10 Lizard Symbolism, Myths & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Lizards are pretty common in nature, but they are one misunderstood bunch. For one, many people harbor a like for lizards, simply because of the way the look and the way they move (crawling across all surfaces in bursts). Because of this, they have mostly been relegated to negative symbolisms, with some even going as far as to place them on the same level as snakes (who are probably the only other creatures more misunderstood than lizards).

But if we look closely, the lizard has a very important and very inspiring meaning. In nature, the lizard is a survivor. It can become prey to various animals (and humans, of course) but despite this they have learned how to thrive. They have unique adaptations, such as their ability to let go of and regrow various body parts that may get lost in accidents or in scuffles with predators. When we take this into account, perhaps we will learn to appreciate the lizard more.

Lizard Symbolism Facts & Meaning: A Totem, Spirit & Power Animal

Lizard Symbolism & Meaning

The lizard is a symbol of internal power, which is another reason why they are considered magical creatures even by cultures who hold them in a bad light. Their ability to regenerate lost parts is the most visible among creatures who have the same ability. This makes them a symbol of internal power, and the ability to cleanse oneself of any illness or negativity.

The lizard seeks to show us that survival may sometimes entail sacrifices, but that we have the power to choose our own path and control our destinies. This way, it tells us that we can will ourselves to be whole again, even after a particularly nasty event in our lives.

Lizard Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the lizard is attached to the concept of creation (again, by virtue of its regenerative abilities). Creation is embodied in the lizard just as much as the event that necessitates it, which is death or destruction. Thus, if we pan out a bit, the lizard is a symbol of the cycles, of the way that things naturally begin and end. When we imbibe this idea, it should teach us not to fear the temporary setbacks in life as they too will be replaced by opportunities and happier times.

Lizard Power Animal

Calling upon the lizard as a power animal will give you a very special gift that many want, but few get — the ability to let go of things that are important to us, knowing that there are bound to be better things in the future.

Of course, letting go of important things need not be done on a whim, but they can be done to preserve something even better. These are the necessary sacrifices of life. This is similar to the way a lizard lets go of its tail or its feet, allowing it to be ripped off in favor of being able to save the rest of its body when in a confrontation.

Lizard Totem Animal

People born under the lizard totem are among the most resilient people on Earth. It’s not that they don’t feel the pain of loss, but they have the uncanny ability to bounce back even after a particularly jarring turn of events. This can be a great asset, although when used in the wrong sense it can lead one to be reckless.

Lizard people are also given to cycles, which can lead them in emotional circles if they are not careful. Used positively, this ability cultivates emotional attachment and makes them very thoughtful people.

Lizard Native American Symbolism

To the Native Americans, the lizard is a symbol of dreams. They are meant to remind us that what we see in this world is but a reflection, a shadow of the great beyond. Sometimes, these things beget their own shadows — dreams, fears, and the like. The lizard helps us see things clearly, allowing us to recognize these shadows and give them the appropriate treatment. This jives with the traditional meaning of lizards, which can go through both dreams and fears without regret, knowing that any loss they incur isn’t permanent.

Lizard Celtic Symbolism

To the ancient Celts, the lizard is a symbol of good luck and a potent guide to the spirit world. To them, meeting a lizard on a journey means you will meet with success. While we are left with little explanation of this belief, we can surmise that the ancient Celts have also recognized the survivability of the lizard, and they also believe that this can be transferred to humans who channel their inherent magic.

Lizard Far Eastern Symbolism

According to the Chinese, the lizard is a particularly venomous creature that can cause death and decay. This is a unique perspective, as it plays with the other half of the traditional interpretation of lizards. This belief completes the cycle (another lizard symbolism) — death leads to resurrection, which eventually leads to another death, and another cycle. This belief may also be influenced by number of poisonous lizard species scattered across the Far East.

Lizard in Dreams

When a lizard is seen in a dream, it is reminding you that whatever problem you are encountering right now, all you have to do is look within to find the way out. We are all born with innate gifts, though sometimes they are not apparent. For some, these talents would only appear when the person is pushed against the wall.

If you do not have a particular problem, then the lizard is telling you to use your talents to further your well-being and improve yourself.

Lizard Encounters / Lizard Omens

When the lizard crosses your path, it may be reminding you to step out and take some risks for a change. You may have been too caught up in your day-to-day activities that you have forgotten there is more to life. The lizard is reminding you that the higher the risks, the higher the rewards — and you need not worry because you have what it takes to win.

Lizard Mythology and Folklore

Lizards are intelligent animals that have long fascinated humans. Found on every continent except  Antarctica, they have played an important role in the mythology, literature, and legendary histories of societies around the world. From ancient Egypt to modern-day Australia, lizards have been associated with a wide range of beliefs, from good luck and safety to evil and danger.

The lizard was valued in ancient Egypt as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration as it was believed to shed its skin and return. He was also associated with Amon, a Hindu deity who was frequently represented as a lizard or a snake. Hindu mythology believes lizards to be holy species and relates them to Lord Vishnu, the guardian of the cosmos. Tradition has it that a lizard, which is now regarded as a protector and omen, once rescued a god from a powerful evil.

In many African cultures, lizards are associated with witches and evil spirits. Among some tribes, lizards are believed to be able to steal a person’s soul, while among others they are associated with death and misfortune. In turn, some South American tribes consider lizards to be symbols of fertility and prosperity, and they are often used in fertility rituals.

