And as time passed, they also became a symbol of prestige and authority. Only the noblemen and the wealthy could own them due to the required commitment of taking care of them which not only includes money, but time and space, too. They were often used in hunting, after which Falconry was popularized as a sport and as a status symbol.

Falcon Far Eastern Symbolism

Falcons are a symbol of confidence and vigor as well as of vision of the future for the Chinese. Feng Shui places the Falcon as a symbol of pursuit for the desire and journey to success. They are considered the birds of princes and kings. The Falcon was mentioned in one of the Chinese myths, called “The Battle between the Yellow Emperor and the Flame Emperor”, where the Falcons were part of the Yellow Emperor’s bannermen.

Falcon in Dreams

When the Falcon visits you in your dreams, it is to deliver a message of mindfulness crucial to your future. It wants you to be careful when taking action about what you are passionate about. It is cautioning you to focus and to have a good strategy for what is to come. Do not ignore their warning as it may be an important part of your future success. It wants you to keep you eyes on the prize, whatever it may be for you.

Dreaming of a flying Falcon signifies freedom, whether it is from toxic people or life in general. This is a good sign as it could mean that the next chapter of your life is close at hand. Meanwhile, if the Falcon in your dream is catching prey, it could mean abundance. It is asking you to get ready for a good roll, and that there is no more need to worry.

Falcon Encounters / Falcon Omens

Should you encounter a Falcon, it means to bring you good changes in your life. You are lucky that it has chosen to visit you. However, you must also be vigilant as the good change may not be easy to achieve. You might have to face difficult choices in the near future. In this case, feel free to call upon the Falcon to help you believe in your own power and special abilities.

Falcon Mythology and Folklore

Egyptian mythology places the Falcon as a deity of the sky, Horus, who has a Falcon for a head. The Eye of Horus also shows a stylized Falcon eye.

The Egyptian symbol for the sun is used to symbolize royalty and protection from peril. The crossing of arms of a mummy is to mimic the Falcon’s wings at rest, which signifies the soul’s journey to the afterlife.

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