In Australia, the Aborigines have many legends and stories about lizards, which they call goannas. According to  legend, goannas created the first humans by giving life to clay figures. In another story, the goanna is a trickster  who outwits other animals and humans for his own amusement.

Lizards are employed as therapeutic and medicinal treatments all throughout the world. For example, lizards are used to cure a wide range of diseases in Chinese medicine, from skin conditions to asthma. The presence of lizards is viewed as an indicator of good fortune and protection in Native American culture and is thought to have healing abilities.

In general, lizards have played an important role in the mythology and folklore of cultures around the world. Although their meaning varies widely, they are often associated with power, transformation, and protection. Sacred or feared, lizards remain an enduring and fascinating part of human culture.

Dreamtime Story of the Lizard Who Brought Fire to the People
Hindu God Vishnu with a Lizard
Legend of the Horned Toad
Hopi Legend of Kokopelli
Myth of the Chitauri

Despite being linked to a broad array of linkages and meanings, lizards remain compelling and valuable components of nature. These are unusual creatures that have evolved to live in a variety of habitats, ranging from deserts to lush jungles. Researchers have researched and admired them for their capacity to regrow tails, blend in with their environment, or even walk on water.

As a result of habitat loss and other human activities, several lizard species are at risk of disappearing in the modern age, making it more vital than ever to understand and protect these fascinating animals. We may gain a greater understanding of the societies that have revered them for centuries as we keep discovering more about them.

In the end, lizard myths and legends are testaments to the creative mind and our ability to seek meaning in the physical world. Even if our knowledge of lizards continues to grow, their introduction into human culture provides an example of their unique role in our shared history.

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  1. Sheri Stafford says:

    I have a eeird connection with Lizards and many wild animals. The lizards have been coming into my house and crawling right into my hand…of course, i take them back out after awhile and put them in a safe empty space (of other creatures) bc i dont want to accidentally hurt them later

    1. Tina says:

      I had a lizard over the summer that can
      Me to see me every day I was out side I called him her Sam I have a pi with it chilling on my foot
      He came every day for 3 seasons i
      Was accually cool

  2. Sean Williams says:

    This was indeed insightful!

  3. Musa says:

    I always see lizard in my house and even when I’m in vacation I’m the only person who is seing it because it always appears when everyone is gone out.

    1. Mona kanji says:

      Hello u need to pray a lot bcoz lizards comes in form of jinn so never be a afraid if stay clean and never leave praying I got this disease for 12 yrs today I undergo depression n was about to paralyses and go like crazy bcoz of lizards they use to come in dream and I watch them live wen everybody is gone (lizard ,green bee, snake , rat and birds are normal use in black magic u can survive if u keep ur god in ur heart I survived by fighting with my fears enemy and enemies

      1. Sunny says:

        All these repatiles bodies if you see in dreams then that’s simply fine as your material brain has nothing execept fear..So how can we take out that fear ? It is simply by loving god like a lover and not like a beggar..You can simply chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra and surrender to Krishna ! When you are happy spiritually then automatically you are happy physically..This brain is material and it’s thoughts and dreams are also comes under the influence of Bhadra or we can say ‘’maya’’ so the mahamantra doesn’t have anything to do with our brain as it is imported from Golok Vrindavan !! Haribol !!! Chant and be happy till eternity ! Thank you 🙏 Hare Krishna 🙂


    what is the meaning of a lizard (house lizard) falling to a cooking pot (rice cooker)

    1. Mona says:

      Dnt eat the food plZ it’s very bad to eat u all dnt eat and if u can try to not leave the food open try to close it plz

    2. Sunny says:

      It means you need to be careful while cooking 😂

  5. Teree says:

    When an animal path and your path cross, the meanings that animal embodies are brought into your active consciousness. When an animals death is the intersection of your path, that is the ultimate exponentiation of the meaning the animal embodied. So very strong symbolism of inner mastery, ability to release what is wanted allowing regeneration of the whole after loss/sacrifice, good luck, and instinctual understanding of unseen world(s). Like understanding this wasn’t a coincidence – the gift lizard gave you by ruining your rice.

  6. Corey J Mintlow says:

    A lizard was running and im a libra… My sign indicates that i radiate with reptiles well. So he was in a hurry., Stopped in front of my left leg, looked up at me, leaped on my left leg, sat there for two seconds more and leaps to the wall to my left, i felt it in my soul when he hopped on my leg. I wasnt scared. I was more like excited and honored. You know how often they run at the sight of a human being, but this recent increase in lizards in Florida, they are somewhat mkre interested in our species. They all seem mkre curious then fearful elusive. That’s just my experience but if you can relate, please i would love to hear your spirit story!


  7. Danna says:

    there’s always a baby lizard running up, down and around my bed, it hopped on me once, it always run around my room when i stay there every afternoon, idk what that means really and what the lizard is trynna tell me.

  8. Isabella Watson says:

    My first opinion about lizard is that they are quite a bit weird. I feel very uncomfortable whn i saw them.
    But after reading your article about lizards, my opinion is completely changed.
    How beautifully you explain its spirituality and its significance.
    How beautifully you explain its survival ability.
    Thank you for changing my opinion about lizards.
    Really appreciate your work.

  9. Ruth says:

    I always see baby lizards running around in my bedroom, sometimes I see it inside my bag , sometimes when I’m off to bed ,I see it on the wall looking at me next to my bed , seriously I’m always scared about it cz I fear lizards so much

  10. Marie Renelle says:

    I’ve seen tons of blue lizards in a dream they’re all over inside of my house; I’m confused … I still can’t figure out the meaning of the dream.

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